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Russia Can Produce “Only” 60 Avangard Hypersonic Glide Vehicles: CNBC Report

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Russia Can Produce "Only" 60 Avangard Hypersonic Glide Vehicles: CNBC Report

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Russia can produce “only a few” Avangard hypersonic vehicles, an anonymous source familiar with a US intelligence report told the CNBC.

According to the unnamed source, Russia was having difficulties finding a source for some critical carbon fiber components needed to produce the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle.

“It’s expected that they will make no more than 60 of these hypersonic weapons because it’s just proving to be too expensive to develop,” the anonymous source told CNBC.

It should be reminded that 60 hypersonic weapons are still infinitely more than the US’ 0.

Moscow is prioritizing the Avangard and it is expected to enter into operation by 2020.

This was reinforced by a different anonymous source, cited by the CNBC who said that a different report said it was likely for it to actually be completed by 2020.

The report that the lack of carbon fiber may impact production of the Avangard is an old one, since in October 2018, CNBC, once again, cited an anonymous source which claimed that the Kremlin was struggling to find a source.

“The body of the hypersonic glide vehicle cannot withstand the heat on re-entry, and therefore the internal systems fail,” this person explained to CNBC. “The Russians therefore need a better material because they have an upcoming test and they don’t think the material used to construct the body provides enough thermal protection.”

Russia expects the carbon fiber components to be produced within 12 months of selection and still expects to meet its 2020 deadline, according to the same anonymous source.

“It’s intriguing that they continue to run into problems, because they’ve been flight-testing this system for a long time,” said Hans Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists.

“They’re running into the same problems that anyone else would run into if they would do this, and it gets back to the issue, of course, how important is this for Russia?” he added

The Avangard is one of 6 weapons Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in his address on March 1st, 2018.

He said that the weapon could reach speeds of up to Mach 27.

The latest flight test occurred on 26 December 2018 when Avangard, carried on top of the UR-100UTTKh ICBM, was launched from the Dombarovsky Air Base and subsequently hit a target at the Kura Missile Test Range.

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that the weapon had flown at Mach 27, which makes it impossible to intercept.

“The latest tests have shown that it has reached speeds close to 30 Machs. Practically at these speeds, no anti-missile can knock it down,” Borisov said.

Regardless, MSM reports based on nothing but “reliable anonymous sources” continue to claim that Russia’s hypersonic weapon technology is failing and are attempting to mock it. But the reality of the situation is that, failing or not – at least it has operation hypersonic technology to show for something. In the light of these reports, it’s unclear that Russia has carbon fiber to work on an environmentally-friendly space rocket, but can’t use it on the Avangard.


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that seriously sounds like treason and thus subject to legal action by the state.


That’s if it’s not complete BS

You can call me Al

>>> CNBC <<<

Rhodium 10

60 Avangard is enough to wipe off half of USA…

British Free Corps

Both sides have a tendency to resort to hubris and no doubt an aspect of human nature.

Concrete Mike

Regardless i remember 9/11.

Thats all it takes to make usa kneel. No one is talking about the nuclear powered cruise missile or the nuclear powered torpedo!

These are game changers as well.

British Free Corps

The Mossad and Saudi hijackers together with dual citizens from Israel in the US government who formed the majority of PNAC members were all involved in carrying out 9/11 and covering it up after ward.

Israel Did 9/11: archive(dot)org/details/IsraelDid911Trimmed

9/11 Suspects – The Dancing Israelis: youtu(dot)be/2XHm56O2NTI

Newly Released FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks: mintpressnews(dot)com/newly-released-fbi-docs-shed-light-on-apparent-mossad-foreknowledge-of-9-11-attacks/258581/

How NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Is Driving the Outsourcing of US Tech Jobs to Israel: southfront(dot)org/how-neocon-billionaire-paul-singer-is-driving-the-outsourcing-of-us-tech-jobs-to-israel/

Brendon O’Connel on the Belt & Road Initiative: bitchute(dot)com/embed/7FZEmE2End6K/

British Free Corps

If Americans and people throughout Europe knew that and formed a new government that seeks to perserve their own peoples’ interests, Israel would cease to exist. An event like 9/11 is like waving red coloured fabric in front of a bull.

