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Is a third world war on the cusp?

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Plamen Paskov has found a non-mainstream way to explain why “Russia has almost lost to the Westin” (even if a united West doesn’t exist). SouthFront doesn’t agree with him, but the article provides an interesting point of view and looks freshly amid numerous Western propaganda.
Is a third world war on the cusp?
Written by Plamen Paskov, appeared at Eurocom in December 2015; translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

Why was John Kerry in Moscow?

If you speak Russian or English, you will hear the words that are in this press video of the meeting between Putin and Kerry, but … will not understand anything.

You will not hear a response and a description of any specific and important issue. Even less so in the presence of official translators and the press, who were snapping photos like a machine-gun shootout the entire time.

You will not understand – why for the second time in seven months the US Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) John Kerry comes personally to Russia to meet with Putin, and not only with Lavrov (which would correspond to his rank). Although his meetings with Lavrov, in other places, have also increased many times over in recent times.

To understand the cause and logic of this visit, we have to know the vector of interest and to monitor events.

Monitoring and interpreting “body language” here has little significance. You can only find out whether they are lying, hiding something and what is their personal attitude toward each other. Here, there are no secrets and new discoveries, they lie, they hide, they are hypocritical, and can not stand each other. The end.

More important is to monitor very carefully – is there consistency between words and deeds, or is there the traditional diametric discrepancy.

I’ll tell you what I think, although I could be wrong. In fact, it’s possible that I am wrong and that there’s nothing true in my thoughts, but they are mine. And I really think that way.

I think John Kerry came, if not to “kick indigenous ass,” then at least receive a report on the implementation of the last ultimatum, which he gave to Putin not long ago and to give a new ultimatum. And just because they call this negotiations and are polite, does not mean anything.

The ultimatum was, in short, 3 points:

1. Syria – Finish with this Assad person in Syria, hand him over in a total capitulation. Play time is over, collect your toys. From now on it will be exactly as we say. Because during all this time we saw what you can do. Everything is discussed, analyzed, preparation has been made, ​​and now we enter there seriously. You have no chance.

2. Donbass – Fulfill the Minsk agreements on the section “Donbass back in Ukraine, on our terms.” Regardless of the fact that not even one of the important conditions was fulfilled by the Ukrainian-American side. Nobody even had intent to fulfill those particular conditions. Simply surrender Donbass and that’s the end of it.

The deadline booked and expected of you is by the end of December 2015. That is why I bothered to waste my time coming to Moscow to see and hear it from you in person, and not through Lavrov.

3. Capitulation – Last, but most important: Volodya, it is high time for you to capitulate! Reasonable people do not act like you! When faced with a overwhelming force like us, they capitulate and accept the conditions!

The last ultimatum of course, is accompanied by some promises to his personal inviolability, perhaps even preserving a certain status and personal fortune. The usual bundle of sticks and carrots. A bundle well-known to Yanukovich, Milosevic, Saddam, Qaddafi and many other dead or targeted to be such. So far it has worked successfully with almost all “bloody dictators” in the world, it should finally work with Putin.

Why can John Kerry afford this?

For many reasons. He’s a representative to quite strong and influential international circles. A clan representative. This is not at all just about the country of the United States (and to his position as foreign minister), which is just one of the conditions. Their coordinate system of understanding  the events and the world has nothing to do with our way of thinking and perception. To them they are the state-ruler of the world and they have caught by the throat and balls the key 10-12% of countries in the world: about 30-32 in number. And they think that everyone has to listen, obey and pay their taxes to the metropole. And the interests of the colonies are irrelevant. Because they are defeated and dominated. And if Putin intends to ignore and violate this order, they will send him to Saddam, Qaddafi and Milosevic.

At least that’s how the world looks from their perspective. For them the personality (Putin or whomever) does not matter. As far as personalities who appear out of their design for the world, they become personalities in the past. No matter how their pure human qualities and merits should be evaluated. Pure function. Completely free of personal consideration.

Yes, I know that you still do not want to believe. Well, here’s a list as to why, according to them, the Federal-Reserve-Anglo-Saxons called by habit “Americans” must perceive things the way I described:

1 – Because all other indigenous-colonial leaders around the world listen to them. Such is the order. They have achieved it, earned, and paid for it. They find it normal.

2 – Because all Russian leadership from 1985 to now, has listened to them, then so should Putin.

3 – Because from 2000-2007 (in deed and words) he also listened to them without complaining.

4 – Because from the 2007-2012 year, he continued to listen on the whole (in deeds), and in words he only episodically allowed himself disobedience.

5 – Because Ukraine and the Maidan ended in complete victory for them. And Crimea is only a partial failure, to which they until recently controlled the water, electricity, economy and all other communications. And still the question of control of Crimea is in their field.

6 – Because the participation of Putin in Syria is very strictly controlled by them – the bear was put in there in a very narrow cell and on a very short leash inside the cell.

7 – Because they control the oil price (see from when it is below $ 40 a barrel, and how it will fall below 37 soon), which means they control the breathing air of Russia.

