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Russia And YPG Establish Joint Operation Room In Southeastern Deir Ezzor

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Russia And YPG Establish Joint Operation Room In Southeastern Deir Ezzor

On December 3, General Eugeny, a representative of the Russian military group in Syria, announced during a meeting with People’s Protection Units (YPG) leader Sîpan Hemo in Salhiya district east of Deir Ezzor city that the Russian military and the YPG will establish a joint operation room in Salhiya to coordinate their military operations against ISIS, according to the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

During the meeting the general also revealed that the Russian Aerospace Forces have conducted 627 combat sorties and destroyed 1,450 targets of ISIS in the Euphrates River Valley supporting YPG military operations there.

The general stressed that Russia is looking to work with the local Arab tribes through the Hmeimim airbase reconciliation Center to restore the normal life in all the villages and towns in the Euphrates River Valley once ISIS is defeated.

Earlier, ANHA reported that Hemo announced that the YPG is ready to establish a joint operation room with its partners (a hint to Russia and US) in order to eliminate the ISIS threat completely.

The Russian efforts to build a better relationship with the YPG is likely aimed at easing the tension between the Kurdish group, and Russia’s allies in Damascus.

Other steps that might take place in the near future could include handing over the oil fields that were captured by the YPG in Deir Ezzor to Russian forces. Earlier, former spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Tala Silo revealed that the SDF and YPG had already handed over a gas facility and some oil fields east of Deir Ezzor to the Russian Army.

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Deo Cass

Russia is turning its back on the sole legitimate and democratically elected Syrian government. I would not be surprised at all that Russia would officially declare that it wants regime change in Damascus as possibly was the case when it restored full diplomatic relations with Syria’s prime enemies and initiators of the Syrian invasion by the foreign mercenary terrorists hailing from ove 80 countries, namely Turkey and most notably the Saudi tyranny.

Jens Holm

You have no idea of, what democrasy is at all.

You could start give men womens right and women mens right and raise men for sale.


So….., men should be kept at home and take care of children, women should now go out and do hard menial jobs, and men in general should only be kept around to be sold?

That’s how I (can) read your statement. ;-)


Your traditional view of men’s and women’s roles is just yours, not that of Denmark.

Hard labor hardly exists anymore, women are now mechanics, engineers, construction workers, soldiers and farmers.


Maybe in some feminist fantasy, I’m not saying yours, but in the real world there are not a lot of women in mechanics, engineering, construction and the army. Farming, that’s more equal, as farms tend to be run by families, not individuals.

Also, if you think hard labor no longer exists, you’ve never done any. It exists. Also, and that’s my personal experience, so take it for what its worthy, when there’s heavy lifting to be done women in general always seem to either make themselves scarce, or they start playing the weak damsel in distress card. I’ve known a few women who roll up their sleeves and get dirty, and I salute them! But overall there are no feminists in dirty jobs. Then they only seem to care about management positions.

Anyhow, my comment was not a dib against feminism in Denmark (which sucks, but that’s irrelevant) but because it was badly written English that left a lot up to interpretation.


That’s exactly what he said. And his husband @dutchnazi agrees….


Russia and Syria are behaving like an adults who realise that mindless violence is not the answer to the very complex issues in the Middle East.

The US /Israeli plan is to further destabilise Syria by creating friction between the Kurds and the Syrian government. In fact a rapprochement with the Kurds in Syria ,Iran,Iraq AND Turkey would benefit ALL parties except the US and Israel that desire endless war in the region.

Your fatuous comment that Russia wants to oust President Assad and his government totally ignores the fact that a Russia Friendly Syria is necessary for the Russian bases there.

Perhaps the CIA or Mossad could give you a better narrative Deo.

Tudor Miron

Yeah, it seems that Kurds siding with Syria government (through Russia’s moderation) is not aligned with that plan for endless haos in ME :)

Daniel Castro

Winning a war without firing shots, who would have thought about that, huh?

