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Russia Announces New Ceasefire In Idlib

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Russia Announces New Ceasefire In Idlib

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Russian and Turkey reached a new ceasefire on Idlib de-escalation zone in Syria’s northwestern region, Maj. Gen. Yuri Borenkov, commander of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, announced late on January 9.

“In accordance with the agreements reached with the Turkish side, a ceasefire regime was introduced in the Idlib de-escalation zone from 02.00 pm Moscow time [11:00 GMT] on January 9,” RT quoted the Russian commander as saying.

The new ceasefire came as a surprise. Recent reports suggested that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was preparing to resume ground operations in southeast Idlib.

A month ago, the army launched a large-scale military operation in southeast Idlib, capturing more than 40 villages and towns in the region.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which controls most of Idlib de-escalation zone, has not commented on the Russian announcement, so far.

During the last year, HTS and its allies took advantage of several similar ceasefire agreements to reorganize their forces, fortify their areas and launch new attacks. This will most likely be the case with the new ceasefire.

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Well… sensible diplomacy again. If this was the US they’d have carpet-bombed Idlib flat like the genocidal attack on Raqqah. I think the wahhabis are running out of re-purposed tanks by now, so it shouldn’t be long before the SAA re-occupies Idlib.


Where are the Putin lovers ? Once again Putin strives to please Erdogan. Next time it will be for Bibi. SAA is not allowed to continue in Idlib because Erdogan needs his “terrorists” to fight in Libya.


Normally I support Putin, but I have to agree on this one. This ceasefire sucks really hard. Idlib will take up to 5 years.

Keep it Real

And keeps syria in the pocket of putin and depandent!

Ricky Miller

Vladimir Putin will try and do what’s best for Russia. I wish Russia would do more for Syria but I do understand. President Putin was in Istanbul to open up the operation of TurkStream, a pipeline that Washington is waging war against. There are also defense contracts and a large atomic reactor that Russia is earning big rewards for building. Clearly, Russia has to go some way to meet Turkey’s concerns here. Not to worry. HTS will not abide by the agreement, just like they have failed to do before. Russia will compensate Syria’s pause with another large weapons shipment and the offensive will be back on, long before summer. Turkey will complain but President Putin can protect Russia’s lines of business in Turkey by reminding Erdogan that he tried it his way yet again, and it failed.


I understand your frustration Leon, however, this is about giving the headchopping fraternity the option of getting out of Syria alive to ‘earn Big money in Libya’ where they will be target practice for the LNA. Body bags already await them. Then in a week more or less the remaining Idlib headchoppers morale should be low enough to allow the SAA to cut through them like hot knives through butter. Erdogon is so pleased with his new S-400 AD system he wants to show his appreciation to Russia and Putin for not just saving his sorry arse but bringing him on board the Axis of Resistance. He now can see Empire Krax opening into crevasses with Iran driving their ballistic missiles through Yanki AD systems. Expect Turkey to break away from NATO during 2020 with Germany also growing some balls…. 2020 Vision


I really hope you’re right ! Anyway it looks sensible.






Just a little question : Ankara and Moscow agree a ceasefire in Idlib. Do Damas and Teheran also agree or do they have nothing to say about it ?

Ricky Miller

They really have little to say about it. Without the protection of Russian air defenses they would both be vulnerable to Turkish, U.S. and Israeli unrestrained air attacks. Russia also supplies the SAA with large amounts of munitions and Russia’s airstrikes on the Jihadi street gangs, especially from Su-34’s are way more effective, even virulent, compared to the Syrian air support. Russia also shields Syria at the UNSC, as shown by something close to ten vetoes which would have imposed all kinds of colonial controls on Syrian operations in their own country. The two other partners could go it alone, sure, but it would be practically quite difficult.


I know all this but you could agree that Syria’s suffering will probably take another 4to 5 years. Putin’s wallet is much more important of course !

Anduin Lothar

Well this is Putin’s world, we all just live in it…


Russia can only be effective if Russia as a nation is strong, and to be strong Russia needs trade and alliances.

The Syrian forces are not large enough to carry out a blitzkrieg against an area with thousands of terrorists who have millions of civilians as hostages of war.

