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Russia Assembles Unprecedented Grouping Of Warships In Black Sea

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Russia Assembles Unprecedented Grouping Of Warships In Black Sea

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As part of the fleet exercises in the Black Sea, an unprecedented grouping of Russian warships is being assembled for the first time in many years.

Excluding small landing craft, small missile, small anti-submarine ships, submarines and auxiliary ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, the naval strike group of Russia consists of:

  • Varyag Cruiser
  • Cruiser Moscow
  • Cruiser Marshal Ustinov
  • Frigate Admiral Grigorovich
  • Frigate Admiral Makarov
  • Frigate Admiral Essen
  • Frigate Admiral Kasatonov
  • BOD (large anti-submarine ship) Admiral Tributs
  • BOD Admiral Kulakov
  • BDK (large landing craft) Korolev
  • BDK Minsk
  • BDK Kaliningrad
  • BDK Olenegorsky miner
  • BDK George the Victorious
  • BDK Pyotr Morgunov
  • BDK Yamal
  • BDK Azov
  • BDK Caesar Kunikov
  • BDK Novocherkassk
  • BDK Nikolay Filchenkov
  • BDK Saratov
  • BDK Orsk
  • SRZ (reconnaissance ship) Vasily Tatishchev
  • Valentin Pikul minesweeper
  • Vice Admiral Zaharin minesweeper

Also, two more corvettes will be relocated from the Atlantic grouping of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation, which, while in the Celtic Sea and now headed south to Gibraltar.

Russia Assembles Unprecedented Grouping Of Warships In Black Sea

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The cruisers of the Moscow type have on board the S-300F air defense system, with a range of up to 100 km and an ammunition supply of up to 150 long-range missiles in total. That is, they create a powerful air defense umbrella for the entire group. The frigates are equipped with Caliber (Kalibr) missile launch systems, which are designed for strikes on point coastal targets, totaling at least 50 missiles, not counting missiles from small missile ships and submarines.
Modern rapid-firing artillery systems are installed on Russian cruisers, which, almost at the pace of a machine gun, can fire projectiles weighing 33 kg at coastal targets, at a range of up to 27 km.

Russia Assembles Unprecedented Grouping Of Warships In Black Sea

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In case of provocations by Ukraine or NATO and the subsequent need to land troops near Odessa.
The air defense of cruisers can completely deprive them of the opportunity to use aviation against them, the artillery of the ship group can be used to suppress enemy resistance centers on the shore, and the Caliber complexes will not allow the use of any anti-ship systems.

Up to 2 brigades of marines with equipment can be transferred to 13 BDK, with the possibility of landing a group of troops directly in the port in Odessa, or on the beaches.

Russia Assembles Unprecedented Grouping Of Warships In Black Sea

Click to see the full-size image

The combined combat potential of the Russian group in the Black Sea is unprecedented over the past few decades.
At the same time, it is more likely that such forces are concentrated not for an aggressive attack on Ukraine, but as a measure to deter the adventurous provocations of the Kiev regime and its Anglo-Saxon patrons.


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Hmmmm interesting

L du Plessis



God Bless, Russia!

Last edited 1 year ago by Rancilio

Yes the Zio empire will likely attack during the Olympics s this is their recent pattern. The Zio empire has moved against Russian interests twice during previous Olympics the Georgian attack in 2008 and the Zio military coup in Ukraine in 2014.

Chris Gr

Georgia is close to Turkey and Iran actually.

martin clarke

I’m British, But there is no way that those two pratts Wallis and Truss represent me. I have never felt in any danger from Russia. The UK and the USA have been involved in 80% of attacks on sovereign states since the last war. They are the architects of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by a Terrorist religious cult. To this very day they are complicit in the continuing 100 years of misery forced on the innocent indigenous Palestinian population, not lifting a finger to protect them from a thieving, murdering bunch of IDF bandits. Museums and Libraries have been looted and historic towns and village have been bulldozed to the ground in an effort to leave no trace of the Palestinian civilisation that lived there. Priti Patel is in bed with Netanyahu and the Human Rights abusing government of Barain. Recently she announced that it would be a crime to be remotely involved in actions or talk involving the Freedom Fighting group Hamas with penalties up to 14 years imprisonment giving Netanyahu a free hand to carry out the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank. Jeremy Hunt was smiling and exchanging niceties with the Saudi Prince just after he had arranged for Koshoggi to be hacked to death in Istanbul. Attacks and occupation have been the Conservative Parties Imperialist policies since 1917. False flag invasions arranged against Iraq, Libya and Syria three countries whose infrastructure have been destroyed and who all have never accepted the Jewish occupation of Palestine.In the meantime they have ignored the ethnic cleansing of indigenous populations in parts of Africa, Brazil and East Timor. They have assassinated 7 South American leaders, Patrice Lumumba in the Congo. Overseen the Hanging of Sadam Hussein, The death of Gadaffi by French NATO Jets organised by the USA.. The starving to death of elected leader Morsi through the withholding of essential drugs. The assassination of an Iranian General who led from the front and who was responsible fora mass removal of ISIS in Syria. All these International War Crimes to be added up making the USA and the UK the Real Axis of Evil not Russia.

mike l hutchings

what next for F J Biden?

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAtrolls and ukrobots are crying and raging 🤗


I do not really care. This is on their turf. Are there really only 25-27 ships in Russia’s Black Sea Fleet? Where are the submarines?

Dark Asian Male

Russia will conduct exercise of their Nuclear Triads in the short future. Truly crazy time to live in. Thank God, he still allow us to have VVP & XJP around.

Peppe il Sicario

The physical elimination of Macron and his close entourage, likewise for Bozo Johnson and the Zio-slave regime in Germany would do wonders to reestablish a just balance in the nations of Europe. Eliminate the politcal stooge leaders only. No need for war which will incur countless hardship on the already stressed ordinary people.

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