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Russia Carries Out Series Of Military Drills In The Black Sea

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Russia Carries Out Series Of Military Drills In The Black Sea

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The crew of the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet conducted joint missile firing with combat crews of the coastal anti-ship missile systems Bal and Utes.

“During the exercise after the launch of the Progress target rocket from the Utes complex launchers, the air defense crew of the Admiral Grigorovich frigate discovered and escorted an air target. <…> The air target was successfully hit at a distance of more than 40 kilometers,” the Black Sea fleet said in a statement.

In addition, during the maneuvers, the command of the Bal ballistic missile system destroyed the naval group of the simulated enemy at the far and close lines of destruction, and subsequently fulfilled the standards for changing the starting positions and replenishing the ammunition.

To ensure safety, the maritime test site in the Black Sea was closed for shipping. For this, the Black Sea Fleet involved 20 combat and support ships.

The Ministry of Defense adopted the Bal coastal complexes in 2008. They are equipped with Kh-35 (U) anti-ship missiles and are designed to control territorial waters and strait zones, protect naval bases and other infrastructure.

The “Utes” took up combat duty in 1972, it was updated in 2016. Armed with P-35 missiles. Earlier it was reported that the complex can be upgraded for launches of supersonic anti-ship missiles “Onyx”.

Prior to this, Russia carried out a military exercise that involved several Kalibr-PL cruise missiles against “notional enemy warships,” according to TASS.

TASS said Russia’s Black Sea Fleet practiced striking against surface combatants and making quick undersea dives to specific depths and a series of “force-on-force” tactical exercises.

Even earlier, on October 13th, the crews of over 40 warships and vessels of the Black Sea Fleet took part in massive force-on-force maneuvers of Russia’s Southern Military District at the Opuk training ground in Crimea.

“During the drills, the Black Sea Fleet’s coastal defense troops practiced anti-subversive defense of the coastline and a fight against amphibious assault groups and warships,” the press office said in a statement.

“Under the scenario of the drills, the fire support ships comprising the cruiser Moskva, the frigate Admiral Grigorovich, the missile corvette Ingushetia, the missile ships Naberezhniye Chelny and R-60 suppressed the coastal defense by rockets and shipborne artillery to seize and retain a bridgehead for an amphibious assault, following which they landed naval assault groups from fast-speed boats and craft,” the statement reads.

Concurrently, the crews of the Black Sea Fleet’s operational-tactical and naval aviation aircraft practiced operations while approaching the landing site to suppress anti-amphibious assault defense, delivering strikes against enemy positions. Following this, the Black Sea Fleet’s large amphibious assault ships Saratov, Novocherkassk and Tsezar Kunikov landed marines with materiel onto the unequipped shore. Forpost and Orlan-10 drones exercised control of target destruction and artillery fire adjustment, the press office specified.

The drills are running under a general scenario and as part of a final inspection of the District’s troops for the 2021 training year under the direction of Southern Military District Commander Army General Alexander Dvornikov.

These drills are viewed as mandatory by Russia, which has been subject to quite a bit of harsh rhetoric and military buildup near its borders in recent years. The communication with NATO has entirely fallen apart just within the last few months of the year.


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NATO is a symbolic collective organization that will quicky fall apart in any real standoff with Russia. They have no unity, they disagree on many levels. They fight each other inside the EU and in other political spheres. They all have much to loose and will back down our out when they will have to face that decision.
Just take a look at all those EU regulations and laws they already don’t care about but all signed to obey.


Nato has become a criminal gang well past its sell by date,the sooner it goes the better.


Sadly, they will never go for obvious reasons. They can only fight rather defenseless countries. But they are under no circumstances a match for a modern and well trained army. So their main purpose can only be symbolic. They are impotent against Russia and that is very hurtful to them. So they need every now and then to make a statement, to remind everyone who is listening, that they are still there. Russia does not make any statements like that, it is not nice to do so and they don’t need to. They just issue a warning at anyone about consequences if they keep pushing those red lines. That usually shuts them up for a while.

Last edited 1 month ago by TopGum

The best part is that they will not just face Russia. They will have to deal with SCO/CSTO member nations.


Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Most excellent Comrades 🤗👍🥇
Deterrence is gold

Si vis pacem parabellum.

If anybody thinks they can match Russian firepower, think again.
You cant, especially not on the Black Sea.


The ukronazi floating swine proved themselves in the Kerch Strait…….by sinking to their graveyard.

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