Liberating areas one chunk at a time is the only practical way to go in my opinion. There will be a time when the final part of Idlib falls quickly. However , until then the SAA and allies need to rest and repair themselves and their equipment as they gain more intelligence on the enemy.

There is obviously a lot going on that we as observers are not privy to.


You do sound like NATO troll

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So why can’t Syria also protect its interests, it is their country after all, you sound like a paid for Turkish troll. And the SAA don’t need to rest they’re winning, it’s the other dickheads that need the rest you dickhead, show me just one example of a winning military commander taking a break just as the other side was losing, I don’t think it’s ever happened, “ahh lets have a break for a while, let the enemy regroup while we have a siesta”. You used this to criticise someone else’s comment “Lives are too expensive to be scarified for speeding up the process” but it’s much more expensive to let a losing enemy regroup, that ALWAYS costs even more precious lives in the long run. And the SAA hasn’t abided by the ceasefire anyway, it looks more like they’re just about to launch a new ground assault just north of Maarrat al Nu’man, and God I hope they do, you’re side may need a rest but the SAA don’t, they just had a warmup, 320 km2 liberated, 40 towns and villages liberated, isolated Turkish OB post, Turkey’s borders crumbling, and in 2 short weeks with minimal casualties. WTF would the SAA want to rest now, that’s the very last thing they’d want to do, no winning army with the enemy in the run ever wants to stop and take a break, they always want to press the enemy even harder, and that’s exactly what the SAA is doing now, they aren’t retarded enough to follow your expert military advice, thank God.


And who is stopping Syria to ”protect its interests,”?!!? Without Russian weapons and help they are all NOTHING ! Assad is NOT Syria! Only Syrian people are Syria! He was elected president long time ago and those elections must be repeated so that he can have renewed credibility again! And only after that he can speak in the name of Syrians. He doesn’t want compromise yet he can’t deliver liberation of Syria either, without Russian help! He doesn’t stop creating problems to Iran and Russia but without their help he is nothing.

I WILL NOT READ YOUR CRAP COMMENTS AT ALL so fuck off you Syrian deserter !

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And if Assad ever decided to accept a Saudi/Qatari oil and gas pipeline into the EU, Assad would be able to pave the Syrian streets with gold, and Russia would lose a fair chunk of it’s resource income. You’re one of the many people who still falsely believes that Syria needs Russia, which is not the case at all, the real truth is the exact opposite, Russia in fact really needs Syria, that’s just propaganda for the mindless, and you’re one of the many mindless. When the Saudi’s first approached Assad with their proposal to pipe oil and gas directly into the EU through Syria, Assad refused their offer and stated he knew that such a proposal would do immeasurable harm to his ally Russia’s economy. At the time it would have meant a MINIMUM 30% reduction in Russian resource income, now it would be way less but still around the 20% mark, and Assad can still accept the proposal if he wants to, so why do you think that Russia has all the power. With just one word Assad can do more harm to Russia than the US and NATO have done in decades, Assad in fact has most of the power in the Putin Assad relationship, he just doesn’t use it, but he might one day, if he’s forced to. And what problems does Assad cause for Iran and Russia, please tell me, I thought it was the other way around, I actually thought it was Iran causing problems for Syria, and Assad just refusing to do what Putin tells him to do, like refusing to abide by BS ceasefires, and refusing to reinstate the Adana protocols, and by accepting the new UN amendments to resolution 2254 that effectively circumvented the old Russian/Turkish/Iranian version, LOL. Since June last year the Israelis have been saying Assad can remain in power, and today they’re still saying the same thing, so why are they still bombing Syria, oh that’s right they’re bombing Iranian targets. Since June last year can you find even one instance of Iranian backed forces fighting against Turkish backed forces in Syria, you won’t be able to, the only thing you’ll find is the Iranians and their proxies acting as a buffer between the Turkish backed forces and the SAA, Isis is the only group the Iranians fight in Syrian now, but they protect Erdogan’s forces from the SAA. Lets see what the Iranians say and do if Assad launches an offensive against the Turks in Aleppo, I’ll bet there’s more chance the Iranians will be shooting the SAA instead of the Turkish backed opposition, you have absolutely no idea what’s going on in Syria now. And just like me Putin also knows that Iran has become more of a liability in Syria than a help, he can see what the Iranians and Turks have been doing together, he doesn’t like them trying to carve up Syria between themselves and placing a huge target on his seaport there. So when I say the Russians are doing more than both the US and Israel are doing to get the Iranians to leave Syria, you’ll probably tell me I’m full of BS, but the fact is that’s the truth now. Assad was freely and fairly elected back in 2014, and the parliament was freely and fairly elected back in 2016, and this year Syria holds parliamentary elections again, and next year they’ll hold presidential elections as well, but this time the Russians are allowing the US backed SDF and the autonomous government to be involved in the process, which means they’ll no longer be fair and free, now thanks to Putin and Russia, the US and Israel will gleefully pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the opposition coffers, do you think that will somehow help Assad to be freely and fairly re elected do you. So no I won’t F off, and I won’t because I’m definitely not a Syrian deserter, I’m actually a Syrian supporter, so I’ll instead say you F off instead, and take that treacherous backstabber Putin with you, with friends like you two who needs enemies, thanks to Russia there will be no more free and fair elections in Syria, just heaps of money for all the opposition parties. What a genius Putin is, I have to admit it he’s as clever as they come, Assad thought he’d ensured there’d be free and fair elections next time around when he accepted the new UN proposal to amend resolution 2254, I did too, little did we know just how treacherous Putin can be, and just how vindictive, this is just about the most harmful thing Putin could ever do to Assad. And you’re cheering on Putin, you MORON.



