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MAY 2021

Russia Considers Delivery Of S-300 Air Defense Systems To Syria

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Russia may “soon” deliver S-300PMU-2 ‘Favorite’ missile defense systems to Syria, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reported on April 23 citing two military diplomatic sources.

The S-300PMU-2 ‘Favorite’ is an export version of the Russian S-300 missile defense system. It has the range of 195 km and uses the 48N6E2 missile. This missile can be used against aircraft, cruise missiles, UAVs, theater ballistic missiles, even against intercontinental ballistic missiles.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the air defense systems deliveries will be made free of charge. The alleged goal of the effort is to assist the Syrian military in establishing a multi-layered air defense across the country.

The S-300PMU-2 systems will integrated into this multi-layered air defense to provide additional defense to Damascus and the country’s airfields from missile strikes. Kommersant’s sources said that the S-300 deliveries are mostly a “political” decision and it is almost made.

The Russian military has already established an air-defense net in Syria in order to protect own military facilities. These air defenses have not been officially engaged in repelling any strikes on Syrian forces. However, according to local and official sources, the Russian military is actively involved in training and advising Syrian air defense troops as well as contributing efforts to modernize the country’s air defense capabilities.

Earlier in April, Russian military sources revealed that the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) had received 40 Pantsir-S1 short-to-medium range air defense systems from the Russian Armed Forces. The Pantsir-S1 is designed to defend important installations and to provide cover for long-range air defense systems, for example S-300s.

Damascus and Moscow reached an agreement on the S-300 systems delivery in 2010. However, the contract was frozen because of a complicated political and security situation in the region. Then, Israel was one of the key critics of the deal.

Following the April 14 missile strike on Syria by the US, the UK and France, Russia officially declared that it had returned to an idea of S-300 delivery to Syria.

Such a move, if the delivery is made, they may trigger a local crisis over Syria. Israel and its key ally, the US, will likely fiercely react to such a move, which they will consider as a direct threat to their regional military diplomatic strategy. The Israeli military may even respond by attempting to destroy the systems en route to their deployment sites. This will cause another local encounter between the Israeli Air Force and the SADF.

Israeli experts and leadership have repeatedly voiced concern over the increased efficiency of the Syrian Air Defense Forces.

These concerns have become especially loud after the Israeli Air Force lost a F-16I fighter jet during the operation against Syria on February 10, 2018. Should the SADF obtain S-300 systems it will further limit offensive capabilities of the IAF’s capabilities to deliver strikes on targets in Syria, including Iranian forces deployed at the country’s military facilities.

On the other hand, the S-300 delivery will be an important bargaining chip in the ongoing diplomatic standoff over the Syrian conflict. The Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance and Turkey have contributed notable efforts to settle the conflict using their influence on the ground. In turn, the US-Israeli bloc has repeatedly attempted to undermined their efforts. However, the both sides understand that they should find some common ground if they want to avoid an open military conflict and are searching various options allowing to pressure opponents for own advantage.

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  1. Lupus says:

    Just do it!

    1. paul ( original ) says:

      Yes I know this is more frustrating than a teasing woman.

  2. Vince Dhimos says:

    The S-300 is more of a political tool than a weapon, but it is a superlative weapon as well. But it is to expensive for most missions. The Pantsir is the best and cheapest all around weapon for near and intermediate range air defence. The Tor has also now been deployed to Latakia, and if it is there, then it may also be depoyed elsewhere in Syria. http://defence-blog.com/army/russia-deploys-advanced-short-range-air-defence-missile-systems-syria.html

    1. Tudor Miron says:

      Tor M2 is very good.

    2. Jesus says:

      S300 will be used against aircraft in conjunction with the S200 that has a longer range.
      The Pantsir and Tor will be used against standoff weapons, smart bombs, and anti radiation weapons.
      The Pantsir and Tor are deadly against helicopters, and they can reach aircraft up to 10kms altitude. They are short range Mach 3 and cannot chase a plane for long.

  3. Smith Ricky says:

    SAA, the future.

  4. Jesus says:

    Deliver the missiles, do not waste time trying to reach a political deal over Syria with US and Israel.
    The deployment of the missiles will by itself speak sense to US and Israel.
    Make Syria capable of defending itself, a strong Syria will lead to a proper political solution in the ME.

    1. Oscar Silva Martinez says:

      I would love to see the Israeli faces when they look over their fence to see their neighbor has a new toy, hehehehehe

      1. Jesus says:

        An ideal layered air defense system would consist of S125, 200, S300, Buk M2, Tor and Pantsir.
        Whatever Iran deploys would be gravy.
        Israel can look across the border and see a genuine air defense it had not seen in ages.
        Then we’ll see how capable the Israeli Air Force is……or for that matter US Air Force that wants to defend the Kurds east of Euphrates.