8 – Because they control the heart, blood and circulatory system of Russia (as money and the monetary system). And they decide – whether it will live, whether it will be sick or whether it will die from blood loss and anemia this patient on an externally controlled circulation. The dollar today broke the record (70 rubles) and even this is not the end. They can do 150 rubles per dollar and more. They decide – when, how much and in what method – they have the knife, the bread and the right to a decision.

9 – Because the war that they allowed Putin to lead in Syria, is actually a controlled drain of ammunition, i.e. the economy.

10 – Because even the production of the Russian military-industrial complex stops when they want, because over 70% of the key parts are their technologies that Russia has to buy with dollar currency.

11 – Because with the exception of two (Shoigu and Lavrov) all in the government of Russia are theirs and do what they tell them to. And if they say ‘Bite!’ (like inciting dogs) against Putin, they do it immediately. Tested over the years, repeatedly. The same applies to Russia’s Central bank and the operating banks that control the life of the population.

12 – Because the majority of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation (42 advisors) are also theirs and are the same, from the time of the eternally drunk Boris Yeltsin. They are also waiting the command ‘Bite’ and they will perform immediately. Including against President Vladimir Putin.

13 – Because their fifth column in Russia, regardless of how unpopular it is among the population, has a record budget for the overthrow of Putin in 2015, and if necessary, will set a new record budget for 2016.

14 – Because they are already tightening the noose of violent conflicts around Russia just as they need them: Ukraine, Donbass, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan, Uyguristan (Xinjiang, China), Turkey, NATO …

Should I  continue? Things are not at all rosy. I still believe that Putin has chances, but the more he delays some important and unavoidable decisions, the more astride his position becomes between words and deeds, between foreign and domestic policy that would cause him to split to death.

Time is working against the United States (Fed), it’s true. But, at the same time, they have made it so that time works faster and harder against him if he continues to wait.

What can be expected if Putin does not obey?

Well from bad to worse to worst. in that order.

In fact, the throttle of the “worst” is already pressed, and we have a sufficiently clear idea how serious is all of this, and to what end result if this native prince there in Russia continues to rebel.

Some of the countries that he had attracted to his orbit and that should be an important part of the coalition Bricsa (Brics + Argentina) are already defeated, neutralized, re-educated:

(A) Argentina (a new president);
(B) Brazil – a color revolution against Rousseff;
Venezuela – the loss of the election;
Cuba – soon to once again be a colony of the United States;
France – in the second round Marine Le Pen’s Front National lost everything that it supposedly won in the first; Hollande was forced to return the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle literally 2-3 days after he sent as an ally of Russia against ISIS;
(C) China – the unrest in Xinjiang (Uyghur Autonomous District) has led to 50-60 human casualties only on the first day, and this is just the beginning.
Altogether – Central Asia is already smoking, and the little fires are visible: Xinjiang, northern Afghanistan (several towns captured by ISIS), Caucasus (Nalchik – 13 people killed), Tatarstan, even in the very north, in purely Russian cities like Norilsk pure Russians convert to Islam, join ISIS and go to cut heads of compatriots.

All of this guarantees tens of millions of refugees from Central Asia to Russia (with which it can not cope), and a masked import of terrorists along with these “refugees”. After all, the refugees have been tested and verified as quite an effective weapon of destabilization, of whichever country you want. Perhaps, so far this trick will not pass only with North Korea and China.

Russia itself is not forgotten either, a brief overview:

– Su-24 shot down, two Russian soldiers are killed;
– straining relations with Turkey lead to a pre-war breaking point and already huge economic losses for both sides. This leads to logistical trap (straits Bosporus and Dardanelles) for the supply of Russian troops in Latakia. They can literally become hostages under siege with limited resources if such straits are blocked for supplying Russian military tankers (9 in total are cruising now).
– fire at the Tushinskaya engineering plant on 10.12.2015. No, not an accident. This plant has a double purpose – producing peacetime objects but also some of the best combat aviation!
– the price of oil is lowered to 37 dollars per barrel (which in view of inflation is 9 dollars less than was under Reagan);
– Central Bank of the Russian Federation (which is neither central nor Russia but belongs to the  IMF-Fed-USA) publicly kills Russian ruble for a few days to championship levels for which there are no natural economic conditions: 70 rubles per dollar and 75 rubles to the euro;
– on the border with Russia NATO increases forces over 13 times. No, NATO are not at all ready to fight on the ground, but are prepared for war in the air (which is not a small problem) and they become a wonderful supply base to cover the Ukrainian radicals, which is actually a big problem. For they shall fight ideally, convinced there will be no need for NATO ground troops;
– Donbass is fired up again, preparation for full-scale war is obvious, no one is hiding it. This means tension, victims, destruction, new flows of refugees, new convoys of humanitarian aid (blow to the economy) and a new loss of prestige for Russia and Putin. Sufficient conditions for successful color revolution.
– attempt at training for a color revolution by freight drivers. So far unsuccessful, but preparation for the next attempt is now underway.

And let’s not forget about Syria (as a front): preparation for relocation of over 100,000 coalition troops recruited again under the hat of US command (they supposedly would send 10,000 of their soldiers there), but generally – employed by Saudi Arabia and monarchies of the gulf.

