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Russia Delivers Mi-8 And Mi-24 Helicopters To Central African Republic

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Russia Delivers Mi-8 And Mi-24 Helicopters To Central African Republic

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The Russian Ministry of Defensed delivered Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters to the Central African Republic (CAR).

This was reported in the Telegram channel “New Military Columnist”.

There is also a video that proves the delivery.

A heavy transport aircraft An-124-100, part of the 224th air detachment of the Russian Defense Ministry, delivered domestic multipurpose helicopters to Central Africa. The footage shows the Russian military delivering the helicopters at the local airfield.

In early May, military expert Alexei Leonkov revealed the reasons for the creation of a new Russian military base in Africa. According to him, the first reason for construction is the fact that at present all of East and Central Africa is suffering from constant attacks from terrorists. Russia, having a military base on this territory, could more effectively fulfill the role of a peacekeeper.

In March, it also became known that the United States and China had yielded to Russia in the struggle for control of Africa. Analysts noted that China and Russia are now building up their military forces in Africa, while the United States has begun to gradually reduce.

The Foreign Affairs outlet recently claimed that the United States and China yielded to Russia in the struggle for control of Africa.

According to analysts, now China and Russia are building up their military forces in Africa, and the United States has begun to gradually reduce it. Experts cited 2014 as an example, when Russia drew up and signed about 19 agreements with the countries of this continent. The United States, on the other hand, relies on its own ambassadors in contact and interaction with African countries.

“The increased activity of Russia and China is already turning Africa into an arena of intense rivalry with the United States,” the article says. The authors added that if everything continues like this, then the American side will also have to strengthen its position and influence on the continent.

The United States is going to confront transnational threats in Africa through a regional strategy, analysts concluded.


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