        1. Politolog Externista says:


          1. Jesus says:

            Syrians have Buk M2, Buk M3 would be better.

          2. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

            also S-350 with 12 missile range 120 km

          3. Jesus says:

            That is more advanced and works within the S400 network. I don’t think the Russians want to export S350 to Syria.

          4. Justin says:

            Yes a great system but its too new! Russian army still waiting on this system! Also im sure it has greater range than 120km unless u are talking about the export version!

          5. Justin says:

            BUK-M2 is fine! U cant export ur best systems because u have to protect ur intel secrets and thus ur market! more BUK-M2’s are fine, more Pantsirs are fine and S-300 would be awesome! This will stop Israel flying over Lebanon and firing cruise missiles. S-300 literally contains Israel via Iran just as Russia has been contained via NATO. A perfect response! Its the cuban missile crisis all over again!

          6. Jesus says:

            Interesting anology.

      2. Joe Dirt says:

        Syria has NEVER won a War with Israel. :D just saying

      3. Siegfried says:

        The neighbor doesn’t get the S-300-toys because on the 9th of May, ROTHSCHILD’s HIT-MAN __ the Israeli Netanyahu__ FORBADE Rothschild’s best-boy Putin, to deliver the toys.
        Even the internal rivals, the Rockefeller-section of the NWO-scvmbags, are happy with that…

  5. Oscar Silva Martinez says:

    The best thing is that they’ll be CHARGE FREE!!!

  6. Freespirit says:

    Exclusive: S300 Operation in Syria Today – Delivered Units Deployed Already !!!


    1. Oscar Silva Martinez says:


    2. bernie garland says:

      Fooking glad, that will put a halt too the Zioinists air strikes

    3. Garga says:

      As much as I like it to be the truth, I couldn’t find the news anywhere but VT and madhouse (by search), both quoting from mil[dot]ru.
      But there is talk about a message sent to Bibi via Rabbi Lazhar from President Putin.
      I wish it is true, it’ll be awesome.

      1. Freespirit says:

        Veterans today has Intelligence Insiders. It is possibly the BEST site for ordinary folks to get the TRUTH

        I suggest you and others read from Veterans Today

        I have for years now, out of about 40 sites I follow,weekly and only occasionally find a minor mistake from and with VT

        1. Politolog Externista says:

          for most things one could name things conspiracy theory or liberal wishful thinking, like alex jones cointerpro on the socialist side. His acting skills especially when ‘slamming’ trump are in most cases justifications that he isnt responsible.

        2. The Latin Mass says:

          You don’t get the best info from controlled opposition. All ex-intel agents are controlled. There is not one out there that’s good. They are all Alex Jones types or murderers. jewamerica is entirely evil to the core, as all in the intel services. “But, but, but this zionist here, he’s saying Washington is corrupt, let’s follow this zionist”. If you are not for the one state solution of Palestine, you are a zionist, often a gatekeeper and control op.

          1. Freespirit says:

            I trust my 78 years of Living and learning, more than your “advice” and thus judge the individual as I know him or her but thanks for your concern

    4. konstantin says:

      Veterans Today site embeds a 5 year old yt video into aweb-page and announces it a s news. It’s just more click-bait from an unreliable publisher. VT have no intel sources other than the same ones you and I have via the Internet. Ah well, I’ll put it down to wishful thinking, at best for now.

      1. paul ( original ) says:

        Yes I remember when the interview first happened so I was immediately suspicious of this report. This just rather lowers VT.

        1. Freespirit says:

          Relatively new to DISQUS and obviously to VT

          Possibly with only 650 comments to your account, compared to my 15000, you are also a TROLL like Konstantin……

          Huh, maybe, or just a young “whippersnapper” who thinks he knows all about the world now that he knows how to type??

      2. Freespirit says:

        TROLL much?

    5. The Latin Mass says:

      The article says days ago… a warning flag, as all other media days ago reports Russian Defense considering it in the future. So days ago, Russians are considering sending S-300s to Syria sometime in the future while at the same time these same Russians have already S-300s. Bi-polar.

      1. Freespirit says:

        Read my other reply to you

  7. gustavo says:

    This S-300 system must be delivered to Syria as soon as possible, non delay by USA-ISrael pressure.

    1. Politolog Externista says:

      even Buk-M3 would give Syria some serious firepower

  8. gustavo says:

    Stop considering this and just give it to Syria, is Russia afraid of Israel saying ?

    1. Barba_Papa says:

      Considering is diplomatic language for ‘where probably going to send them, but for the right offer we might change our minds’. It also allows Russia to keep its options open. But then again diplomacy is a lost language in the West so its not so strange so many people have a hard time to understand it.

      And then there is the crazy Israeli response to consider. If Russia says we’re going to deliver and Israel attacks them on route, shit would hit the fan. If Russia says we’re considering, then sneakily delivers them, Israel would be caught off guard.