You can call me Al

Anyway you mentioned “US and Israel”; have you seen the news today ?……they are both on the verge of making Jerusalem the capital of Israel and the US will move it’s embassy there…….if this happens, the Syrian conflict will be viewed only as a irritating diversion.


Yes, I have seen that. It is difficult to see what this will gain for Israel at this time as such an action will inflame resistance within Israel and the occupied territories that will impact directly upon the jewish civilians there.

One possibility I suppose is to unite the disparate factions of jewry in Israel and abroad with the mantra of ‘victimhood’.

Jonathan Cohen


Frank Behrens

sooooo, Russia is now siding with ISIS ? Or..were that the hole time?

Daniel Castro

You’re kind of slow, aren’t you?

Frank Behrens

Na, I suspected that all the time…but curiouisly was always called a tin-head, when stating this.

Pave Way IV

I think everyone is missing the much more important detail about this. Notice anything missing? How about the US-concocted SDF? Russia is making deals directly with the YPG, and not the SDF, who the US claims still runs things on the east side of the Euphrates. Virtually all news about anything from Raqqa down the east side of the Euphrates was always announced under the SDF banner by well-groomed SDF spokespeople.

So did the US totally abandon the SDF idea without saying so, or did the YPG/YPJ go off the farm knowing the US would eventually abandon them? If the US still insist on SDF as the only ‘approved’ military force, then the Russians just kicked us squarely in the nuts by totally ignoring it and going directly to the YPG to coordinate military ops. Ouch!


I think it’s a move by Russia to try to pull the Kurds away from US orbit and bring them to Russia’s side. If Russia manages to make the Kurds work with them instead of the US, the Americans will have absolutely no reason to stay in Syria and the post war process will be completely dictated by the Astana Group.

Also Russia has found a very comfortable position in mediating between Assad and every other important player in the game, so this might just be Russia’s strategy to put all the players together to engage in successful peace talks when the time comes.


Plus, so far Turkey refused to allow the Kurds to participate in russian sponsored peace talks, but Russia is trying not to close the door completely and cut all ties with Kurds (they always had decent relations with them).

Pave Way IV

That sounds like diplomacy. The US has no time for that kind of nonsense – that’s why we have B-52s.

Daniel Castro

You can only use brute force until you find someone stronger than you on your way.


You reflect the true character of your President … I am all powerful. Very impulsive like cruise missiles attack on unproven cw attack.

No match for the ever patient Putin.

Results show glaringly. That’s the reason US fails in about every initiatives so far around the world. Another failure of gigantic proportion will be the North Korean issue.


Kurdish interest will be handled by Assad in the negotiation to overcome Turkey’s concerns. No other ways

Once this is achieved, Putin achieved the greatest victory over Nato in ME.

Putin the great?


Yes I do agree. Putin is playing master Chess game vs novice

He is maneuvering between the Kurds and Turkey.

The likely solution to me will be Everyone goes back home and unite under one Syria led by the one who wins the general election whoever that might be.

There is no other way as this will appease all parties as well as getting US out of Syria without a fight

Daniel Castro

Like Tolstoy said, we should call things by their proper names, there is no SDF, there is only YPG.


I won’t be surprised if the US abandoned them, as despite all the coordination between them and ISIS, they failed to achieve their primary goal which was cutting the road between Syria and Iraq. But their secondary goal which is occupation of some parts of Syria and create problems in peace talks may just begin. As long as the war in Syria continues, the US is happy because Israel is happy.

You can call me Al

I must admit, it confuses me, but maybe the below link helps a little ………BUT I don’t understand why they have changed their emphasis of the name as you point out, from the SDF daily mentioned to now the YPG and the YPJ overnight.

Anyway, the SDF is just a military name, but incudes the YPG..I think.



At present SDF/YPG know US is only a tactical ally, not a strategic ally.

YPG will not let go of Arab and Syriac allies. They need their manpower, oilfields, and strategic depth.


