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JUNE 2021

Russia Announces Earlier Delivery Of S-400 Systems To Turkey

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Russia Announces Earlier Delivery Of S-400 Systems To Turkey


Russia would accelerate delivery dates of the S-400 defense systems to Turkey, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a joint press-conference with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara on April 3.

Putin didn’t say certainly when Turkey would get the air defense systems. Although Russian president stated that there were “no political or strategic limitations” to share some technology and noted that weapon systems’ producers were keen to enter the Turkish market.

In December 2017, Turkey and Russia signed a contract of the delivery of Russian S-400 air defense systems in the first quarter of 2020. This purchase discomposed Turkish NATO allies. Washington and Brussels underlined that Turkey couldn’t integrate Russian facility in NATO’s air defense system.  Despite this, the Turkish authorities justified the purchase by the necessity.

“Turkey is a NATO member, but we are an independent state, we are not a satellite state. Other countries of the alliance can purchase weapons from non-NATO states, we have the same right and liberty,” stated Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

On April 3, Turkish Undersecretary of Defence Industries Ismail Demir announced the shift of delivery dates.

“We brought forward the delivery date in the accord signed with Russia to provide the S-400 system and received a date of July 2019,” he twitted overnight.

On April 4, Russian News Agency “TASS” reported that Russia may deliver a regiment set of S-400 systems to Turkey in October 2019.

“Under the recently signed appendix to the contract, the delivery of the two-battalion regiment of S-400 systems to Turkey will be carried out in October 2019 instead of early 2020, i.e. actually four months earlier,” TASS quoted “a source in military and diplomatic circles”.

“The S-400 regiment will be delivered to Turkey across the Black Sea by three vessels from the port of Novorossiysk,” the source added.

The regiment set “includes a command post, radar stations, launchers, missiles, power-generating plant and auxiliary equipment, spare parts and accessories,” the source said.

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War starts in July 2019, then.

Tudor Miron

who against who?

s Slippy

Dont you get it, once Turkey is attacked that would be the end of Nato as we speak. The Russians would seize opportunity with both hands, ally themselves with Turkey and choke Europe from all directions. And what made you think Iran would sit idly by?

Id suggest the yanks to conquer Afghanistan or Yemen before invading the bridge to Europe.

Shakeel Haider

Afghanistan? ? Don’t even imagine. .


Since the Turkish F16s can not fire misiles agains any US fighter planes, prevented by the on board softwares of all the US suplied F16s, they therefore need something else.
That is why I suggest that Putin should throw into the bargin, I mean into the delivery of S400 SAM system, a few squadrons of each of the following types of fighter planes : SU30, S34, SU35 and SU57. (Naturally providing the necessary maintenance and training facilities in Turkey!)
I would like also to see that ,in order to give some nightmares to the neocons in US, Russia will officially promise to replace S400s with S500s when it was technically possible.
Well, Action speaks louder than words, n’est pas?comment image


You do realize that the Turks are incredibly untrustworthy allies and that they are probably playing the Russians against the Americans for their own interests, right? Whenever I would meet Erdogan, or any of his ministers, I’d immediately check my pockets to see if anything is missing. I’d sooner trust Nikki Haley, and I don’t trust that bitch at all. With Erdogan a little trust goes a long way. The less you use the further you will go.


Good evening Barba_Papa,
In my little paragraph above I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that
Erdogan is in no position of standing against US unless he aligns clearly with Syria, Iran and Russia but I currently do not see any possibility of it.

I agree with you about the integrity of Erdogan, he has not got much of it.
A J P Taylor, ‘probably the most conroversial , and certainly the best known historian in the English-speaking world’ in his book titled « The Origin of theSecond World War » makes the following comments , on page 16, about Hitler « Before the war they listened to what Hitler said instead of looking at what he did ».

Let us look at Erdogan from this point of view taking one example which is rather easy to understand.
Erdogan utters lots of sharp and angry words agains Israel but the annual volume of trade between Turkey and Israel tells totally different story :

2002 (AKP’s 1st year in power) $900 m
2015 (AKP’s 13nd year in power) $4.1 bn

More than 4 folds increase !

I hope Turks will get rid of him at the next election in 2019 which would be a favour for themselves to start with.


Is Erdogan getting a bit paranoid about his “allies” in the West? I’m willing to bet the Russians will be adding a few tweaks to the missile sets they supply to the Turks

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