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JULY 2020

Russia Conducted Another Successful Test Of Its Newest Anti-Satellite Missile: Report


Russia Conducted Another Successful Test Of Its Newest Anti-Satellite Missile: Report

Concept: PL-19 Nudol system

Russia conducted another successful flight test of its new anti-satellite missile system in December 2018, CNBC reported on January 18 citing two sources with direct knowledge of a U.S. intelligence report on the issue.

“The anti-satellite missile flew for 17 minutes and 1,864 miles before successfully splashing down in its target area,” CNBC wrote in its article.

The PL-19 Nudol is a Russian anti-ballistic missile and anti-satellite weapon system in development by JSC Concern VKO Almaz-Antey. According to reports, it’s expected to be capable of targeting communication and imagery satellites in low Earth orbit. However, it also possesses characteristics of the missile defense system.

According to media reports, the PL-19 Nudol was successfully tested twice in 2018. If all media reports are true, there have been 7 successful tests of the PL-19 Nudol missile system so far.




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  • Rob

    If Washington does a little mistake then their all satellites and missiles that posing threats to Russia and to their allies will be eliminated from space.

    • Sinbad2

      Exactly virtually all of Americas weapons rely on GPS, knock out the GPS and the US is virtually defenseless, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

  • MikeH

    Given that range in the article, it seems it would be a good candidate for a intermediate ballistic missile vehicle as well.

    • Sinbad2

      Well the 53T6 missile does come equipped with a 10kt nuke.

  • jm74

    So the PL19 is capable of reaching speeds of 10500kph, to reach orbit a speed of 28000 (low Orbit is 33000 kph) is required. Sound like the CNBC is shooting off at the mouth again.

    • Sinbad2

      They come with 3 different types of missile(51T6, 58R6, 53T6M), so they may have confused the data. The old 53T6, before the M upgrade had a speed of 21,000kph, but you don’t actually have to go as fast as the target, a head on collision would work very well.