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Russia, China Block Attempt To Impose Additional UN Sanctions On Syria

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Russia, China Block Attempt To Impose Additional UN Sanctions On Syria

Russian Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Vladimir Safronkov raises his hand to vote against a UN Security Council resolution to ban the supply of helicopters to the Syrian government and to blacklist Syrian military commanders over alleged chemical attacks at UN headquarters in New York City, US, February 28, 2017. (Photo by Reuters)

Russia and China have vetoed a UN Security Council proposal against the Syrian government over its alleged use of chemical weapons.

“On Tuesday, the measure, drafted by Britain, France and the US, got the minimum nine “yes” votes.

However, Russia, China and Bolivia opposed the resolution while Kazakhstan, Ethiopia and Egypt abstained,” PressTV reported.

If the proposal is accepted, it would have banned the supply of helicopters to the Syrian government, and blacklisted eleven Syrian military commanders over allegations of gas attacks.

Earlier today in the Kyrgyz capital, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow considers it unnecessary to impose any more sanctions against the Syrian government.

“It does not help, would not help the negotiation process. It would only hurt or undermine confidence during the process,” RT quoted Putin as saying.


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“On Tuesday, the measure, drafted by Britain, France and the US, got the minimum nine “yes” votes”…HOW CYNICAL this people can be?… They supply the chemicals to THIER INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS THROW TURKEY AND SAUDI ARABIA and this BRITISH, AMERICANS AND FRENCH DEMONIC people, HAVE THE COJONES, to blame the SYRIAN GOVERNMENT FOR THEIR DEMONIC CREATION?…THEY NEED TO BE ABOLISH FROM THE SURFACE OF THE PLANET.

888mladen .

They are bunch of demoniacs.

Aung Naing

They can keep dreaming.But Mr Putin and Mr Assad will be in power and control by all means.No way to understand that foolish idea of to impose sanction on war torn country.

888mladen .

Egypt is a treacherous Arab country which used to be one state with SAR at a time.

Sunny Chong

Sharing – IRAQ AND SYRIA: Illuminati infighting to control the STARGATE? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR_Hmgk8pys



Good humor , makes as much sense as any , for the ridiculous war against Syria ., Iraq and Libya

Toni Liu

They even cant defeat assad with jihadist rebellion that proven efective in arab spring, now they thought, they able to defeat assad with this sanction, what kind stupid they are


its pretty much impossible to be proud to be an american when u read news like this

888mladen .

US and West’s hypocrisy is unparalleled in the world’s history. They wanted to impose sanctions on Syria for SAR allegedly used chemical weapons while they’ve been using depleted Uranium all over the world and their own veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan wars are dying like flies from radiation related sicknesses.

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