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JULY 2022

Russia Defense Report: Motorized Rifle Troops

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Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson

The Motorized Rifle Troops represent the third tier of Russia’s ground combat capability. Special operations troops, or spetsnaz of various types, are used for covert or irregular warfare. The Airborne Forces and the Naval Infantry are the “forced entry” specialists, but can also provide larger units of elite soldiers to engage in conventional ground combat. Motorized Rifle Troops, on the other hand, are the backbone of the Russian Ground Forces. Their task is heavy and sustained ground combat, with support by other combat arms, such as armor, artillery, and combat aviation.

Their frontline strength is represented by some 22 “permanent readiness” brigades. Each brigade’s organization resembles that of a motorized rifle regiment, in that it includes one tank battalion, 3 motorized rifle battalions, plus up to three artillery battalions and generous provision of service support units. This enabled individual brigades to operate as self-contained, independent battlefield formations without requiring much support from higher formations, such as corps or army, in contrast to motorized rifle regiments which operated only as part of divisions and relied on support from divisional-level units.

In the event of a major high-intensity conflict that could not be resolved by the regular army, the task of the permanent readiness brigades would be to act as a screen behind which the mobilization of reserve motorized rifle divisions, which have been reduced to the status of military bases, would be carried out. This is an invisible but important part of Russia’s defensive potential, which historically has relied on the ability to out-mobilize its, in paper, more powerful adversaries. The fact that the Russian Federation still practices the draft means that there is a large number of recently discharged soldiers who, if need be, could be recalled back under the colors. In recent years, the Russian government updated its legislation governing the status of the reserves and conducted a larger number of test mobilizations of reservists, which is an indication that aspect of military modernization is not being ignored either.

Motorized Rifle Troops’ training in recent years has benefited from a larger number of field exercises, and the commissioning of the 333rd Training Center in Alabino, which allows entire motorized rifle brigades to receive highly realistic unit training.

The recent events in Ukraine and other parts of the world have shown that the Russian military’s “new look” that was propagated by Defense Minister Serdyukov on the assumption that the West would accept Russia as an equal partner (assumption which also led to the ordering the Mistrals at French shipyards) has become obsolete, which among other things meant that the Motorized Rifle Troops required an upgrade to their capabilities. The fighting in Ukraine as well as large-scale maneuvers and simulations in Russia revealed that independent brigades are not well suited to sustained high-intensity combat and do not represent an efficient use of resources. This led to the decision to reactivate several motorized rifle divisions whose organization appears to follow that of the Soviet-era, with three motorized rifle regiments and one tank regiment each, supported by an artillery regiment and other units.

Moreover, Motorized Rifle Troops are receiving significant attention when it comes to their equipment. Their effectiveness will benefit enormously once these units begin to receive the Ratnik equipment suite, including upgraded or new assault rifles. Their armored vehicles are similarly in process of  being upgraded or replaced. The most important change in that area was the introduction of the BTR-82A, which is an upgrade of the BTR-80 that features an unmanned turret equipped with a 30mm automatic cannon. Battalions equipped with the BTR-82A boast a high level of strategic mobility due to their airtransportability and the ability to cover large distances by road more rapidly and with less logistical support than battalions equipped with tracked vehicles. The Ground Forces also ordered about 300 upgraded BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles and have evaluated a number of modernization proposals for existing several hundred vehicles. In the upcoming years, Motorized Rifle will begin receiving the brand-new Kurganets and Bumerang tracked and wheeled infantry fighting vehicles which made their public debut at the 2015 Victory Day parade. These vehicles represent the state of the art of infantry fighting vehicle design and will ensure Russian motorized rifle battalions will, if it comes to that, enter future battlefields riding highly mobile, well protected, and heavily armed vehicles.

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Hisham Saber

Beautiful….Russia, speak softly and carry a big stick. U.S , yell alot while the stick is losing luster.


Hahaha…do you know what makes an army real powerful? ECONOMY. Russia has no economy to speak off. You clap your hands at what the russian army has, but you do not understand what the USA has on other side: A much bigger budget. AND a larger population, too! The big stick that the USA carries is big indeed…

Real Anti-Racist Action

Until Russia can bring to justice the SAS who go about the world like Libya and Syria and Yemen and Norway and Iraq and Iran and Africa and so on and so forth and Afghanistan and Ukraine killing people by the millions. Then Russia is not even in a position to identify how to win their own safety. The SAS get away with murder, and soon their “revolution” we be taken to the streets of Moscow. All because Russia would not step up to the plate and fight the SAS.


You must be some kind of special….

SAS? You gotta be kidding me. A two bit organization of Britain past is nothing. As well, take to the streets of Moscow? Are you daft? No wait, do not bother trying to reply.

Out of curiosity, do you actually have any kind of evidence of this or are you just as bad as those NATO trolls who proclaim about Russians in Ukraine?

Николай Собянин

LoL. I’m Russian. Also I can precisely tell that about a half of information a complete nonsense. In Ukraine there is a civil war. Russia there is nothing here. If Russia waged the war in Ukraine, then soldiers the first have learned about it. But as far as I know, volunteers were taken only in Syria.

More than 5 European journalists who have visited Ukraine haven’t found the Russian army. Don’t trust the western media, now there is information war which is lost by Russia. Remember 2008, Fox News. https://youtu.be/6ad8ZIjZrVA

Alexandre Beaufils

RT… officially funded by the kremlin… Same shits as fox news… An other side of the story, it’s still propaganda, but they have few points. https://informnapalmdot(org)/en/how-many-tanks-does-the-august-terrorist-battalion-have/


США засняли как ночью одинокий террорист в Сирии ебет овцу, но не смогли предоставить ни одного реального доказательства многотысячной армии России в Украине и строят на этом аналитику…

Alexandre Beaufils

The part about mistral was kind of funny… I was in saint nazaire (the shipyard’s city) and we’ve met in several occasion russian and french engineers in bars when they were fraternazing, few months before the mistral crisis. Since we were passionates about armed forces the mistral topic came on the table.

What france was supposed to sell to russia, was basically empty shells with engines. All remaining equipments (com, ship IU, etc, etc) was supposed to be installed part in Saint nazaire and part in russia, by russian engineers… So it was basically pieces of steel and what make it moves so it isn’t outdated nor obsolete. It’s not a secret it was all over french news few months later.

What was obsolet was the russian equipment, if they managed to replaced/upgrade it, good for them. But It wasn’t the french mistral which was obsolete. And it was a problem, because when france finally had to sell those ships, the russian standarts were a problem to find a buyers…

No countries with a remotly capable army could afford to have such outdated materials, Only a country like Egypt could accept to have this kind of equipment…

I’m not saying that russia is weak they had the number, and have also some fine weapons, but their standart for their navy back then wasn’t good…

Now this video doesn’t give me the answer i was looking for… i’m looking for the composition of a russian motor rifle platoon, in term of apc/ifv. And how many platoon there is in a russian mot rif company.

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