SYRIAN ARMY RESUMES STRIKES ON GREATER IDLIB DESPITE DECLARED CEASEFIRE (VIDEOS) https://southfront.org/syrian-army-resumes-strikes-on-greater-idlib-despite-declared-ceasefire-videos/

So who is stopping Syria to ”protect its interests,” you IDIOT!!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Assad keeps saying he wants to eliminate all terrorists and opposition forces operating in Syria, but Putin and Erdogan keep imposing ceasefires on the SAA, and that just serves Turkeys and Russia’s best interests, not Assad’s and Syria’s. And the SAA have ignored the previous 4 ceasefires as well, what do you think that really means genius, it means the SAA know that the BS ceasefires your hero imposes on them aren’t in their best interests, they say F off Putin everytime they break them. And have you found an example of a winning army deciding to have a break just as they had the enemy on the run, if you did I’ll bet they were the side that lost the war, and that’s because they followed your counterintuitive advice. All your facts are provably wrong, all your assertions are just childish gibberish, but even worse than that, you’re continually obnoxious to other people for no reason at all, and I won’t let you get away with that, you need some lessons in humility, SCHOOLS OPEN.


What ceasefire? Syrian military and jihadist rebels trade attacks in Idlib The Syrian Army source added that the military will remain on high alert in the area, but they will not resume their offensive if the jihadists adhere to the cessation of hostilities agreement. https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/what-ceasefire-syrian-military-and-jihadist-rebels-trade-attacks-in-idlib/

Thousands more flee Idlib City as Russian bombardment intensifies Thousands more Syrians have been forced to leave their homes in Idlib city, as a Russian-led bombardment of the provincial capital intensifies.

At least 20,000 civilians have fled Idlib City towards the Turkish border in recent days, the Response Coordination Group told Anadolu news agency on Tuesday, as a major humanitarian crisis unfolds in the besieged opposition province.

It follows the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Syrians over the past few month due to heavy Russian bombing and a regime advance on the ground in the south of Idlib province.



Willing Conscience (The Truths

“What ceasefire? Syrian military and jihadist rebels trade attacks in Idlib The Syrian Army source added that the military will remain on high alert in the area, but they will not resume their offensive if the jihadists adhere to the cessation of hostilities agreement.”

LOL LOL LOL, If the rebels/terrorists and the SAA were just trading attacks, the SAAF wouldn’t be flying missions anywhere away from the front lines, but they’re bombing logistic routes and towns as well, that’s not just trading attacks MORON, that’s called softening up operations, exactly what the SAAF does just before major ground operations, not just trading blows. When the Turkish border collapses the SAA wins the war instantly and totally, all Turkish media are saying the same thing, and that’s the only Turkish news I believe, they know that they’re only a few days away from a SAA victory, if the ceasefire doesn’t stop the refugee flow, the Turks are F–cked, and so are you, you stupid paid for Turkish troll, LOL. Go SAA and SAAF, use that ceasefire agreement to wipe your asses, that’s all it’s good for.


