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Russia Clarified Its Position Towards Crisis In Bolivia

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Russia Clarified Its Position Towards Crisis In Bolivia

People hold a photo of former President Evo Morales

This week Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia recognizes the acting president of Bolivia, Senator Janine Agnes as head of state, but only until an election is organized. This decision was made due to the fact that it was she who was to take the place of the interim head of the republic in accordance with the law after the resignation of the leadership. At the same time, the events preceding the change of power in the country, the Russian side regards as a coup.

During the November 14 press birefing, a spokesperson for Russia’s Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova further clarified the position of Russia towards the crisis (source):

Question: Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov confirmed that Russia recognises Jeanine Anez as Bolivia’s interim president. What would be your comment?

Maria Zakharova: It is true that Sergey Ryabkov said when answering questions from journalists that Russia will treat Jeanine Anez as “Bolivia’s leader,” but he went on to add that this will last “until the election takes place.” There has to be clarity on this point in terms of the words we use. We are not talking about recognising what happened in Bolivia as a legitimate process. This is not something we are dealing with here.

We have already shared our perspective with the international community. Let me remind you that Russia expressed its concern with what had happened in Bolivia. In the course of a domestic political crisis in the country the government’s determination to find constructive dialogue-based solutions was wiped out by developments typical of a well-orchestrated government coup. We have not changed our perspective since.

We also took note of the subsequent developments when, unfortunately, senior government officials were removed from office and left the country. You are also aware of the fact that Russia called on all political forces in Bolivia to use their best judgement and show responsibility in order to find a constitutional way out of this situation in the interests of peace and calm, putting government institutions back in control, ensuring the rights of all citizens and promoting the country’s socioeconomic development.

It is against this backdrop that the statement by Sergey Ryabkov must be interpreted.


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Russia would’ve been better off focusing its thoughts before this putsch took place. Not all geopolitical problems can be resolved by Bolshoi-ballet diplomacy. Sometimes you need to take out, swiftly and decisively, people who are about to do the same to you and your friends. Seems this was one of those cases where the vaunted Russian intelligence services were badly outclassed by those of the Dark Throne.

Ivan Freely

Russians can’t be everywhere nor can they save everyone. This falls on Morales incompetence for not seeing this coming.


Oh you’re surely right about that. But if it’s Bolivia alone against a superpower, the outcome is likely to be–well we have just seen. It’s easy to laugh at the yanks’ day-to-day idiocy; doesn’t make you an equal of their technological and financial prowess. The US is still top dog, and it is so for a reason; countries that wish some independence for themselves from this power could do with less finger-pointing and more cooperation, as a matter of survival.

Toronto Tonto

It matters NONE what Russia thinks and never has .


Hey hey, the vile disgusting brain-dead TT troll rears its ugly empty head at SF. Providing much comedy in its complete idiocy.

Jens Holm

5 russians with pictures of the burning Laika is still in Venezuala looking for a camel ride.


The Bolivian military high command was always Eurocentric and pro Imperialist. Unlike Venezuela, Morales was unable to wrest control of the military from the Spanish Bolivian oligarchy.

Alberto Garza

morales commited elecotral fraud he should be in jail .


Continue with your lies propaganda, maybe someone else different from CNN, north-americans, and FOX could believe you,


Morales was in charge many years in Bolivia. Why he didn’t change this attitude of Bolivian military?

Icarus Tanović

So after these words from Zakharova ‘We are not talking about recognising what happened in Bolivia as a legitimate process. This is not something we are dealing with here.’ It is very clear why all that horror happened, but again nasty things can happen because people are with Morales.


Funny Ruskies. So they do not recognize the coup as a legitimate process but then they do because they recognize the outcome of it, namely the coup leadership. Who would have thought that Ruskies are so smart.


This Russian clarification looks like an apology !!!

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