  9. Davki says:

    This isn’t news. Russia is considering many things.

  10. alejoeisabel says:

    There is no greater threat to any country than being occupied.The conflict between Israel and its neighbors can be resolved when Israel returns the stolen Syrian Golan Heights to its legal and rightful owner, the people of Syria; otherwise, Israel remains culpable for the Middle East turmoil.

  11. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

    Israel wants to attack Syria as they have been doing during 7 years…..S-300 deployment is to avoid it!

  12. alejandro casalegno says:

    If will do it……………….DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Icarus Tanović says:

    Israel is very nervous, so there’s the deal already. S-300 are depolyed in Syria, it is just, a matter of time when Syrian Air defense will get them.
    So, Israel will act accordingly if feel threatened from purely DEFENSIVE weapon?
    If so, better don’t try to attack Syria any more.
    Because you will be ashamed in the front of the World.

  14. Roger Snellman says:

    Those S-300s cost around $250M each. They are just as worthless as Russia’s existing air defense in Syria. Not sure who is picking up the tab but this is getting expensive. Israel could easily level 4 of these in one night… $1,000,0000 flushed down the proverbial drain. I suspect Russia charges Iran, China and co $250M each but only costs a couple hundred thousand to build. Russia not losing real money, only opportunity costs.

    1. Bob says:

      Roger Wrong, as usual. Firstly, if Russia offers to give S-300’s to the Syrian military soon, these will be sourced straight from Russia’s own considerable military stockpiles, and secondly, they will come with Russian personnel to integrate and network them into Syrian air defenses, meaning they cannot be targeted by Israel in the short to medium term without Israel directly attacking Russian personnel – and that won’t happen.

      1. Roger Snellman says:

        Putin gifting S-300s to Syria out of the goodness of his heart. Guess I owe Vladimir an apology since I accused him of making a buck or two.

        As far at killing Russians, after they fire one time at Israeli planes they are fair game. My guess is Russia will be notified the Israeli’s are coming and evacuate their personnel. Putin will be embarrassed enough by the absolute destruction of even one S-300 that he will not want to lose his technicians too. Forcing them to stay is a death sentence. The rest of the military will blame Putin not Israel.

        1. Bob says:

          The Russian’s do not need to be notified of any Israeli’s air presence – Russia has ample early warning and surveillance hardware deployed at the Khmeimim airbase to identify aircraft up to 700 km away. They are called AWACs.

          1. Roger Snellman says:

            Agreed, Russia will know when Israel is coming. Israel will notify them anyway because that is the agreement.

        2. AJ says:

          Russia will not fire on Israeli planes unless they are attacking Russian forces which wont happen. As to embarrassment it will be Bibi seeing his planes burn up if he tries.

          1. Roger Snellman says:

            You cannot have it both ways. Either the S-300s will not fire at Israeli planes or they will. If S300s fire on Israeli planes they will be destroyed.

          2. frankly says:

            You smell man

    2. AJ says:

      You really are clueless if you rate the S300 as worthless – perhaps you prefer the substandard US patriot which even the Israelis have slated as useless

  15. Fatime Oomyadin says:

    Whom does Russia want to fool? The S-300 delivery was halted by president Medvedev in 2012. “Considering” means nothing.

  16. Bob says:

    Russia doesn’t currently have an ‘export version’ of their S-300 system on hand, as they have with much of their other military hardware. It would take anywhere from 12-24 months to build an export version for delivery, this is one practical reason why Russia hasn’t readily offered S-300’s to Syria in past, as there is limited market rationale to build an export model when the system is being slowly superseded by S-400’s. But NATO aggression has altered events – and if Russia offers S-300’s to Syrian military soon, these will be from Russia’s own military stocks and come with Russian personnel to integrate and network them into Syrian air defenses. In this way NATO may have kicked an own goal with their missile strikes – as if the S-300’s are delivered soon they will be the full-blown Russian version of the system.

  17. grandel says:

    They should stop considering and just do it.

  18. Joe Dirt says:

    Russki has supplies goatfuckers with weapons for years and yet Syria still has yet to obtain a big victory. :D

  19. GuiltyOfSilence says:

    do it already!

  20. Tommy Jensen says:

    Russia has been “considering” in 5 years since Assad paid for the first batteries never delivered.

    1. Ram2017 says:

      There is absolutely no reason to delay delivery any more. Russia should get off it’s butt and..

  21. Siegfried says:

    ” Russia Considers Delivery Of S-300 Air Defense Systems To Syria ” … till Bibi Netanyahu went to Moscow..
    Next day Russia announced that won’t deliver S-300 to Syria.
    .. No wonder that CHINA starts to ask itself WTF of an ALLY is that, that lets the enemy shoot on you without helping..

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