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Russia Approves Construction Of Naval Logistics Center On Sudan’s Coast In The Red Sea

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Russia Approves Construction Of Naval Logistics Center On Sudan's Coast In The Red Sea

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On November 16th, Russia officially allowed the establishing of a naval logistics center in Sudan.

This was pursuant to an official order by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Accept the proposal of the government of the Russian Federation to sign an agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Sudan on the creation of a logistics center for the Russian Navy on the territory of the Republic of Sudan,” the document, which was published on November 16th on the official portal of legal information, read.

“To instruct the Russian Ministry of Defense to sign this agreement on behalf of the Russian Federation,” the order said.

Russia and Sudan had previously discussed the draft document, it was noted in the resolution signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, which was posted on the official portal of legal information on November 11th.

The agreement is expected to be valid for 25 years with further renewal options.

The document notes that the “logistics point” is a military formation of the Russian Armed Forces with military and special equipment, life support facilities and provision of parking and repair of Russian warships with the necessary supplies of materiel and other property.

Russia will have the opportunity to deploy nuclear-powered ships at a naval point in Sudan, the maximum number of members of the base is 300 people, according to the draft agreement between the two countries.

The maximum number of Russian warships that are allowed to be simultaneously at the logistics center has been established: four units, including warships with a nuclear power plant, subject to nuclear and environmental safety standards.

In return, Russia is ready to supply Sudan with weapons and military equipment free of charge, as well as to organize the air defense of the naval base in Port Sudan, the draft bilateral agreement said.

Russia will also be able to use the airspace of the Republic of Sudan for aircraft flights in order to implement this agreement.

According to the draft agreement, Russia will be able to place temporary military posts in Sudan to guard its naval logistics center.

The Sudanese side will carry out the external protection of the borders of the logistics center of the Russian Navy, and the Russian side will ensure the protection of the borders of the water area of ​​the Navy point, its air defense, as well as internal protection and maintenance of law and order on the base.

By creating a naval base in Sudan, Russia will strengthen its presence in Africa and expand the operational capabilities of the fleet, former chief of the Russian Navy’s Main Staff, retired Admiral Viktor Kravchenko said.

“In fact, Russia will have a base on the Red Sea. This is a tense region. The Russian naval presence there is necessary. Of course, the operational capabilities of our fleet will increase,” he said.

“Our ships will be able to enter the basing point in Sudan, and, if necessary, repair and refuel. Our ships are constantly in this region and we need a basing point there,” Kravchenko said.

In particular, according to the admiral, the logistics center in Sudan will be important for Russian warships that carry out anti-piracy missions and are involved in the protection of convoys.

“In the future, a logistics center in Sudan can become a full-fledged naval base,” said Kravchenko.

Russia currently has just one naval base abroad in the Syrian port of Tartus.

On September 30th, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the naval base in Tartus is capable of receiving dozens of warships.

“Another Russian military base in the SAR, located in Tartus, has the status of a logistics center for the Russian Navy. maintenance and minor repairs of ships and vessels,” Shoigu explained.

There is a Russian squadron on a permanent basis in the Mediterranean Sea. It includes up to 15 warships and support vessels, the press service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet reported.

Russian frigates, as well as diesel submarines from the permanent formation of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, have repeatedly used Kalibr cruise missiles to strike militants in Syria.


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good for business, american business, now that the saudis will have to get a few more patriot systems directed true west to protect the back when sudden hails of missiles can be expected from the russian sudan port when the saudis and the simpleminded uae:s participate in an attack on Iran, orchestrated by the jews in palestine. the presence of such military might just behind the back of the aggressors will sure as a klucking bell make them think once or twice before trying to hit Iran. bet your broad behinds on the fact that russia has no intention to allow an attack on Iran, neither by the chief perpetrator, the jews in palestine, nor the paties saudi and uae.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Could be a good site to launch military space satellites from using Delta SSBN’s. Closer to the equator.

Similar latitude to being in between Florida and French Guyana.

Антон С

To broadcast russian cartoons worldwide.) I’m joking of course. But the funnier thing is that some morons claimed cartoons as Kremlin’s weapon, because “Masha and the Bear” series got billions views on YT.


Lone Ranger

Most excellent Comrades ?.
Pimpeo will cry and rage…

Антон С

Pumpeo is in Turkey now, but will not meet with Erdogan.

Lone Ranger

I wonder why…
Oh I remember now,, Pimpeo tried to kill him a few years ago…


No no, it was Obama and his horse faced minion Kerry ( Victoria Nuland’s goy slave ).

Saso Mange

In the USA administrations change but politics stay the same regardless of who is in power.


Do you mean “Plumpeo”?

Антон С

It’s him, Winnie Pooh Pompeo. “Sawdust in my head”


Laurent Parodi

At the same time trump is considering missile strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. Trump asked for “possible scenarios” if such strikes would happen and it seems the pentagon replied that they cannot garantee good scenarios.
The world is becoming more and more unpredictable.

Jens Holm

Well now we get Biden. Im sure he is more predictibele even Yo like him less then me.

Jens Holm

Some here seemes to preduct the world will chaneg just because the Russians might have some base there.


If NATO newspapers would make headlines for each base they build in Africa or ME, people would say that’s govs plot to distract attention from other problems.


They cannot, because they know that westerners hate war. They don’t talk about their military adventures, because they don’t want the sheeple to wake-up.

Russians have the opposite attitude. They enjoy seeing their country showing military muscles.

Jens Holm

We already has bases almost all the world moron.

Tommy Jensen

We know Jens. Denmark is containing the world. You are right and we are morons.

Jens Holm

Typical “we are small” remark trying to tell we are the small ones. But we are in Helmand, at Hormuz, in Mali, Baltics and Iraq – And we are not alone.

And we can use all Nato bases for free. Most Nato bases are owned by the Country, where it is, so we pay the extras, when we are there or are payd for our help..


Lol this the most random comment I have read this week. You must be a kid.

Jens Holm

Not at all.

cechas vodobenikov

you believe it will never change—living in your thicket of illusions

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