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Russia Completes Runway Reconstruction At Hmeimim Air Base In Syria With Tu-22M3 Landing

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Russia Completes Runway Reconstruction At Hmeimim Air Base In Syria With Tu-22M3 Landing

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At Russia’s Hmeimim Airbase in Syria, the reconstruction of the runway was completed.

Following the refurbishing, the air base in Syria is capable of receiving all types of Russian military aircraft, including heavy models, the Ministry of Defense said.

The second runway became longer, and the surface was completely replaced and new lighting and radio equipment was installed.

“It is the first time that aircraft of this type are based at the Khmeimim airfield. Crews of long-range bombers will acquire practical skills in practicing training tasks in new geographical areas during flights in the airspace over the Mediterranean Sea,” the statement said.

The department added that the reconstruction of the second runway has been completed at the airbase with a complete replacement of the coating and the installation of new light-signal and radio equipment. In addition, due to the increase in the length of the runway, the aerodrome’s capabilities for receiving and servicing aircraft of various classes were expanded.

To date, aircraft of all types, which are in service with the Aerospace Forces and the Naval Aviation of the Russian Navy, can fly from the renewed airfield.

Recently, three modernized long-range Tu-22M3 bombers landed there for the first time. They arrived to carry out training tasks. As the Russian Defense Ministry explained, after completing training tasks for the development of airspace in the Mediterranean sea zone, the bombers would return to the sites of their deployment in Russia.


Tu-22M3 is a long-range supersonic bomber with a variable sweep wing. It is designed to destroy sea and ground targets with supersonic guided missiles, and also has the ability to bomb enemy targets.

Currently, work is underway in Russia to modernize the Tu-22M3 with the renewal of the arsenal of weapons and the inclusion of hypersonic means of destruction of ground targets.

Russia Completes Runway Reconstruction At Hmeimim Air Base In Syria With Tu-22M3 Landing

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Additionally, Russia is expanding its navy base at the Syrian port of Tartus and planning to construct a floating dock to boost the port’s ship repair facilities, according to Russian military officials.

The move came weeks after the Russian military began work on extending one of the runways at its Hmeimim airbase, adding to its military foothold in the eastern Mediterranean. The floating dock is scheduled to be completed in 2021, says Russia’s TASS news agency, quoting military officials.

Upgrading the repair facilities at the Tartus base will allow the Russian navy to avoid dispatching ships to naval installations in the Black Sea for maintenance, according to Western military officials. The Russian naval facility in Tartus is leased from the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, and four years ago the Russian military classified it as a Material-Technical Support Point and not formally as a base.

Tartus and the Hmeimim air base, in the nearby province of Latakia, have been the main hubs for Russia’s operation in assistance of the Syrian Arab Army.

Between April 23rd and May 12th, the SAA, together with Russian support, had significant success in containing ISIS activity in central Syria.

“Units of Syria’s pro-government troops, with the support of the Aerospace Forces of Russia, continue their search and reconnaissance missions in the Syrian desert. Since April 23, a total of 228 members of terrorist groups have been killed and 44 captured, 20 vehicles have been seized and six destroyed, 38 facilities and 45 hideouts have been demolished,” a Russian military spokesperson said.


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Rodney Loder

Looks great, anyhow check out Chinas air defence newest installment, small vehicle travels top speed 90 kph while firing at incoming cruise, glide and ballistic high altitude targets, truly amazing.

concrete mike

Dream on satrap!

Florian Geyer

If UK companies were constructing the runway it would not yet have passed the planning and mission statement phases. The most important phase for the UK though would be the Diversity and Trans ratios of the employees.

The runway could have easily taken 5 years to complete by the UK and also be ‘billions’ over budget. I am sure that a party political donor with a ‘Kebab shop’ empire would have been chosen as the project management team :)

I hope you are well, Mike. It appears the the Canadian government is going full retard now with the edict that children, who have a 99,999999999999% chance of surviving ‘Covid”, can now be vaccinated (damaged) without parental consent.



J Ramirez

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Jens at the Helm

India is scared of China. Your comment reflects this fact.


USSR prevented turk amerikan regime change in 1957…they never learn


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Jens Massive

Big scale aircraft need a big scale runway – this expanded land-strip infrastructure, to manage Russian strategic bombers, means Russian military aviation are going to be assisting Syrian state for the foreseeable future. US has lost its regime change and Balkanization plans for Syrian state.

Dick Von D'Astard

MiG-31K would be the most suitable hypersonic weapons platform for the Hmeimim airbase methinks.

Lance Ripplinger

Interesting development. I wonder if Russia will deploy TU-22’s there on a more permanent rotation eventually?


That’s curry. Or Cow dung. If there’s any difference between two….


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L du Plessis

i luv the Mach 12, 2500km long range cruise misiles with nuke heads.

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