Syria’s suffering will take 4 to 5 years anyway, no need to add to it by conducting an aggressive and high casualty type of offensive. SAA has consistently taken care to minimise civilian casualties, and this is part of the equation too. Very soon the enclave will be completely untenable as an islamic state and a general collapse will follow. In fact it is so already, but the islamists don’t see it yet. It is better if they are not forced to take a “to the last man” attitude, and SAA is doing so right now.


Doesn’t take genius to understand obvious Tehran apparently has other much more important and urgent things to do, don’t you think? Since Assad and Erdogan do not talk to each other it is hardly possible that they agree about anything.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And it doesn’t take a genius to understand the Iranians, who are Syria’s ally, have done more over the last 17 months to help Erdogan than they have Assad. And there is one thing they both strongly agree on and have absolutely no difference of opinion on, ISRAEL, didn’t you know that genius. And they got along perfectly well before Erdogan went rouge for the US, so they must have once agreed on a few things before the war, or didn’t you know that either genius.


You are butt hurt because I have kicked your arse so hard that you can feel that even now :-)))

It was not subject “Iran” but Russia you effing RETARD! So read the comment 1st before you make your stupid comments ! What the hell are you talking you moron?! That has NOTHING to do with the words in my comment you stupid IDIOT! Back off you Russia bashing stupid monkey!!

How many of you Syrians is there posting from comfort of EU refuge you filthy traitors?! Go back to Syria to fight COWARDS !!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“It was not subject “Iran”,

But the poster asked this,

“Do Damascus and Tehran also agree or do they have nothing to say about it ?”,

Then why did you say this in your response to the question posed,,

“Tehran apparently has other much more important and urgent things to do”,

You do know that Tehran is the capital of Iran don’t you. And what about this comment,

“Since Assad and Erdogan do not talk to each other it is hardly possible that they agree about anything.”

and I replied, “And there is one thing they both strongly agree on and have absolutely no difference of opinion on, ISRAEL”, so you’re wrong about what you said, but that’s supposed to translate into “You are butt hurt because I kicked your arse so hard that you can feel that even now”, LOL, you live in a fantasy world created by your own ignorance.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Iran’s separating the SAA from the rebel in Aleppo, so they’re already the de facto peace keeping forces and have been for 17 months now, they always say ceasefire when Erdogan asks, and they agree to them even faster than Putin does. And as to Assad getting a say in anything at all, he’s only just managed to get a Syrian delegation to attend the last Astana meeting, for the first time in 15 different meetings, but they only attended with observer status they weren’t participating in the negotiations, so Assad not only has no say in the ceasefire arrangements, he has practically no say at all about anything, and he’s the elected president of the country.


This is better than if the SAA overran Idlib straight away. This way Russia appeased Turkey and will show the world that ISIS and any Turkish Roaches in Syria are impossible to work with because they disrespect ceasefires. SAA will resume attacks and finally we can see, what happens in Eastern Syria and at the US Al-Tanf Terrorist Natural Reserve Park.

Ricky Miller

I love that. The US Al-Tanf Terrorist Natural Reserve Park. It’s catchy. And literally true.

Aleks Chernyy

Its a joke, Erdogan has no control over the wahhabists, they will act out, SAA will advance again.


Erdogan is their beloved leader, but the turkish intelligence agencies are the ones protecting and coordinating the movements of these terrorist.

Fog of War

Are the Turkish intelligence agencies working with the ZioAmericans then ? If so, why haven’t they taken out Erdogan already ? Why haven’t they been purged by him just like the military and the rest of the Turkish governmental and other agencies were ?


“taken out Erdogan” how? Erdogan have arrested half of Turkey and put them in prison including those who only walked close to the main suspects. But he can’t arrest everybody. There has to be somebody living outside of the prison as well. All in charge are Erdogans trusted people. The rest is small fry. And they know what is the price if they betray.

Fog of War

” All in charge are Erdogans trusted people. ”

Therefore, good old Erdo is still running and supplying the head choppers.


The news: “The water is wet !”


