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JULY 2022

Russia Compares Possible Armed Confrontation In Outer Space With Nuclear Arms Race

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Foreign Ministry statement on the US House of Representatives’ passing of the 2019 defence budget bill (source):

We have taken note of the National Defence Authorisation Act for Fiscal Year 2019 passed by the US House of Representatives. This document, in particular, provides for allocating funds to build a space-based echelon for intercepting ballistic missiles (including the development and deployment of a new early warning satellite group by the end of 2022). The completion of the interception system is planned for 2030, but testing of prototypes is to begin as soon as in 2022, once the new sensors are put into service. The bill instructs the US Missile Defence Agency to start implementing these programmes regardless of the recommendations of the still ongoing revision of the missile defence policy.

It seems, given US President Donald Trump’s instruction to create the Space Force as an independent service branch separate from the United States Air Force, the preparations for creating the ABM space group is another step towards implementing the policy of America’s dominance of outer space. These efforts are a direct confirmation that Washington does not intend to abandon the plans to use force in outer space proposed by the previous administration.

Such actions by US lawmakers do not contribute to a constructive dialogue on strategic stability, or to a favourable atmosphere within the framework of the review process of the destabilising effect on strategic stability and international security.

Given that the US Congress is talking about the development and creation of space-based anti-ballistic missile defence weapons, we would like to mention that there is a direct correlation between strategic offensive and defensive weapons, as stated in the 2010 START Treaty. Washington’s prior attempts to secure its military supremacy have invariably ended in heightened international tension and new rounds of the arms race.

We are certainly closely following the US moves and are carefully analysing the possible consequences. We urge the American side to show good judgment and not repeat the mistakes of the past. Armed confrontation in outer space can have no less detrimental impact than the nuclear arms race unleashed by Washington back in the middle of the last century, with the whole world still failing to cope with its consequences.

Russia stands resolutely against such reckless undertakings. We give priority to the use and exploration of outer space for exclusively peaceful purposes. Our approaches are also reaffirmed in the July 26 Declaration of the 10th BRICS Summit, which emphasises the paramount importance of strict compliance with, and the need to consolidate and strengthen the current regulatory regime that provides for the peaceful use of outer space. The Declaration also expresses the collective concern of the BRICS members over the possible arms race in space and its transformation into an arena for military confrontation.

In recent years, we have come up with a number of initiatives aimed at preventing an arms race in outer space, the key one being the Russian-Chinese draft treaty on prevention of the placement of weapons in outer space and of the threat or use of force against outer space objects, an updated version of which was submitted to the Conference on Disarmament in June 2014. We are supported by sensible forces in all countries and intend to continue active result-oriented work towards this end.

We would like to hope that common sense will prevail in the United States. We count on Washington to finally abandon the plans that would have the most negative impact on the state of international security, and to support in deeds, rather than in words the efforts by responsible countries aimed at real strengthening of international security and strategic stability.

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Common sense in US politics? One might sooner find gold in the Potomac. If the military industrial complex thinks it can fleece more money from the US tax payer by militarizing space, not a force on this planet other then foreign occupation, or revolution, will prevent its lobby from mobilizing its bought Congress men, women and gender transitionings (gotta be politically correct) from pushing through this bill.


I prefer revolution than foreign occupation, it sounds more peaceful and resolute.

Tudor Miron

Where are you from seawolf? It seems that history didn’t teach you anything. Foreign invasion – nation unites (if it’s capable of doing so) and is resisting. Revolution – brother killing brother = worst kind of war.


so you prefer foreign occupation ?

Tudor Miron

I prefer resisiting and fending off foreign occupation and history shows that we Russians are good at it. Civil war is much worse. You didn’t answer my question – where are you from?


Not every revolution is automatically followed by civil war though. With the exception of Romania the revolutions that brought down communism in Eastern Europe were relatively peaceful.


I was answering to Barba_Papa. Now I am a Greek and the people here have some experience in resisting foreign occupiers, even revolving against peoples enemies inside the country, anyway way we always strive for our freedom. Not that we the people always succeed but thats another sorry story.

Concrete Mike

I agree, maybe even next they will say there is space aliens, that should get a nice budget increase…


Especially if the ‘aliens’ are ‘proven’ anti American terrorists :)

Concrete Mike

How about anti semite commie racist anti gay??

That should get these taxpayers to cough up some dough…my.kids needs some iphone xv asap…

Tudor Miron

That’s an old story…. wait till those terrorist aliens become “freedom fighters” begging US to help restoring democracy over there.


If only the US Military would bugger off to another planet, this planet would be a far happier place :)


A Golgafrincham ark?


Better in a Black Hole I think Sinbad :)

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“We would like to hope that common sense will prevail in the United States.”

That is called the triumph of hope over experience. Surely Russia cannot believe that the US can be trusted.

Tommy Jensen

Stop hoping Lavrov. Tell US you are old enough to know. You knew Washington would continue to act like a group of cockroaches, and you have prepared Russia accordingly.

Jerry Bode

They can’t afford to build tanks much less outer space weapons.


Too silly too silly too silly.

The US has a lot of trouble getting into space these days. I think this is an American ruse, to get Russia to spend money on space troops.

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