No sane victorious side will allow Kurds to keep all those pseudo gains especially when Assad has all the cards while Kurds have practically none for umteen number of reasons.

Kurds’ only future is with one United Syria as their dream of independent Kurdish region has already gone up in smoke .

Langaniso Mhlobo

Russia were invited to help Syrian government forces to liberate Syria not setting up joint operation room with regional terrorist organizations YPG=SDF.

Only Syrian government can set up joint operation room with sovereign legitimate surrender and co operative pro and opposition members.To pave way to reconciliation and peaceful elections.One ethnic group particularly YPG= Kurds= SDF terrorust which is USA camouflage to hide crime can not be allowed to play beneficiary role above other original Arab ethnic groups.

Russians only protect their army bases instead of whole Syrian airspace it is Beyer for them to pull back to Heimeimma and Tarsis bases.

Tudor Miron

Are you talking on behalf of Assad personally or Syrian people? When did they grant you with this authority? Don’t bother answering – it’s evident already that this is just another “Russia is bad” post from you :) Keep it up.

Langaniso Mhlobo

I don’t care wither Russia is good or bad you decide that part.My point is their are unreliable.Three weeks back Putin metTrump and agree that there is no military solution instead of telling him to pull his troops out.

Russia again are forming joint control room with Terrorist organization YPG=SDF=ISIS.Russia mandate from me as a Syrian peace wisher is to tell this saboteurs to lay down their arms.Just for one Syria one nation purposes.

As long as USA supply weapons to terrorist and either I support Assad or broader civilization of Syria peace will not prevail.Taliban was removed by USA no peace up to now.Saddam was removed by USA no peace up to now.Gadafi was remove no peace up to now.Milosevic was remove no peace up to now.

Finally thanks for your reasoning.Because everybody is entitled to its opinion wither bad or good.


Both Russia and SDF/YPG are playing politics here. Russia comfortably as mediator between Assad and SDF/YPG, there by keeping Assad and Iran and Turkey in check, US still as ally to SDF, keeping pressure on Turkey.

SDF Just needs a year to consolidate, to dig in, to reconstruct and kickstart the economy.

SDF turning over oilfields is unlikely. They will cut a deal giving technical control to Assad in return for some 35% of revenue and in return for trade and political concessions. No SAA in SDF area’s.

Tudor Miron

No SAA in SDF area? Because Dutchy say so? May be for some time but lets see how it plays out in a couple of years. Also I suggest that you stop fulling yourself “US still as ally to SDF” – US has no ally, they don’t understand what this word means. US have vassals and proxies – choose which definition is best for Kurds in their current role.

Melotte 22

Keep dreaming


Correct day dreaming and he just cannot fathom the loss his side is in lol.


It was the Kurds whom over stretched them self, got Greedy, invaded territorys they never had, incl historical preferences, if they mean anything what so ever this days, expansion by ethnic cleansing, learned from their Tribal Brothers in ISISrael. Kurdistan is an ISISrael 2.0, an copy cat, period, nothing else, so far. Its the Kurds whom thinks they have an card to deal with, witch is what, to reward them, for their own stupidity, shortsightedness and greed, nobody van trust them, backstabbing is their game , and now, wanna make deals. Things start to stink, what is this, Russia, and others.

Its an shame, their backing should be unconditional and after 6 years of treason, should just shut up and comply, if not they deserve to be crushed completely, and the top of the robber barons simply Hanged. Maybe then we will have peace, but this is up to the Kurds.


Henk Poell

The best thing for all Kurds and Arabs in Syria is a quick peace, with 3 small Kurdisch autonomous zones in the north (as a thank-you for their anti-ISIS efforts), the USA out, ihadist areas back under government control, and no lasting Turkish influence. It simply looks like the Russians are going for this, but hey it’s not in the interest of Israel so there are some challenges.

Valery Grigoryev

:) something in the air…

Wagner schmit

All the bird brains are confused now))

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