Erdogon needs a few days to recruit a battalion of headchoppers for excess body bags he has in Libya


It’s all good. This gives time for the SAA to consolidate their gains and prepare properly for the west Aleppo and Maarat al Numan/Saraqib offensives. The troops need some rest and relaxation for the long slog ahead. I have no expectation that the Idlib fight will finish in 2020. It will probably go deep into 2021, if everything goes according to plan.


Putin annouses a new gift to Erdogan and his terrorists.

Assad must stay

i really hope SAA does not abide by the ceasefire and adapts to these ceasefires so that they dont get fucked over in the process, so sick of this shit


SAA can continue but no advancement can be done without Tigers. Don’t you think Tigers should have some rest before another offensive? Nobody else can really do what they are doing to replace them… When too tired soldiers get killed, wounded much easier. Liberation of Idlib will take necessary time. Lives are too expensive to be scarified for speeding up the process. Peace agreement will not be respected for long anyways.


” Liberation of Idlib will take necessary time.”Really a lot of time with Putin in love with Erdogan


Shut up you NATO anti-Putin troll ! You Western pro NATO bastards are always in service of Western MSM and NATO. It is because of your NATO that terrorist are there! Go there and help if you are so impatient. You think if you blood thirsty fun boys are cheering for non stop war that SAA has really capacity to deliver? Only blind idiots like you can’t see that their offensives are VERY LIMITED in scope. They attack always very small areas (not on multiple fronts to disperse terrorist defenses) simply because they do not have enough soldiers!


Your intelligence must be at the level of your politeness. Putin should be flattered to have support of your level.


I have no politeness what soever for the Western MSM parrots like yourself! We all are forced to listen the same bollocks propaganda for decades already. Why did you come here in the 1st place?! Since this is pro Assad,pro Iranian, pro Russian, pro Hezbollah forum? To try your tactics to make divide between Russia and others?!! F**k you and go to NATO forums than! That is my answer to you and everybody like you! Are you Italian(NATO)? What moral right do you have to lecture Russia? Just back off and take your propaganda with you!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

WHAT A MORON YOU ARE, so full of disinformation it’s sickening.

“simply because they do not have enough soldiers”

The SAA have 200,000+ soldiers and another 100,000+ loyal militias also willing and eager to fight for Syria, and in a battle against Turkey the SDF has also offered Assad support, so there’s another 100,000 more if Assad wants them. And there are at the most 95,000 terrorists and moderate opposition in Idlib, and at the least as few as 65,000, the rebels say 95,000 but the experts all say way way less. So what the hell do you mean when you say they don’t have the manpower, at the very worst it’s 3 to 1 and at the best it’s as high as 6 to 1, you talk complete shit. You must think the SAA are no match for the Turkish backed fighters, are your heroes that good are they, they can beat the SAA even with the odds stacked against them, you complete retard.

“Only blind idiots like you can’t see that their offensives are VERY LIMITED in scope.”

No it’s only blind idiots like you that can’t see that every time the SAA does actually commit to a major offensive, the rebels ALWAYS lose badly. So if you call taking back 320 km2 and 40 towns and villages, as well as isolating the Turkish OB post, with minimal troops, in only 2 weeks is “VERY LIMITED in scope”, I’d say you’re very limited in intelligence, and a few other important things.

Just a few more days of heavy SAA assaults will be enough to drive 1,000,000 refugees streaming over the Turkish border, which would mean the rebel resistance would collapse the same time the Turkish border does, but you think having a rest would be a good idea, but I think it’s you that should shut up, you stupid paid for Turkish troll, you may be trying to pose as a pro Putin supporter but you’re the same as all the other posters using Jewish names, you’re pushing an agenda which is exactly the same as Erdogan’s.

There’s no place for paid for Turkish trolls on SF, Erdogan has to start paying more money if he wants to start making inroads here, you retards are all useless. Avatars of pretty girls posting nice things about Erdogan is already starting now, what’s next geniuses. Since you’ve been posting on SF you’ve done nothing but push disinformation and propaganda, all your facts are totally wrong to the point of absolute absurdity, and even worse still you obnoxiously criticise anyone daring to tell the truth, so WTF is your problem, just go have the damned sex change operation and be done with it, putting it off is doing more harm than good.


Or you are some Syrian refugee posting from Italia under Italian name who “wants to fight” on your keyboard ?

