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JUNE 2021

Russia Delivered 40 Pantsir-S1 Air Defense Systems To Syria – State Media

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Russia Delivered 40 Pantsir-S1 Air Defense Systems To Syria - State Media

A Panstir-S1 system at Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base in Syria

Over the past years, Russia has delivered 40 short to medium range defense systems to Syria to repel aerial attacks, the Russian state-run news agency RIA reported citing a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

The source revealed that the delivered systems had been previously used by the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Pantsir-S1 is designed to defend installations and to provide cover for long-range air defense systems. The Syrian miitary actively uses Pantsir-S1 systems to defend their airfields and other military facilities.

Russia Delivered 40 Pantsir-S1 Air Defense Systems To Syria - State Media

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Early on April 9, the Israeli Air Force launched a missile strike on the T4 airbase in Syria, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. According to the  statement, the Syrians shot down 5 of 8 missiles, which had been launched. 3 missiles reached the western part of the airbase.

The Israeli attack came amid the escalating tensions over the alleged chemical weapons usage in Douma. The US and Israel are the two main powers actively instigating the conflict.

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Tim Webb

Write your wills, RAF and USAF.
Nobody’s coming home from this one.


And the bonus will be the fall of Theresa Mays government. Syria is not armed with sticks and stones .

Tim Webb

I think that the entire Skripal farce was designed to facilitate this mass resignation.
And waiting in the wings; Jeremy Corbin, with his avowed intention of overturning Brexit.
There’s a lot going on behind the scenes.


All the fake US Coalition claims are amateur and rushed. There has to be a reason for this ? What does the US Coalition fear will be revealed and/or what is about to happen ?

Why now?

Tim Webb

Seems like the jews have finally hollowed out the entirety of the western dollar-based system; so they need a distraction to cover its collapse.
And this of course is the biggest distraction of all.
“Ordo ex Chao”, as they say.

jerry hamilton

Can you think of anything happening in the world that would prefer not to be front page news?



Israeli orders, Trumps lawyer being arrested, NATO troops being killed and captured, some with chemical weapons, Brexit, a possible No Confidence vote in the UK Parliament, US and UK debt mountains, the Israeli murder and injury of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp etc

Bobby Twoshoes

Not that the long-term outcome would be different if they did only have sticks and stones, Yanks would be just as brutally heavy handed as always and there would eventually be a real, actual rebellion in Syria. Besides, the Việt Cộng had some pretty inventive uses for bamboo…


the viet cong use even small sliver of bambo in rather creative ways , such as using these thin bamboo spikes into US POW genitalia and push them sharpish inside their bladder..

Other POW suddenly sang like canaries in parade when they saw how such primitive method of interrogation inflict so much pain to one of their cell mate..

Bobby Twoshoes

Or the psychological effect of punji pits, you never know when you’re going to get some dirty bamboo through your feet. I especially liked the one where they’d tie yanks over some fresh bamboo shoots and over a few days new life would slowly emerge from a barbarian that came to their country only to sow death.


a rather lenient punishment for the captured pilots , as these people cloak themselves in the mantle of glroy while dropping mass killing ordnance to innocent vietnamese civilians..

human rights only works if you are westerner or white.. others are 2nd class people and their human rights are not recognized by western govts..

millions upon millions of dead civilians on warzones. and not a single peep from the bleeding heart liberal in the west..

Bobby Twoshoes

Careful there, I am a bleeding heart white western liberal (not neo-liberal which is what you’re actually talking about and possibly the least liberal ideology ever). These cunts want us ALL enslaved or dead and will corrupt whatever ideology they think will help them, they only feel fraternity with other psychopaths and even then it is more of a truce than friendship. We don’t have the death and poverty that others suffer at their hands but it is soul crushing and incredibly lonely being sane in a land of bastards and programmed drones.


i dont care about liberal or conservative or other nonsense that being fed to western public to give them the illusion of choice in their mind.. those who cling to the divide between conservative and liberal are just another sheep with different control system.

the point of the post is that western militaries been boasting their ‘leniency’ and ‘human right’ while conducting the most savage wars against non western people… and because the majority of the victims are non white and non western citizen , the western public do not care one whit about the massive number of their death..

but one or two white / westerner got killed by ‘terrorist’ and the whole western nation screamed bloody murder..

this is the result of decades of brainwashing , where the westerner’s right as human are more valued than non westerners.

this is why the western nations back then can steal and rob native peoples of their land without their conscience stopping them

this is exactly why the coming punishment on the western civilization will be the most severe because the law , a nation will be sent as punisher .. a nation from the far north of the world..

