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Russia Began Work On First Prototype Of Next-Gen PAK DA Strategic Stealth Bomber

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Russia Began Work On First Prototype Of Next-Gen PAK DA Strategic Stealth Bomber

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Russia began construction on the first prototype strategic stealth bomber as part of the Advanced Aviation Complex for Long-Range Aviation program (PAK DA).

This was reported by TASS, citing two anonymous sources in the military-industrial complex.

“One of the aircraft factories in the structure of the United Aircraft Corporation will be engaged in the manufacture of glider elements of the first machine, the development of detailed design documentation has been completed, and the supply of materials has begun,” the source said.

As another TASS source specified, the aircraft cockpit is already being manufactured.

“The final assembly of the entire machine should be completed in 2021,” he said.

The Tupolev press office provided no comment when TASS attempted to confirm the information on the PAK DA.

In December 2019, Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Alexei Krivoruchko in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper said that the outline design of the aircraft was approved, PJSC Tupolev began to develop working design documentation, and the creation of parts and components of prototypes PAK DA was started.

In February 2020, Krivoruchko announced that this year the first engine for the PAK DA will be handed over for stand trials.

It is known that the PAK DA is designed using the flying wing scheme. The machine will feature technologies and materials that reduce its radar visibility (stealth technology). The plane will be subsonic, and will be able to carry current and future cruise missiles, precision bombs and hypersonic weapons, it will be provided with the newest communications and jamming equipment.

According to the documentation of PJSC Tupolev published on the public procurement website, a total of three flight prototypes of the aircraft should be built under the PAK DA program.

Preliminary tests of prototypes of the PAK DA aviation complex should be carried out from April 2023 to the end of 2025, and the beginning of the State tests is scheduled for February 2026.

The work is being carried out by PJSC Tupolev within the framework of the state contract concluded in 2017 for the development of the ROC under the code “Messenger-1”.

Since 2009, Tupolev PJSC has been fulfilling a contract for the outline design of the aircraft. The military decided that the PAK DA would be subsonic and subtle, made according to the “flying wing” scheme (the fuselage and wing of the aircraft represent a single structure, and the machine does not have tail). At the beginning of 2017, a full-size layout and digital model appeared.

The aircraft will have an increased flight duration without refueling compared to the Tu-160 and carry a large combat load. In addition to conventional and nuclear weapons, the PAK DA is also planned to be equipped with hypersonic weapons and air-to-air missiles for self-defense.

The crew of the new machine will consist of four people, as on the strategic missile carrier Tu-160. To equip the first PAK DA, 12 catapult seats will be manufactured. Their creation and preparation for mass production will cost 500 million rubles ($7 million).

Back in 2017, Yuri Borisov, the then Deputy Minister of Defense, said that flight tests of the first prototypes could begin in 2025.

“The transition to a new generation is a technically complex and long process, and most likely, state tests will stretch for more than two years. On a promising bomber, new chemical materials and paint are used, it is made in a different design,” honored Test Pilot, Hero of Russia, Igor Malikov said.


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Zionism = EVIL

Russian aerospace design bureaus have no equal in the world and are coming up with excellent high end technology like the 5th generation Sukhois and Migs.

Assad must stay

and antonov too, that A-100 beriev awacs plane is cool looking

Zionism = EVIL

Russian/Soviet technology was practical, reliable, easy to maintain and inexpensive. I traveled through ex-Soviet regions and even the Moskvich and Lada cars still work with improvised parts as they have simple design made for extreme conditions.

Assad must stay

Yes hondred procent true


Antonov was Ukrainian earlier buts its ops in UA have been bought out by Russia and China a few years ago…in the post-Soviet era and esp. after 2000 its Russian deliveries were also unreliable due to growing pressure from the Ukrainian nationalists…many of the techniks and specialists now work for Russia…same in shipbuilding industryt (Nikolaev now increasingly defunct with the good designers now working for Russian navy). Maidan accelerated this, ironically.

Assad must stay

Your username makes me wish i had a bmw lol

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I’m wondering why it should be manned at all?
It could stay aloft in theater far longer without.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Just like the Su57 then. Un-manned trials of that aircraft started a while ago.

The T14 can also be automated, Russia is leading the world with un manned systems.

Tommy Jensen

Russia is just trying to do the China thing………….copy everything an American is doing.
Our US space future generation strategic space photonic stealth “AI Shadow” bomber has been in the air for decades……………….LOL.comment image


Why reinvent the wheel?


I thought the US doesnt need these anymore now you have the space force secret starships patrolling the sector.


you feel secure with your soyuz spacecraft.
it has worked for 60 years.
why change anything?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

As only the USA ever built a bomber!

America is there since 1776, but we all copy them.


BULLSHT!comment image


comment image


Oli Tobias E

No you didn’t! My German ass you invented anything….USA copied everything from us Germans, bombers, jets, rockets, submarinescomment image comment image comment image comment image


Who employed society top secret cccp scientists too?like I said it’s in the breeding,
TODAY IS 100% PROOF,no iff’s no but’s,eventually the true source is a no brainer,there were very educated peoples,even in usa last century,including specialised lies,

Yes there were many a innovations,where moneys was not a problem,hire the best you get the recipe for successfull innovations,however there were many a soviets whom defected,that cannot be denyed if anything because todays technology is led by truth:
As to the claim,most recent proof of usa buy/copy/fail concepts?comment image

Analing<>very Hard

a lot inventions came from UK , China, Persia, Arab , Old Egyptian etc.. so for example Gunpowder, Radar, algebra so you want to give up and go back to the stone age or you shut the fuck up?

Nekoime Nekoprezime

Like you know who invented Gunpowder, Algebra … check again. Will be Surprised.

Tommy Jensen

An American invented barbed wire, IPhone, computer logarithm, pump and dump. Thats why we got more dollares than you in our pockets…………………..LOL.

Tommy Jensen

Come on. The stone age invented the stone axe.
Everybody are building their design on our Great Creators Design and from what was developed before.
You guys just envy an American


Assflogged,who buys and copys who’s? China ain’t interested in homosexual anarchy comcepts,
nor their incumbent se’low technology (period) the f35 can’r exceed mach 1 without frying it’s fuel cells ,obvious subsonic lame duck only good for bombing civilians and spearchuckers=(lame)
Whats more lame as ignorant inferior kweer bots whom persist to assume spees aint everything,well se’low wonder,it is only a matter of time before speed will end usa anarchy o/seas
The logistics failure of the f35 concept is more proof of the concealed problems,no one is interested there are too many manuals for far too little salarys on offer,they go to another country to manage boeings instead or simply move on to civilian logistics,because f35 is a flop,too much expectations from the incumbent kweer cia/lockheed honchos,not enough performance,its a dog,worse that the soviet design they copied,chinas yak copy is much better:

Stick to boeing,morons:


The world’s first stealth bomber—Horten Ho 229; first test flight on 1 March, 1944.

comment image


Factual camera footage?
Well in 1953 cccp provided assistance to north koreas demolishion of us aircraft with well over 100 kills by cccp mig-15s,make you wonder how many soviets were working for germany,and you want proof is in the breeding,did usa or germany ever built and succesfully flown supersonic passenger jets? FK NO! Like I said,it’s on the breeding,not incest and you know germanys only partial success to builsing civilian planes were infact east germany,now rem,member cccp,here we go,the nazi jet is not stealth,infact all us stealth technology has all ready been exposed,yup!

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