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JUNE 2021

Russia Conducted “the World’s Longest” Surface-To-Air Missile Test – Media

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Russia Conducted "the World's Longest" Surface-To-Air Missile Test - Media

Illustrative image

Russia has carried out “the world’s longest” test of the S-500 Prometey surface-to-air missile, the US TV channel CNBC reported on May 25, quoting sources with direct knowledge of US intelligence concerning the weapons program.

According to CNBC sources, the S-500 Prometey surface-to-air missile system struck a target of 299 miles (481 km) away. The sources stressed that this is 50 miles (80 km) further than any known test.

The Russian side has not commented on this report.

On October 23, 2017 Deputy Commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces Lieutenant General Viktor Gumenny stated that the Russian military will start receiving S-500 surface-to-air missile systems “closer to 2020.”

The S-500 Prometey surface-to-air missile system is designed for intercepting and destroying intercontinental ballistic missiles, hypersonic cruise missiles and aircraft.

On May 18, CNBC reported quoting anonymous sources aware of US intelligence reports that new Russian “invincible” hypersonic glide vehicle Avangard would be ready by 2020. The sources pointed out that Russia had tested the Avangard twice in 2016 and once in October 2017, which supposedly had failed as the device crashed down.

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S-500 will complete the layered Russian air defense with its ability to engage ICBMs, hypersonic missiles, satellites, capable of engaging targets 600kms away at altitudes of up to 200kms, at speeds of up to 7kms per second.
It outclasses US THAAD and the SM3.


It’s basically an Arrow copycat. I’m sure it will serve the same function when they get it fully running.


Your source is another moronic source of information, since they do not even take the time to compare some basic stats. Maybe you should, how about on matters of range, speed, and purpose it was intended for?

Israel developed the Arrow for protection from tactical ballistic missiles deployed by Iran and Syria. Russia developed the S500 for intercepting ICBM killing LOS, and hypersonic missiles.
Jewish propaganda is just pathetic, how about firing a Minuteman 3 or Trident Missile and see how well the Arrow works?


Good to see you agree with me


Why do you post such nonesense if you do not accept as truth?

John Whitehot

liekly because they do it for the crowd.

Tudor Miron

How does it feel playing a clown?


whatever makes you comfy bro..

John Whitehot

pathetic miserable bs. the arrow is a copycat of the soviet s300v which was deployed early 80ies in first iteration.

and just as a reminder, israel started building sams since a few years, until then it was american hawks and patriots they deployed.


Sign that I made a good impact; all the trolls are ignoring all evidence and logic while freaking out over a one liner.

John Whitehot

you presented no evidence and i dismantled your argument with a single phrase. if you are willing to argue about the technical details i’m in.

but no, you won’t, since you already went like “all the trolls are ignoring all evidence and logic”


I was pleased to see that an articulated prime mover has been utilised for this design , as it ensures mobility with a replacement if a vehicle breaks down or in maintenance

paul ( original )

That is a very good point. I am not certain if the picture is actually an S-500. The label just says ‘illustrative image’ . It might be a re-load vehicle.

paul ( original )

Thank you for taking the trouble to send me this information. It is a new vehicle to me and as far as I can tell it is a transport for the S-400.


It looked very up to date I think.

paul ( original )

According to tesrera’s link in the post below it is as far as I can tell a transport vehicle for the S-400. I also had not seen it before and am grateful to testera . But your point is good about articulated vehicles. I am very interested S-500 and have been waiting for it for years. There was a long silent period and this is the first information I have seen for years. On the other hand it did come from an American sources.


It is a transport vehicle because it lacks erection mechanism (also, missiles are facing backwards).
There is an articulated version of S-400 launch vehicle.

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