Bobby Twoshoes

All good, just don’t fall into the same trap as we have, life is nuanced. Not all “westerners” are evil, most of us are appalled by our leaders but if we stick our head up they’ll just chop it off and carry on. We simply don’t have they ability to change the system as a replaceable part of it and throwing your life away for nothing is just stupid. Identity politics is one of my main problems with neo-liberalism (after the genocide and slavery that is). Russia needs to continue to lead by example, don’t think that we can’t distinguish reasoned arguments from paid marketing (drones don’t count because they aren’t really human anymore). This is going to be a big fight and you’ll need people behind enemy lines. If the enemy seeks to alienate you the best way to thwart them is to build relationships.


the term westerner of course are not ment to generalize ALL people as of course good people existed in the western society.

that said, the western govt are not as pristine and noble as commonly depicted in history books and movies..

russian and chinese govt are not innocent guiltless children too .. in this great game, the power of western empires are waning fast with the decline of american hegemony. and it seem the rise of the current clown in the white house only sped up the demise of america as a law abiding nation.

russia and china are boh in the crosshair and they knew it,. neither want war but they will defend themselves if necessary.

the western govt think russian govt meek and cowardly , they seem to misinterpret russian patience ..

end times indeed..


No No not the fall Florian ! the incarceration !

jerry hamilton

Or would that be incineration?


Even better Rudy :)


I think they’re more optimized to shoot down missiles and UAV this time around. I read some article that say Iranian are testing their own version of s300 missiles but there’s no further info on that.
Russian Air forces are relying on Su30,Su35, and Su37 for deterrence and air defense.




Putin should establish no fly zone over Syria for illegal intruders and without wasting time, from now choose the targets in Israel, in UK, in US and in the sea.
Putin should not down otherwise the consequences for Russia would be worst than Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. If Russia win then US, UK and France may break which Israel don’t want.

Nazier Ahmed

It is about time some one stand up against the warmongers !
Best of luck to RUSSIA!

Tim Webb

This of course will be done, if the US and its vassals try their military option, which it seems they are now committed to.
But at least Trump has done what he said you should never do; ie warn the opposition ahead of time.
Possibly, just possibly, this is a part of his great game to destroy the neocon jews that have destroyed the US and three-quarters of the rest of the world alongside it.
We live in interesting times.


Home in a Body-Bag III looms. Still, fair’s fair, if British squaddies obey criminal orders to commit to supreme war crime, they deserve what’s coming.

Tim Webb

How true.
It is far braver to refuse an order than to carry an illegal one out.
But squaddies are beta males, generally speaking, who like to follow orders, so I expect they will do as they are told by the criminals who control them.


Those are big air forces. Some planes will get through. People will die. It will, like all wars, be a colossal waste of time and life and love. And it might be the last war of all. What is the point, israel with a little i, of winning the war when your whole world is reduced to molten glass? Do you think moshiach is going to show up to help you? Your moshiach is the dajjal.


I think just one UK jet shot down entire squadron will be back in UK …

Same to others . So far these western powers think they are immune to be brought down and show off only.

Syrians/Russian will bring down these planes…

A war is underway really … after many UK /US special forces were destroyed in Eastern Ghouta according to Chinese reports.

It’s sort of revenge …


I doubt that any US/UK jet will enter Syrian airspace. At best they’re going to do what Israel does, launch stand off cruise missiles from outside Syrian airspace.

Brad Isherwood

It’s not the Russian EW/Jamming has Israel freaked out,….it’s what Iran has fielded and running R&D at T4 Airbase.
Iran’s Drone program has Military strike missiles to Recon and area Jamming.
Iran has area Jamming to protect Airbases. ..to air platform .
Iran has Radar that can look to Saudi Arabia and as far as Israel.
Pretty good for a nation under sanctions.
Iran’s proven its ballistic missiles can hit long distance like Russian Kalibr with accuracy…..last year strike on ISIS in Dier Ezzor province.
Israel is getting vexed by Iran’s technology in play in Syria, …hence the repeated attacks and Netanyahu go to Moscow and cry to Putin**


They have only one jet left given the state of the Royal Air Force.



You can call me Al

I think that is the reason why Israel has hit panic mode. They thought they were indestructible.

Nazier Ahmed

They are a bunch of cowards very good in bullying the weak.


“A war is underway really … after many UK /US special forces were destroyed in Eastern Ghouta according to Chinese reports.”
Do you have the source for this – one in English I mean….?
(I found a Vimeo video with a translation but Vimeo won’t play for me and the YT equiv doesn’t have the translation…)

I’m referring to this article….

On March 17, 2018, some 200 US special-forces operators were killed, according to Chinese intelligence. The situation in East Ghouta was different from Aleppo in that Aleppo “was like a pudding stuffed with raisins” while in Ghouta a large group of British instructors were also caught trying to escape the Russian encirclement “dressed as women”.

Satanovskiy noted that the British SAS soldiers often disguised themselves as women in Afghanistan too. Some 200 were caught by Russian military police trying to flee Ghouta. The British government opened diplomatic channels to Moscow right away in order to reach an agreement and at the same time launched the Skripal affair when the US effort to save them failed.

And to the tail end of the Trump/Abe press conference where Trump refers briefly to a lot of people being killed: [See 38:34]
“We had a very very severe … fight in Syria recently a month ago …. between our troops and Russian troops and it’s very sad but many people died in that fight” [Trump]

As far as I can see ‘a very severe fight’ between Russians and Americans in Syria that resulted in many US dead has not been reported in any MSM.


