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Russia Beats Spain (4-3). FIFA Reacts Selecting Russia’s Goalkeeper For Doping Tests


Russia Beats Spain (4-3). FIFA Reacts Selecting Russia's Goalkeeper For Doping Tests

Grigory Dukor / Reuters

On July 1, Russia pulled off an improbable victory to stun Spain after extra time and penalties and booked a quarter-final date in Sochi on July 7.

Almost immediately after the game it became widely known that Russia’s goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev one of the players “randomly selected” for customary doping tests after the game.

Amid a stunning result of the Russian team in World Cup 2018, it’s easy to expect that the so-called Western establishment will make an attempt to once again use some fake doping story to denounce the World Cup host and its team.

The situation is developing.



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  • Pareggiamoiconti

    i would expect the Russians to be taking good care of these procedures… would be surprising that they are not expecting some dirty trick

    • RusskiiTroll54

      Speriamo di si, però gli zionisti sono comunque bravi con l’ingannare il loro pubblico.

    • Wise Gandalf

      Read official articles. FIFA is bribed by ruskies. this is only theater. russians run 5-6 km more during each game then the other teams. this is dopping.

      • Miguel Redondo

        You are talking absolute nonsense. Did you see the game? Probably not. All the game was completely boring compared with what you could see the day before between France and Argentina. Spain was doing absolutely nothing to win this game. And the russians , who are technically in inferiority , played their cards good.in bringing the spanish to the final edge with the penalties.
        Next time you have to see for example Mbappe of the french team running , but then you probably do not complain about doping you moron.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Yep the Spanish tripped over themselves in the game and lost their edge of technically being better but no follow through was their downfall as they tried to win it on penalty kicks bad strategy.

      • Mike

        Oh fuck off kike.

        • Wise Gandalf

          Never, you skunk.

          But i block you, i wil see shorter discussions. :)))

    • ابوعبدالله العراقي

      And fight them until there is no more fitna and religion is God’s alone’ (Qur’an 8:39). The highest calling of religion is jihad against idolatry, so let us wage jihad or let life throw us out.

    • Trauma2000

      It is a forgone conclusion that WADA will try and fabricate something.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Yep WADA has been corrupt ever since Canadian officials sold out a lot to get it created with concessions. I would Karate Kick all those corrupt officials into next week and oblivion if it were my choice.

    • Carpet bombing of “these procedures” together with perpetrators of the witch-hunt is long overdue.


  • ابوعبدالله العراقي
  • You can call me Al

    NO. This time I do not agree with you SF. It maybe a co-incidence, but as you infer, they are all “randomly selected”. Dont make a mountain out of a molehill now. Just talk about the fantastic football.

    • Joe Kerr

      Perhaps, but the refereeing was definitely slanted against Russia… particularly the non-fouls called as fouls.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      There never been such a thing as random testing only targeted especially requested in the back rooms sports has always been the most corruptly run organizations worse than the Bureaucracies of any nation. Yakuza run Sumo Wrestling in Japan doesn’t make it any better or cleaner all have their favorites.

  • Tudor Miron

    This is historical moment. Moscow center is going completely nuts. Tonight tourists will see how Russian selebrate. I’m not a bigfootball fun but I’m happy.

    • Wise Gandalf

      yup, monkeys always need circus. :)

      • Daniel Castro

        I see you are confused, you denounce fascism and then you speak as a fascist.

        • Stephan Williams

          Wise Gandalf is the quintessential “village idiot”, Daniel. You have to expect these kinds of inarticulate brain farts from him.

      • Mike

        Maybe that’s your new profile Solomon Kupec, the Israeli kike monkey troll.

      • Joe Kerr

        Looks like the Tel Aviv primates are still dripping spittle over the cancellation of its Argentinian circus.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        OK Pt Barnum will you confirm with Bailey Bros. on that one for me !

    • Wise Gandalf

      better write us, where hid you your fascist rawdies? into gulags in siberia? 4 years ago russian hooligans were terrible. now there is no one.

      • Trut Tella

        Just try it, you queer. And you will see that they have gone nowhere.

      • Tudor Miron

        Solomon, you know our streets are safe. The fact that French can’t keep their streets in safe order has nothing to do with Russians.

      • Mike

        Kupec, velociraptor, whatever you stupid kike names yourself, you are still a dirty low down gutter rat kike.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Russia in Canada said it was a historical day for two reasons One it was Canada day and two Russia beat Spain to advance so they got to celebrate twice yesterday,lol.

  • Wise Gandalf

    All of them are handled by EPO. At least.

    Btw., Fifa knew, that russian footballists used dopping.

    • Mike

      Sorry the Russians defeated your daesh friends, Solomon you kikes are still mad at the Russ destroying your ancestral homeland of Kazaria. Pathetic you Kazar scumbags.

      • Wise Gandalf

        Mike, the Kike :DDD

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Nah same Russian guy so no doppelgangler going on there.

  • Trut Tella

    F**k FIFA. F**k the EU. F**k all these scum.

    They think that we don’t have the ability to strike back at them, in their own countries, in their own homes. WE DO.

  • SnowCatzor

    Lol, I wondered how long it’d be until the usual suspects started claiming the “Russians rigged muh world cup”. Not sure how steroids etc are gonna help a goalie though, they just stand in the same spot for 99% of the 90 minute game. xD

    • John Brown

      Yes it should be a forward who would be doping, like Argentina’s Maradana taking cocaine before games, which he even confessed to and bragged about and nothing happened

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Yes it’s funny how that was overlooked in ’86 …..not , all they did was ignore it and covered it up then even the hand ball goal!! FIFA also known as THIEFA still today in my book.

  • Mahmoud Larfi

    We shouldn’t try spotting evil everywhere…

    • Parisa Zoorgoo

      but we should try stopping it everywhere.
      bad peoples succeed only when good people do nothing.
      today i learned that golan was stolen from syria, because the us did not protect the uss liberty….
      Golan heights is a symbol of us subservience to dancing child burners.

      • Mahmoud Larfi


  • paul ( original )

    I don’t think the Russian have a hot blooded temperament .But I
    certainly do . Insults demand vengeance, and accumulated insults
    demand vengeance of the deepest kind. Russia has been subject to
    prolonged insults and my forbearance would have long since been
    exhausted. But then again as I say I am not Russian .

  • Parisa Zoorgoo

    the giewnited chitts of alqueda have become irrelevan t . i started boycitting msm by cause they are accomplices to 911.
    lets make russia the sole authority on news and media because they have done a great job sofar and it would he eye opening if we could all get rups to go bankrupt…BDS is another great boycott that should be law, lets all make it so.

  • Joe Kerr

    Man of the match? The Russian goalkeeper. Russia has always been good at defence, from Napoleon to Hitler and beyond.

  • Siegfried

    “FIFA Reacts Selecting Russia’s Goalkeeper For Doping Tests”
    Of course, it must be a little mobbing, the World-Cup runs TOO peaceful and all people have fun there..
    I hope the Russki goalkeeper pYssed them on the head

  • Bob

    Maradona called out FIFA as a grossly corrupt organization in 1990’s – hasn’t changed much since.

    • John Whitehot

      he really claimed lots of things in and out of his career..

  • World_Eye

    What motherfucker these FIFA assholes they just can’t accept the facts, they don’t want to see the Russians nowhere, a Russian don’t need doping Russian are strong monsters why would they use such a shit.