Raptar Driver

It seems the Putin government is not interested in victory but instead greasy political gangsters control him.

Fog of War

Another B.S. ceasefire from Mr. Putin, the peacemaker. And lets not hear any talk about the SAA needing time to regroup and rest, because thats not how war works. If the SAA needs to regroup and rest that also means the jihadi rats need ten times more rest and regrouping. This is complete crap. Remember Putin just asked for a ceasefire in Libya also. Doesn’t that obviously give Turkey’s side to resupply, regroup, and take away the LNA’s momentum ? Does the LNA need to ” regroup and rest ” also ? Of course not. Finally, there reports coming out that Russia trying to ” negotiate ” a deal where the SDF pretty much gets defacto autonomy, a cut of Syria’s resources, and big representation in the future governmental structure. Why ? What percentage of the Syrian population is comprised of Turds ? Not alot. Now imagine if all the other various ethnic groups in Syria demand the same terms, it will create another permanently dysfunctional ” Lebanon “. Putin’s actions are suspicious, whether they are intentionally harmful or not ?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Well said, but don’t forget the SDF and the autonomous government are no longer majority Kurdish anymore, especially the government. Kurdish ethnicity is no longer relevant as Assad continually points out, he’s just as angry with the Arabs and religious minorities that help form the SDF and autonomous government, and he also likes quite a few of the many different Kurdish groups.

Fog of War

Therefore, there should be even less reason to give them autonomy, an independent military and political structure, and a share of the resources as there is no one ” dominant ” ethnic group there.

Willing Conscience (The Truths



Let us take into account that just this week Putin – Erdogan were celebrating Turkey-Russia gas pipe line. So, please do not bother Turkey and its terrorists on Idlib.


I wish Turkish President Erdogan would stop supporting these terrorist gangsters Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) (all aka’s factions) in the Idlib region. Then they would have to either surrender or be eliminated. I like Erdogan, but he does not have an intelligent plan to bring peace among Syrians and Turks living as neighbours.

All countries have to deal with violent crimes, no matter what the motivations are by the perpetrators. Strict law enforcement along (both sides) the Turkish border and the Syrian border, is a must if you want to keep peace, and if you want to stop illegal migration. Both Syrians and Turks are responsible.

Why does Erdogan continue to support terrorist gangster criminals when he himself doesn’t seem to possess these traits. He keeps referring to “it is in Turkey’s interests” in the region; but he never outlines specific details.

I know that any redevelopment that takes place in Syria will generate billions of dollars. If Turkey wants in on these investments, Erdogan must sit down with Bashar al-Assad and show Assad a clearly defined redevelopment plan for a certain piece of real estate that includes futuristic infrastructure with green technology and renewable energy.

Warmongering does not get you anywhere but death.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Why does Erdogan continue to support terrorist gangster criminals when he himself doesn’t seem to possess these traits. He keeps referring to “it is in Turkey’s interests” in the region; but he never outlines specific details.”

Are you kidding, he locked up and tortured 10,000 Turkish citizens in just the first 6 months after the coup attempt. He’s sacked half the Turkish military leadership, Judiciary, and government bureaucrats. He locks up Turkish Journalists just for telling the truth, not for exposing sensitive government material, just telling the plain truth, and it’s a 5 year jail term just to insult Erdogan now, 5 years for an insult. He’s the ultimate terrorist, he even terrorizes his own people, and if you don’t like warmongers you better stop liking Erdogan, there is no greater warmonger alive today, he makes Bush sound like a boy scout.

And if you want to know what his specific interests in the regions are in elaborate detail, just simply refer to what the experts in the field say, the Arab League will tell you exactly what Erdogan’s real agenda is, and they’ll say it’s the same agenda the Muslim Brotherhood has. The Muslim Brotherhood wants the whole Sunni Muslim world in its entirety, to adopt a new Sunni version of the Iranian religious/political system, but with the Ottomans in charge of course, and Isis the most loyal and fanatical army in the world, would then be under his control. If that sounds way too simplistic you haven’t heard any of Erdogan’s childlike rhetoric.

I should also mention his other big agenda, anti Zionist Israel, so he does have at least one good trait to speak of.