Toronto Tonto

More ruskie fiction cement head .

klove and light

the whole of USA and more……. the russians , like all other advanced(also Iran now) nations with balistic Missile and re-entry vehile technology use multiple warheads for 1 missile….

ie. sarmat RS- 28 ICBM mach 20… Comes with 10-24 warheads with a maximum possible TNT production of 50 Megatons…… so 60 sarmats will hit with 600 to 1440 warheads and 3000 Megatons!!!

for avangarde model no info is availbale until yet concearning number of warheads and possible TNT yield(Speed was mach 27 last test)…. but rest asure it will be close to the delivery System of Sarmat Rs-28

ps. I doubt that that the USA or any other NATO Nation can hit the RS-28 sarmat with their anti balistic defense …it flys at mach 20….that is more than enough for the weak Technology of the americans or their allied nations..


What about one for Israel :)

Todd Allen

I’d expect a half dozen Avangards are enough to make a very bad day for a carrier strike group.


It is amazing that so many “anonymous” sorces in the west, get media attention as some sort of reliable truth ? Anonymous sorces in Brussels or Washington belongs to the propaganda machine…


Like those anonymous sources in Russia that claimed a Russian jet from Crimea “blinded” an US destroyer in the Black Sea.


It’s amazing that people know absolutely nothing about journalism.


Send one to Bibi in hell aviv… ☕

chris chuba

It’s really tough being in the Pentagon. You have to strike that delicate balance that we are the #1 superpower that everyone envies but our military is critically underfunded because of the revanchist / revisionist powers nipping at our heels. Without question, this is the most serious problem facing the Pentagon today. One false press release and … BAM! You lose the PR war, the only war we seem to be actually good at.

BTW there was an article on how our military industrial base is erofding due to lack of competition. It’s not a matter of competive bidding or private vs public sector, no one actually believes we are facing a critical Defense need. https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/americas-monopoly-crisis-hits-the-military/ China, Russia, and Iran have that fire in their belly. They know their livelihood is at stake. They have patriots building their weapons.


There is a TV series in Germany named Steel buddies, which deals with a company in Germany that has a contract with the USArmy in Europe to get all their scrapped materials. They get stuff, which is sometimes brand new, and from the price tags,I as a person with insights in purchasing, would say, is 10 times inflated. One has to wonder how prices like that for off the shelf products can be paid by the US Army first place. It looks like fraud and prices all the way. By throwing the budget that way, no wonder it is missing somewhere else.


The US purchase of weapons etc at fraudulently inflated prices is a good thing surely? :)


It isn’t just military equipment that is suffering because of the lack of competition in US manufacturing. Just look at the American motor industry, Packard Dodge Brothers, Studebaker, Cadillac, all consumed by one another until only Ford and GM remains. People think that capitalism means free market competition, but it is actually the opposite. Competition lowers profits, and profit is the only god capitalists worship. So they buy competitors out, then raise prices and lower quality.

Mike Judge touched on it in the movie Idiocracy, where only one corporation remained, the Brawndo Corporation.

Carlos Correia

npc: “sorry you cant finish this recipe you lack one ingredient” player: “well if it is present in this world i just need to farm it. off we go” damn the west elites propaganda is getting worse day by day… even the fool will not be fooled again, i retract this last part, humans are stupid and there is just two things that are infinite.

Concrete Mike

Has anyone mentionned to the yanks that only 1 avantgard needs to hit? MIRV tech has been around for decades.


You have no idea of industrial and thecnic Russian capabilities. Never never understimate Russia.


As Hitler and Napoleon could tell you.

Jimi Thompson

Maybe some help for your missing votes?

> https://disqus.com/by/realms_cryhavoc006/

> https://disqus.com/home/discussion/channel-moderatorreportcard/i_lost_all_my_up_votes/

Toronto Tonto

Russia still don’t stand a chance in hell .

cechas vodobenikov

since u live in hell–perhaps u could be right

Gary Sellars

As usual, nothing worthwhile to say. What a dumb cunt.


To destroy the evil that is America, you only need to destroy New York Washington and Israel, and 60 would be more than sufficient. But that’s forgetting the thousands of conventional nukes Russia possesses, and the lack of effective air defense in the American military.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Reads to me like 60 HGV’s would be an arms limit, that the U.S., PRC and Russia could limit themselves to.


CNBC ‘sources’ had no idea Russia had these weapons, until Russia announced it. The report is our, unadulterated garbage.

cechas vodobenikov

the US MSM claimed that Iraq had WMD’s and 80% of the US public supported the invasion of Iraq


“Anonymous sources” means the information used is garbage, and therefore the report is garbage. If media can’t be bothered to name their sources call out their bs.

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