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JUNE 2023

Russia Considers To Set Up Air Base In Northeast Syria: Report

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Russian forces has established a headquarters near Qamishli airport in northeast Syria, as a part of ongoing efforts to convert it to an air base, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on November 2.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, the headquarters was established in the “agriculture club” in the vicinity of the airport near the border with Turkey.

“The Syrian Observatory has obtained information that the Syrian regime could lease Qamishli airport to Russia forces for 49 years, similar to what happened with Hmeimim base,” the SOHR’s report reads.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) maintained control of the Qamishli airport throughout the war, despite existing security threats. The airport was repeatedly targeted by Syrian militants, Jihadist groups and even sometimes threatened by Kurdish forces.

The airport, which is located southwest of the border city of Qamishli, has a 3,7 km airstrip, suitable for most Russian cargo planes, and several service facilities.

Russia Considers To Set Up Air Base In Northeast Syria: Report

Click to see full-size image. Via Google Earth.

If SOHR’s claim is confirmed, Russia will be able to impose full control of the airspace over northeast Syria from Qamishli airport. This will allow to to project its influence on both US and Turkish operations in the nearby area.

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That would be a desicive development, if it true, against the oil hungry Trump!!!


Yes, a development that would make the US ‘ Protection of Syrian oil wells ‘ untenable .

The US government is actually contravening their OWN and UN sanctions with the act of stealing the revenue from Syrian wells , by the use of oil smugglers backed by the US who transport the oil to 3rd parties such as Israel for a cheap price. A price said to be about $38/barrel.

Feudalism Victory

And what route does it take to israel?


Via Iraq now and initially from Turkey.


the oil is just an excuse since syrian oil is just chicken feed in the greater picture – in real life it is the deep state that countermanded trump when he decided to withdraw from syria, which the deep state could not accept – after all war is profit and war is business – so trump had to accept the excuse as a face saving measure and twitted some inanities about oil. it is just an example of where the deep state does what it can to keep the hands on the tiller and avoid giving back the powers to the president cum commander in chief.


Great News! Whatever efforts are made to stop ZioFascisAmerica, no matter how small the effort is, as long as there is someone who dares to do it, then it is a victory for the true freedom of the world.


Ya, that’s great if it’s true. But coming from Yinon plan mouth piece is it?

Rafik Chauhan

Also tabqa air base should be made full functional it will be much boost to Russia and Syria warplane and fighter jets . if incase this kurds betray Syria again. US will not do anything if this 2 bases is establish with Air defense.

Rhodium 10

Qamishli is better to deploy S-400 which cover all north east Syria, parts of Iraq and Jordan….while Russia also should deployed S-400 in Deir Ezzor to cover all east Syria!

Toronto Tonto

This is one of three shittholes in the world that would let terrorists Russians in .


Your comment makes no sense what has it got to do with the article!!


Dear tonto from Toronto, you show to everybody that you are really tonto.


One of the Zionist shill mental midgets here posting inflammatory lies who’s afraid to debate the issues because he knows that he’d lose. So he resorts to drive by spamming.


So while a handful of SDF people a throwing tomatoes, the Russians may be about to put the k-bosch on about 90% of what US is trying to do in Syria. My take is if they move into that airstrip, then the game is up in most of the Kurd held territories and any meaningful aviation edge the US has will evaporate. They would have to double the size of an assault to get through ……… and what a mess that one would turn out to be. This is not to mention a quantum leap in intel gathering ability by the Russians in that are. So go ahead boyz, park your gear next to the broken oil pumping facilities and fire up that airbase down there. It all will definitely be in range of everything. A good evening to all.


this will assist Russian humanitarian assistance in Syria; for an amerikan humanitarian aid is illegal phosphorus anti-personel bombs http://www.sott.net/article/423383 the fake whistleblower possesses some redeeming qualities

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Qamishli or Deir Ezzor Airport should be turned into Russian Airbases ASAP :)


I can see why Russia would be interested in that airbase. Setting up S-400, Pantsir-S and TOR to control the airspace in that area would make sense for Russia. It also makes sense for logistic reasons.

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