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Russia Celebrates Navy Day With Large Sea, Land And Air Demonstrations

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Russia Celebrates Navy Day With Large Sea, Land And Air Demonstrations

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The Russian Navy Day took place on July 26th, with the accompanying parade to celebrate the event.


The day of the Navy is celebrated in Russia on the last Sunday of July on the basis of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 31st, 2006 “On the establishment of professional holidays and memorable days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.”

The parade began with a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He noted that the Russian Navy is fulfilling its tasks with dignity, flawlessly serving the Fatherland.

“Warships flying the legendary St. Andrew’s flag, all the personnel of the Navy adequately perform the most difficult tasks. Such impeccable service, service to our people, to our Fatherland reflects the unique sea soul of every sailor and officer. We are proud of him. We are proud of the outstanding military victories of our great compatriots,” Putin stressed.

The head of state also said that in 2020, 40 new ships and vessels of various classes will be accepted into the Navy.

“The modern Russian Navy includes ships equipped with precision weapons, strategic submarine cruisers and multipurpose submarines, the latest aircraft and other aircraft, unique weapons and special equipment,” Putin said.

There’s been frequent parades for the Navy throughout the years.

For the first time in 2020, the parade also included an air part.

In recent years, Astrakhan, Baltiysk, Vladivostok, Polyarny, Sevastopol, Severomorsk and the naval base in the port of Tartus in Syria have also received ship parades in honor of the Russian fleet.

The primary Parade takes place in St. Petersburgs. This year 46 warships will pass along the Neva.

The parade will be opened by the anti-sabotage boats “Nakhimovets” and “Yunarmeets Zapolyarya”.

Landing ships, minesweepers and small missile ships will also pass.

The new frigate “Admiral Kasatonov”, which has just recently joined the Russian fleet, will also take part in the parade.

Additionally, 41 aircraft will take part in the air part of the parade, among which it will be possible to see the Be-200 Altair anti-submarine amphibious aircraft.

In addition, one of the largest combat aircraft in the world, the anti-submarine Tu-142, will take to the air.

And the land part of the parade will consist of the parade crews of the 907th Joint Training Center of the Navy, the St. Petersburg Naval Institute, the Naval Polytechnic Institute and the Naval Academy.

The Navy as an independent branch of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation took shape from the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century.

The creation of a regular navy in Russia was due to the country’s urgent need to overcome territorial, political and cultural isolation, which at the turn of the 17th-18th centuries became the main obstacle to the economic and social development of the Russian state.

The first regular formation of the Russian Navy was the Azov fleet, which was formed from ships and vessels built in the winter of 1695-1696 and intended to assist the army in the campaign to seize the Turkish fortress of Azov.


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The assumming of the ‘independent’ media that English speakers that were potentially sympathisers of Russia, necessarily sympathise Putin enough to watch his discourses in Russian, it’s childish imo.

AM Hants

Childish in your opinion???????


Over in England, it is noted the similarities in defence budgets, give or take a £billion. 11 time zone Russia, without defence procurement middle men and the UK, with defence procurement middlemen. Compare the weapons and systems of each nation and just what they get for their money?

UK Navy Days 21st cenyury:

HMS Warrior, Mary Rose, HMS Victory. Portsmouth to Isle Wight RIB and UK Coastguard picking up White Helmet scrag ends, from the French Coastguard.


Your comments remind me if Sancho Panza, the guy that was full of sayings that never the ongoing discution subject.

I was wandering why on an outlet that is mainly dedicated to non-Russian speakers, you click on random title about anything and find Putin speaking in Russian.

Lone Ranger

RT is one of the most popular news channels on Youtube.
Where is Ukraine Today?
Or even Clown News Network…
Thought so…


Ahh the Trump syndrome and the Ukraine syndrome, so alike.

Harry Smith

Hey bacon, if you don’t like Putin, why you watch him?


I clicked on the title to see the vessels and I find Putin speaking in Russian instead, it was ok if it was in English. Also 2 days ago there was a title about 6 warships launching in the same day, I clicked to see the ships, there was not a single picture of any ship, instead two long clips with Putin speaches in Russian.

Harry Smith

You can mute him and make fast forward. SF has no reporters in Russia to make it’s own content so they just embed Russian TV videos. They can’t edit or copy videos because of copyright.

AM Hants

Think what you want. By the way, what is your up vote ratio to your comments?


I don’t get high on upvotes, I like to make fun of stupid people. If I was for upvotes I was kissing Putin Ass in every comment.

AM Hants

Just as well, otherwise you would be ‘flatlining’.

AM Hants

All the best Russia from the UK. Wish our Government could send you warm greetings. I do believe in miracles and hopefully one day soon.


For such a miracle to happen there would need to be a cull of the current pack political ‘sheep dogs’ and the ‘ permanent retirement’ of all the ‘farmers’ that make use of them, I think,AM. :)

The conundrum is though, what to do with the black sheep?

Harry Smith

Maybe “pigs”, not farmers? :)


I was trying to be politically correct :)
comment image

AM Hants

Number one on my miracle list. Fumigate Westminster and get rid of the lot of them, all parties.


Fumigate the Lords as well.
Lord Bell of the defunct Bell Pottinger agency was interviewed on RT last week on the RT Going Underground show. He was his typical slimy self.


“On 19 November 1977 Bell was fined £50 for indecency. He had exposed himself while masturbating at his Hampstead bathroom window on 21 October in full view of female passers-by.”

I realise that you you will be fully up to speed with this, AM :)

AM Hants

Haha, as soon as you said Lord Bell, my first thought was him greeting all the girls and boys on Hampstead Heath.

The Brother who advised Thatcher and ran Bell Porringer died around the same time as Epstein and Le Mesurier. He was also the W”nker.

Brother David, still alive and kicking set up Common Purpose and heads Media Standards Committee, funny how The Levinson Inquiry came under theedia Standards Mobsters, plus, he heads Cambridge University Press.

Just going to check out your link with interest. Taken my anti-emetic medication as do believe will need it, ha-ha.

AM Hants

Cheers, did find myself laughing at Daddy Bell and what he was known as. Whilst a Radio Presenter. Sounds so Jimmy Saville. Also mummy Bell and her Australian connections. Now why does Murdoch come to mind?

I do find it interesting how so many started out in the post room of large organisations, before making it to CEO Level. Including Simon Cowell. What is it with publishing companies and post rooms?


I suppose a Post Room is an ideal place to put Interns where they do not get in the way.

AM Hants

Borringer – auto-correct error. Should be Pottinger.

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and ukropnazis will cry and rage :)
Hasbarats too…

Lone Ranger

Russia, King of the North.
Leader of the Free World.
Protector of Mankind.


comment image



Raptar Driver

The king of the north is NATO.
Russia is part of the kings of the east this according to Daniel.

Porc Halal

Hey turds, you better learn something from this…

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Watched on Sputnik. Really enjoyed the parade from start to finish and made a dreary Sunday morning in face-gagged Northern England more enjoyable than otherwise might have been. (weather looked absolutely wonderful in St Petersburg)

Some of the older missile boats were a little bit too fumy though for the TV presentation, it was clear that the new corvettes, mine sweepers and patrol boats had far better and more modern propulsion systems.


Why aye!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Wrong side… North West not North East.

Black Waters

God bless Russia.

Tommy Jensen

Aggression against the free and civilised world preparing for an attack against Poland and Balticum to gobble new landmasses and gold to Russia.

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