This is actually have been going on for months with older original batch rotated in and out for upgrades. Each optimized by experience in it’s service in Syria. Both Su 37 and their Su 35 too were of the same.

jade villaceran

good, the bear is serious, keep it coming and show them that you walk the talk, bear must be respected


Exactly the wrong message: “OK we will try to limit the damage to our side, but rest assured we’ll stay on the defensive, lest our partners get hurt.” Where are the Zircon and Khinsal (?) ship killers? Maybe a strategic leak that the Empire’s satellites will go bye-bye as soon as SHTF? Everything is now in place for a repeat of previous rounds: the Empire does what it thinks it can get away with, and Putin crawls under the bed while hoping it won’t be too bad this time, and that we’ll all soon forget about it.

Steve Bell

Putin’s lack of response to previous U.S./Israeli attacks seems to have emboldened the war hawks to try again, but the messages this time suggest otherwise- expect at least an Iranian reply to the T4 attack, and a Russian one if the U.S. jumps in.

Nazier Ahmed

Let us hope Russia and Iran will stand up against these cowards.
It will shake the foundation of the murderous states that acts with impunity
around the world.


do not forget all syrian A2/AD are now joined to russian AD network , which means every single pantsyr can get advanced info from the central dispatcher and acted jointly or independently..

gone is the easily targetted and destroyed static SAM sites , now Pantsyr act like anti guided munition that the western airforce depended on so much..

remember 2006 war ? it took less. than 20 days for the glorious Israeli Air Force to ran out of guided munitions , and theres no Pantysir on lebanon… in the next conflict , it will take more than just 1 precision guided munition to destroy a target, but it will need 4 or more expensive PGM to destroy a single target… Assuming they didnt hit a decoy inflatable balloon ..

You can call me Al

Send another 40 NOW.

Real Anti-Racist Action

40 Pantsir-S1 systems are incapable of shooting down 8 Jewish missiles fired deep into the heart of Syria. This system is combat ineffective.


Well reports say 5 of the 8 were shot down so something must be working

Real Anti-Racist Action

All munitions never reach their target. US M-16’s fire 3 shot burst with each trigger pull. Cause they know not all reach their target.
Israel had a target, fired a few extra missiles counting that not all reach their target, so you fire a few extras. This is common practice among all militaries.
The real question as always is… Did they manage in one attack run to destroy the target or hit it?
If so, then their mission was 100% success rate, and the defenders have a failure.

Let me give a far better more simplistic example, and please give me your feed back on this one.

Lets say Israel were going to launch some missiles at Putin himself, to take him out okay.
So Israel fires 3 missiles at Putin himself, one fails on its own, another is shot down, the third hits Putin and he dies.

Does Russian announce to the world ‘we shot one down and so Israel failed’
Or did Israel win cause Putin (their target) died?
The fact that one was shot down means nothing. As the target has been eliminated.
That is what makes logical sense to me.


Well certainly if you achieve a mission objective to say destroy a specified target – you wont care that 40% of the missiles failed if the other 60% get through. No air defence system in the world will give you 100% success rate. Even the US patriot is hit & miss, I doubt even the S400 is 100% all the time. You cant say something is combat ineffective unless its 100% successful can you. Those 5 missiles from the 8 shot down (if reports are true) would have kiiled far more people & caused way more damage then they did.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Depends if the missiles were targeted at the same targets or different targets at the base. If they were targeted at the same points, then their would not be additional casualties. If aimed at other targets and they got through, then you are right and their would have been more deaths.

And I believe that you are right that none of these systems are 100% or can even be expected to operate at above 85% efficiency.
However Syrian operated Russian systems are seeming to have 40%-65% efficiency over the past four years.

As for the 100%, I do want to point out something which has come on scene now.
That is anti-air photons. I work with photons for a living (though not for military)
But the laser defenses combined with anti-air missiles will be operating at above 95% efficiency and even perhaps 99.somthing% efficiency.

These defenses already exist, they are here now.
So it is possible for those nations who are intelligent enough to have anti-air defenses today at above 95% efficiency.

The US is working in several different projects to streamline out 4 totally different variants of laser defenses already. Israel is working on these (those I know no details) and the UK already has working prototypes that are already ready for deployment right now as we speak.

The future will be fought with photons, not lead.
The next real big war will already have troops in the field firing proton burst within the first few months.

Dušan Mirić

i hope its true…..china has shown reluctance to interfere in SYria for a very long time….the terrorists have china as their second priority after Syria

D-Ma Ayak

Interesting times ahead folks. Now that China is in to side with Russia. Western calculus of military intervention will change .


Your video is unavailable.

Dušan Mirić

Sorry. Not my fault. I think there’s video about Chinese navy in Mediterranean joining Russian flotilla in the eve of Killers on the Rampage night


I realise it’s not fault, I’m just letting you know.
Perhaps you have another to replace it with?

Dušan Mirić

I noticed that all rare videos on You Tube about that event has gone


What was the event? Your vid is gone and your comment didn’t say.

Domenic Patrone

Be careful, they’ll get attacked on the road, by mercenaries on the ground, soon with special attention given to the Pantsirs and like vehicles. They need to be protected, I suspect .. once their worth is understood by the foe.

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