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Russia Begins Construction Of Over-The-Horizon ‘Voronezh’ Radar Station In Crimea

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Russia Begins Construction Of Over-The-Horizon 'Voronezh' Radar Station In Crimea

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A project for the construction of a new missile early warning system “Voronezh” was approved in Crimea.

“Soon, work will begin on the construction of the station’s foundation,” a source at the office of the EWS General Designer told Interfax.

On July 3, 2020, the Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation, Sergei Surovikin, announced that the creation of a new radar station near Sevastopol would be completed in 2024.

“Considering the relevance of the deployment of radar in the southwestern missile-hazardous direction, it was decided to create a VZG radar (high-availability radar station) of a meter range in Sevastopol with a completion date in 2024,” Surovikin said at the time.

Earlier, the general designer of the early warning system, the general director of the Russian corporation MAK Vympel, Sergei Boev, told Interfax that the new Voronezh radar will replace the outdated Dnepr radar near Sevastopol.

“The new station will be of a different generation, with different capabilities,” Boev noted.

After the collapse of the USSR, the Dnepr station in Sevastopol was ceded to Ukraine and for some time rented by Russia, but due to the position of Kiev, the contract was terminated. Then “Dnepr” was not operated for more than ten years and fell into disrepair.

The Voronezh is a Russian over-the-horizon early warning radar station. It operates in various radio wave bands. Radars are capable of detecting space and aerodynamic objects, including ballistic and cruise missiles.

Over the years, the Russian military has significantly strengthened the grouping in Crimea, including through the S-400 long-range air defense systems (Almaz-Antey VKO concern).

In November 2018, the fourth division of the S-400 Triumph air defense system took up combat duty in Dzhankoy in the north of Crimea. Dzhankoy is located about 30 km from the border with Ukraine. Earlier, the Russian military put three S-400 divisions on combat duty in Crimea: in January 2017 in Feodosia, in January 2018 in Sevastopol and in September 2018 in Evpatoria.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that a group has been created in Crimea that is capable of providing protection against all threats.

The defense of Crimea is provided by the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, naval aviation and air defense aviation.

An army corps has been created in Crimea, including coastal defense and reconnaissance units, artillery units, air defense units, engineering and logistic support, RCB protection, communications and others.

The Russian military has advanced Bal and Bastion anti-ship coastal missile systems in Crimea.


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johnny rotten

As in the 30s Russia knows that sooner that late will face the war, in play there is his survival so he won’t skimp the efforts to be ready, as almost a century before, the fortune of the Russian peoples is to have a executive class that saw danger and is preparing adequately.

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect. They learned nothing after loosing WW1 three times. They even helped the nazis, so they had food, iron, nikel and coal for attacking othhers and themself too later on.

They even left their own great wall made from Murmansk to Odessa to make things go faster.

Its also forgotten they tryed to come back and make a succes all the way to west of Belrlin. But they forgot keep.

Bolsjevics was New Feudals and still are just with nicer clothe.



Lone Ranger

Time to lay off the LSD jens…
Its bad for you…


You can’t expect much from trans-Jen-ders.

Jens Holm

I do

Ricky Miller

No Jens. You left out the most important mistake and the only one of lasting security threat. The people of the USSR believed in Western propaganda and 90210 lifestyle myths, and Westernized music and TV, and let their state and system collapse. Then, the Soviet successors in power believed Western poopaganda again about NATO not expanding East, about Russia being respected, about respect and compliance with the United Nations Charter which was within the decade violated at will by the Western Powers, who now saw themselves as the World’s rulers.

It wasn’t Russia who pulled out of the ABM treaty. It wasn’t Russia who killed a million people in Iraq and bragged about “shock and awe.” It wasn’t Russia who stated policies and bragged about “full spectrum dominance” and “prompt global strike.” It wasn’t Russia who created failed states after overthrowing governments illegally, and it wasn’t Russia who brought back slave markets in Libya. The current growing global chaos and threat to Russia’s security comes from outside people and their failing system that they’ve tried for three decades to force on others, often at the end of a gun and empty, smoking missile tubes.

Jens Holm

If Your insinuations really are true and people believe as You descriebe its because they had stopped believing their own systems hardly chosen by themself driven by nepotistic Bolsjevics of the worst kind. added not only corruption of the worst devastaing kind buid with fatal errors.

The main big mistake for USSR has been they have not been able to implement the good parts of the western economies. Here You should blame Yourself. You has remainded as the Tzars. Only some few feudals run the whole business but irts a very small one coimpared to Ours, because You have denied education and making a middleclass.

Its easy to see. The system is kept unpróductive by people which has no idea about needs. It also cant be distributed, because there are none educated in most kind of advanced logistics.

A very good reason for that is You dont reward people for doing advanced jobs. By that those people dont care or see no hopes for any improvements.

Being not able to copy the good parts of the western systems tells a lot. We even has seen many Russian spies here getting information hiding themself in secret versions – BUT – they dont know, that what they send can be bought in any photoshop or library and is not even secret.

I also will remind You that those new or regained countries are there because the USSR military and political complex collapsed and Ours did not. By that it makes a lot of sense trying things which work better then collapase.

Tempting to compare with an old bad constructed car and the job to repair it. Nopne will not even have it in any meseum. Of course people prefare a VW or a Toyota.

Much to me as Russaisn has disrespected those Neocolonies taken by force. Those countries also didnt felt any freedom by USSR replacing Nazis and mainly themself.

They have protested Ruusians naming them as a part of their Fatherland.