Xoli Xoli

It is good let SAA know move in Idlib and make sure there is no hostility.If there 8s hostilities immediate ceasefire rejection.Because Erdogan wants to move some terrorists to Egypt. Dont give him chance to do this.

S Melanson

This is the nth ceasefire and all have failed due to HTS not adhering to Erdogan’s call while the SAA respect Russian call for ceasefire. After failure, HTS makes some gains but each time loses what they gained and then more territory. So what is the point? Eventually Idlib will be liberated by SAA so outcome is the same except this will play out over a longer period, say an additional couple of years.

Is the ceasefire to allow the SAA to regroup? I do not buy the argument of a tactical pause to regroup, the SAA delaying their offensive benefits the defender more than the attacker.

If the Turkish backed proxies in Idlib do not obey Turkish ceasefire, either they or rogue and Erdogan would want them destroyed before they become a problem for Turkey, or, it is understood that the ceasefire is intended by Erdogan to be a sham so Erdogan still exercises control. Problem with this is Erdogan looks weak for lack of control on the one hand, on the other, Russia would realize duplicity, certainly by now, and would not entertain any more ceasefires. So either way, it is hard to explain these ceasefires.

So why the ceasefires?

The main thing that gets accomplished is the time frame for liberation gets drawn out – perhaps an additional two years. I suspect there is utility to this when the whole chess board is considered. Three things come to mind. First, bogged down in Idlib delays actions to liberate Eastern Syria – it appears the US presence is increasingly untenable so let the US pull out to avoid dangerous confrontation – this makes sense to me.

Two, being bogged down in Idlib also delays the showdown over the Golan Heights. I have commented on the risks of nuclear war should such a confrontation take place. The delay gives more time for a diplomatic solution which I believe is achievable once the US has retreated from the ME with much diminished influence.

Third, is that Turkey is the prize to pull out of the US orbit and this is critical to breaking US dominance in the region. This reflects the evolving breakdown of the US led uni-polar world transitioning to a multipolar world. Old alliance have broken down and new ones are evolving but have not solidified. This creates a very confusing situation – if we think Syria is confusing, take a look at Libya. Now there is quite the clusterf__k!

Once the multipolar world solidifies, so to will alliances between nations. The difference from before is there will not be the situation where you are either with the US or against the US. Those days are gone and let us hope they do not come back. No single power should rise to hegemon as they will destroy all who oppose until they inevitably destroy themselves in the end.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, Turkish media already announced the new ceasefire 2 weeks ago, I linked the article for everyone to see, and since it’s effectively been in place for 2 weeks already [slowing down SAA progress], this new NEWS is old just old news now.

“Turkey is talking to Russia with the aim of reaching a new ceasefire after increased bombardment in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province, Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalın said Tuesday. We are closely following the process for an end to the attacks, and these attacks should come to an end immediately and implemented under a new ceasefire,” Kalın told a televised news conference. “This is our main expectation from the Russian side. Assad’s regime has repeatedly vowed to take back the area, and bombardment has continued despite a ceasefire. Turkey on Monday sent a delegation to Moscow led by Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Önal for talks on the Idlib issue, after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Ankara cannot handle a new refugee flow on its own. Kalın said Russian authorities told the Turkish delegation that Moscow would try to bring its influence to bear on Assad for a cessation of violence. We are now waiting for (Russia) to begin efforts in the coming 24 hours for an end to the regime attacks in Idlib.” ….

But since Assad and the SAA have totally ignored the last 4 ceasefires and continued hostilities against the rebels on their own, even without Russian assistance, I’m hoping they do the same thing this time too, damn the ceasefire when a SAA victory is imminent, just a few more days of intense SAA assaults would be enough to give them a total victory, this ceasefire will just delay that unstoppable victory. And guess what, the SAA are not just continuing hostilities, they’re actually escalating them, I’d even say preparing for another huge ground assault, so it looks like the SAA are just paying lip service to this new ceasefire, and so are the Russians, they’ve also made a few airstrikes as well, so that won’t make Erdogan very happy at all will it. :]

Ray Douglas

The Russia/Turkish agreement will ensure the Idlib terrorists being taken to Libya where they can be slaughtered. The wives/girlfriends/mothers and fathers of SAA soldiers will welcome the fact that the chances of their loved ones being killed or worse captured is greatly reduced.

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