Tales that Saudi Arabia would arrange and pay for the creation of a coalition against ISIS are tales of neighborhood alcoholics that claim they will fight against alcoholic drinks. In fact, the whole coalition will do exactly what it’s been doing all along – shoot at and bomb supposedly ISIS, but instead there will be a systematic coincidence that all bombs fall on victims and structures of the army of doctor Bashar al-Assad. And maybe on the Russian army, why not. As well as on the Kurds and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah.

Ultimately, the dry residue left for Putin as a message from this meeting is:

– increased domestic front, the US fifth column, including government and Central Bank, and over 20,000 grant eaters in Moscow;
– Front Caucasus;
– Front Central Asia;
– Front Donbass (Ukraine);
– Front (soon) Tatarstan;
– Front (as a possible US decision) Turkey: sea and land based;
– Front Syria;

What does Putin have against them?

He has a Russia more than 10 times weaker than the USSR – both militarily and economically. That same USSR, that nearly lost the war with Hitler. That same Hitler, who lost the war when he opened a second front.

Did I say a “Second Front”? Now count – how many fronts is the US opening against Russia.

I personally still think that Putin has a chance to win despite everything. And he most likely has some hidden trump cards that at the moment nobody knows about and will use them when he decides.

So far, the visible part is only one: Defense Minister Shoigu reported yesterday about the full combat readiness of the nuclear forces of Russia. Check on the Internet what is the “dead hand” Perimeter system.

To those who will say that I am wrong in my reasoning, I will say: I want very much and I very much hope that I am not right and that I am wrong.

Just tell me – exactly where, and in what? And how is it going to be if not so?

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Don’t give a f–k if Russia blasts the crap out of these idiots. No one would want to live in their screwed up greedy and mercenary world.


I’m an American, I live in the US, and I wouldn’t blame Russia if they nuked us. Russia has every right to do whatever they have to do to defend themselves. The US is run by insane, greedy, murderous psychopaths.

Doom Sternz

I personally believe that Kerry was in Russia to threaten the Russian President with the fate of the other world leaders that the US murdered. There is no action that the US government will not undertake to achieve it goals, from creating ISIL, to supporting Nazi militia’s.

There will be a world war, the working class either surrender everything or fight the corporate NATO army. This war will not be against nations, it will be the people of the world against NATO who are at war with the working class and if anyone dares to stand against them they will get the Donbass treatment.

We must place limits on peoples wealth and in doing this we can limit the damage they do.


Absolutely. We ought to be campaigning for a maximum wage, then minimum wages would take care of themselves and the prices of homes and energy would stabilise. Governments are worse offenders than businesses, as useless bureaucrats are paid vast sums to talk bile and cover up the situation you describe.

Doom Sternz

The destruction of the Donbass was documented prior to the events by the US Rand Corporation. It indicated 3 distinct stages highlighted as follows;

Stage1 Total isolation of the rebel region, The region shall be encircled with troops and sealed off entirely from any flow of goods and persons, both incoming and outgoing. Martial law declared.

Stage2 Mop-up, The circle of troops around the rebel region shall be tightened gradually. Ground assaults shall be preceded by air strikes. The use of non-conventional arms (cluster, phosphorus and other banned munitions) shall not be ruled out in certain cases in order to ensure smaller causalities among our own personnel. Shoot to kill anyone who bears arms. Infantry shall move in next to relocate male adults into internment camps. Anyone who attempts to resist shall be executed on the spot.

Stage3 Back to Normal, Military specialist shall be employed to restore water, heat, power supplies and communications.

This is exactly the methodology the US used in Iraq, Afganistan, Libya etc etc etc. The US and NATO use ethnic cleansing as a means of controlling the ballot box in occupied countries. Once they have cleansed the populations of dissenters they can then loot the country.


Thank you DS, very helpful clarity on what is now obscured by lies and propaganda. Evil is being revealed in all its savage murderous reality in Donbass. I pray for all those men women and children who are living in terror. as civilised’ Europe seems to lack both the will and the power to act.

Doom Sternz

My world view is not a popular one, i get threatened and abused on a daily basis, all condoned by Western MSM. This is democracy apparently.


Big improvement on the days when we couldn’t talk back to the newspapers.Most accurate info and intelligent comment is now below the line or on blog, and it’s appreciated, definitely. But, yeah, it can wear you down, essential to duck away from the aggro, get outdoors, enjoy this beautiful world and find some friendly smiles. (My current plan!)

Take care,


Actually Russia is in a very strong position. Putin will not fight a conventional war. He will go nuclear and has more than enough nukes to obliterate the US. The ultimate dare to the morons in Washington.


The US military can’t win a conventional war. Personally I think we will have martial law here by December, which will extend the troops even more. The masters of the political class are currently pushing both domestic and financial chaos. War will be both a means to distraction and their endgame. Nuclear war will ultimately be the U.S. choice. Can Russia fight this? Sounds like they have put some thought into a nuclear war. Also gotta wonder is all this organized migration is just a convenient means of depopulation?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x