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Russia Closes Turkish-Syrian Border

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Russia Closes Turkish-Syrian Border

Russia will submit its proposals on the ceasefire in Syria during a meeting of the Syria Support Group in Munich. It’s scheduled on February 11.”

However, the ceasefire won’t be possible if the Syrian-Turkish border is open.

“The key point for the ceasefire to work is a task of blocking illegal trafficking across the Turkish-Syrian border, which supports the militants,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. “Without closing the border it is difficult to expect the ceasefire to take place.”

Thus, Russia sees no reason to stop the operation of its Aerospace Force in Syria.

“The aim of the operation is to defeat the Islamic State (IS) and Jabhat al-Nursa terrorist groups. I see no reason why the Russian Aerospace Forces operation in Syria should be stopped until terrorists are defeated,” Lavrov said.

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It has to be closed. They are right up Edogans nose now. I expect the international tensions to ratchet up when the Syrian Army and Hezbollah start moving east.

Dario R Melkuhn

When will the political leaders of the west grow up and realise that Russia is not the enemy. The islamic terrorist are the enemy. Countries, bankers, corporations and people who benefit from the terrorist, not just in monetary terms but in using the situation to flood the west with immigrants and trying to use them to destabilise the west for their own political agenda, and anyone who funds them or gives them shelter are the enemy.

J Martin

give me some time and would certainly make a donation America is not a place can be financially, mentally and physically stable a really and truly Third World Country.

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