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Russia Creating Supercomputer For Development Of Advanced Weapons

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Russia Creating Supercomputer For Development Of Advanced Weapons

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Russia is developing a modern supercomputer for the development of advanced weapons, Olga Sokolova, general director of the Molniya Research and Production Association (part of the Kalashnikov consortium) said, cited by Sputnik.

“This work involves great cooperation, including INEUM I. S. Bruka, JSC MCST, JSC Satellite Information Systems M. F. Reshetnev and others,” she said.

According to Olga Sokolova, the main goal is to transfer the entire cycle of development and production of new weapons to domestic equipment. Import substitution will begin at the research stage and will end with the creation of prototypes and the support of mass production.

The first task for the Russian supercomputer will be precision rockets. Then the capabilities of the machine will be offered for use to the entire Russian industry. The general director of the company noted that she had already receive approval from partners and customers.

According to RIA Novosti, the supercomputer may become usable by 2023.

It’s strange that no mainstream media outlet immediately claimed that Putin himself is developing a supercomputer to develop weapons. That is to be expected, Vladimir Putin is, after all, a “super villain”.

It appears that his plans are becoming too transparent for mainstream media. Or maybe that is a part of the agenda itself. After all, he had sent agents equipped with Novichok from his top secret, hidden Novichok-producing city to cause mayhem.

His hackers appear to also be constantly attacking US and other Western governments and organizations. Even the US Cyber Command failed to hinder them, as their stern words and warnings of “knowing who they are and that they should stop” proved ineffective, the notorious Russian hacker-agents are out of control.

Furthermore, if all else fails, Putin, after all, has his own villain headquarters on the private Finnish island of Sakkiluoto. It is equipped with piers, a helipad and even has a sauna. It would be no surprise if the island itself is hollow and has a hidden submarine pier.

That would not be surprising, keeping in mind that Sweden continues to discover Russian submarines in its territorial waters.

Maybe the West have become so good that Vladimir Putin’s plan is becoming too predictable. Or maybe that is precisely the Bond villain’s plan – to lull his unsuspecting victims into a false sense of security and then strike.

Maybe the supercomputer has been ready for years and has forged an elaborate plan for world domination and now the dominoes have already begun falling.

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The warmongering media could even destroy Jesus reputation to Judas, funny enough the very same evangelist elaborate would believe it.

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