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Russia Begins Reconstruction Of Trans-Siberian Baikal-Amur Mainline

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Russia Begins Reconstruction Of Trans-Siberian Baikal-Amur Mainline

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The reconstruction of the eastern branch of the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) is beginning and the railroad should be put into operation by the end of 2024, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced on August 11th.

This road will increase the transport capabilities of Eastern Siberia, increase the throughput of the mainline and the volume of transit traffic, Shoigu said.

“Today we have laid the stone, symbolizing the beginning of the reconstruction of the eastern branch of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. This is a 340-kilometer section from Ulak to Fevralsk. The significance of this section of the BAM for the country’s economy is enormous,” Shoigu said.

The minister noted that “at the moment the potential of the railway track has been exhausted due to its high workload.”

“By the end of 2024, after the railroad is put into operation, the transport capabilities of Eastern Siberia will increase, the throughput of the mainline and the volume of transit traffic will increase. In addition, Russia will be able to expand its access to the markets of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region,” Shoigu said.

He emphasized that by now, modern townships have been promptly erected throughout the entire section to provide accommodation and work for military railway workers.

“In addition, the necessary automotive, engineering and special equipment was involved in the construction. Qualitative preparatory work allowed us to timely start implementing the decision of the President of the Russian Federation to increase the BAM’s capacity,” the minister said.

He expressed confidence that the Railway Troops will take an active part in the project for its ultimate success.

At the same time, Shoigu stressed that every person of his generation has certain associations associated with the “construction of the century.”

“For me, first of all, hundreds of thousands of our compatriots, who implemented the most ambitious and expensive infrastructure project in the history of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Someone came here” for the fog and the smell of taiga, “someone was more attracted by high earnings However, both those and others worked in the most difficult conditions of permafrost in uninhabited territory. Now, in this sense, little has changed – there is still the same harsh climate and kilometers of impassable taiga,” Shoigu said.

The importance of the reconstruction of the eastern branch of the Baikal-Amur Railway (BAM) is due to an urgent economic need, the pace of work cannot be reduced, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“The importance of the project is due to the urgent need to increase the throughput of the BAM to increase the country’s economic potential,” Shoigu said at a meeting on the course of reconstruction of the eastern section of the BAM.

He recalled that the Ministry of Defense is taking part in the reconstruction of the eastern branch of the BAM following an order by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The railway troops are entrusted with the most difficult section on the BAM – from Ulak station to Fevralsk station with a length of 340 kilometers.

“The deployment has been completed, the transfer of forces has been completed, and work has begun on the main purpose,” the minister said.

“Today, a sufficient grouping of forces and equipment has been created, full-scale work has been launched at five of the 19 facilities. During the meeting, we will discuss problematic issues and outline plans for the near future,” the Minister of Defense added.

He noted that he would like to hear, in particular, what needs to be done additionally so that the deadlines are feasible, the pace of work does not decrease in any season, and demanded specifics for each construction position.

The head of the Main Directorate of the Railway Troops Oleg Kosenkov reported the current state of affairs in the reconstruction of the BAM section.

“The plans outlined in accordance with the approved schedules are being fulfilled, there are no delays,” Kosenkov reported.

BAM is a railway in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, the second main (along with the Trans-Siberian Railway) railway access of Russia to the Pacific Ocean. Connects Taishet and Sovetskaya Gavan. The total length is now 4.3 thousand kilometers. BAM and Transsib are operating at the limit of their capacity.

It is significant for two reasons:

  1. It allows for further trade with China, and other countries in the eastern part of Asia;
  2. As well as provides cheaper and faster access to delivering various equipment to the areas near the Arctic, which is increasingly becoming a hot point of contention.


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G2 Man

Russia is the largest country on earth and despite demographic limitations, a high speed train or Maglev would be suited to the long distance rail travel. This can be done in conjunction with China which has the most extensive and high tech railroad infrastructure in the world.

Spec Ops

I wish there were more news like these. News that bring people together. I grew up liking trains and rail technology.

G2 Man

Indeed, that is the hope that the rising Eurasian power bloc will offer humanity more hope and peace as the infantile US in its adolescent drug induced delusions and endless wars has ruined global peace and stability. It was good to read that Iran is now joining the SCO and strong economic progress in the region will bring development and prosperity. Modern high speed electric fast trains are the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly means of transport, especially over long distances. Russia, China and Iran are vast nations and an integrated high speed network will be a total economic and mass transport game changer for the planet.

L du Plessis

With Putin in power, the economy grows, develops and stands strong.


This railway to improve logistics along the southern environs of Siberia is absolutely necessary for national security. The Ergun, Amur, Ussuri, Songacha, Hunutu and Truman are readily identifiable National front lines but are not worth anything as barriers. They meander in great ox-bows, intertwined with the neighbor to the south who is more efficient and busy exploiting resources. Logistic nightmare at present. Hard to round up the manpower to do this essential task. But hey, tens of thousands of Chinese died in USA 120-150 years ago building railways to the west coast and up and down the west coast of the USA. Maybe invite a few across the creek to lend a hand? No? Maybe not such a good idea? Oh yeah, I forgot, Genghis Kahn.

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