I also dont see what You name as created failed states .s.o. You have to see even Your big Russia as no permanent institution having only its own bad papents behind walls all the way west of Berlin.

The world is not like that. You have to learn to see the world as changing and with many ups and downs and not even at the same places.

Where are the Omans, the Brittish and French Empires ? Did they go away ?? Well, they were partly replaced by USA, which is not them.

In Europe we have reorganized us having EU as well as Nato. Here Stalin said no to the offer from USA giving the Russians a Marshall plane too. I thionk they did well and with Japana as well as South Korea and Taiwan.

Dont blame us for Russians only can have wet dreams for that decided Stalin and his drabants.

Instead of Your kind of critisisme, You should see Ruusia even today are full of non taken opportunities, because the louzy system is stil a louuzy one and cant.

Finally I will add that collapses here where I live does exact the same as in USSR/Russia. Any people can take any parts or spareparts, rights for productions whatever. Sometimes there are reconstrutions of parts of it and sometimes they are just eaten as old junk iron for new plows.

That of course include robbers and robbery by exact the same fx in RTussia, which made those collpased by investning none for harvesting some for free. Thos corrupt oligarcs are just like the one in Syria. They denuyy to see that it pays off feeding the coww too.

I see no security threat to Russia from us as Nato and EU. The worst seen from here in Russia are the Russians.

Its often as I see Russians are worried for we are helping people up from the USSR decided quagmi´re, so even Stalinists can see it.

If Putin will run Russia to his 83 years old, ik probatly will be from a coffin. AND YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN. Tzar, Stalin, Putin and no replacers.

The reaosns are there. Ypu have not decided an advanced centralized system as well as a decentralized one or some version between them all the way to Krasnodar, where 70% of the votes was not ebough for being a major there.

<No new president c andidates are allowed as well even they played a Stravinsky and took gas on the Bolsjoj theatre:(

Ricky Miller

Right from the nonsensical “A” league Jens. Top Flight! You really earned your CIA paycheck with that one. What was it, a $25 gift card to the Copenhagen McDonald’s?

Jens Holm

Hard to see USSR collaåpsed becaiuse of CIA.

If so it just conform it from dat one had been ad bad system. The same goes for parts of Arabistan and its many dysfunctions.

They both were made by relative clever people as alternative to something bad but handled by very bad people. And worse: The bad imbedments were not corrected for.

Jens Holm

I dont get it. Everybody here says USA and Nato missiles are no good and second class. Are they afraid of too much friendly fire or Iran.

Its so funny how the skizzos behave.

Lone Ranger

Hear the colors and taste the numbers jens…

Jens Holm

For me its avoiding wars.

Lone Ranger

That’s why you support the cia, Mossad and isis…
Totally logical jens…
As always you are a bastion of deduction snd greek logic at its best…
Wish only Dr. Watson could see you now…

Ricky Miller

Everyone here says that Jens because it’s true. Harpoon anti-ship missiles are subsonic all the way to target. They are a decent missile with decent range but as the West’s primary anti-ship weapons they are behind Russian and Chinese missile technology. Why? Because the Western powers switched from a focus on defending their populations into one of projecting power and authority onto other states. The costs of this was a focus on invading small states, overthrowing governments and occupying Third World territory. It’s cost the West nearly $3 Trillion over the past two decades. The opportunity cost of that is losing focus on fighting countries that can actually fight back.

It’s the same with strategic weapons. The United States and the U.K. are both using ICBM’s and SLBM’s from the 1980’s and early 1990’s. It’s Russia and China which has the goodies including missile defense evading ICBM’s and SLBM’s. The West didn’t have time for this, apparently. And in Surface to Air missiles the Western Tech just isn’t as good. The reason why is because they focus and building and operating thousands of…fighter planes. All those expensive to operate fighter planes. Russia and China focus more on ground based weapons to shoot down fighter planes, saving an enormous amount of money.

Lone Ranger

Its the most advanced ground based radar system to date.
It has a modular design, which means its operational even partially assembled, damaged or under refit.
Max range is confidental but it can track a tennis ball sized object from 8000km, and thats the non upgraded model…
With that radar most of the EU will be in detection range, stealth jets included.
Good decision.


Iran’s got a number of these OTHR’s installed in various locations too, however this Vympel one is new technology. The IRGC can detect the F-35’s operating out of Al-Dhafra in the UAE. These radars are a must have to counter LO warplanes/ low flying cruise missiles and stealthy drones.

Jens Holm

You can come and visit insted:)

Lone Ranger

Im not planning to visit Denmarkistan in the near future…

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis are beyond retarded.
They really have a deathwish…


when nato is coming they will be seen almost before they set out and then be made into mush, no body bags for the silly twats.

Band Itkoitko

One of the good things is that such radars are part of an integrated multilayered air defense. They can detect stealth airplanes and more importantly cruise missiles, and then send the information to other air defense components like S-x00, Tor, etc. for targeting. This vastly increases the capability and readiness of the whole system to counter “surprise” attacks, by making them not surprising at all.

I’ve read that even from civilian technological perspective, one can see how it is possible to detect for example a stealth fighter with such radars and determine its position with an error of around 50m, which for powerful missile system like S-400 is sufficient to result in hitting or damaging beyond usability the target.

In my opinion, all one needs to do is guide a missile to a sufficient proximity to a target so that components withing the missile itself can lock on the target (e.g., a heat seeker). This essentially means that even a considerable error in detecting a target’s position can be admissible. Of course, 50m is not a big error at all, and in reality it can be even smaller.

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