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JUNE 2021

Russia And United States Make New Ceasefire Deal Over Syria

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Russia And United States Make New Ceasefire Deal Over Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. (Reuters/Francois Lenoir) / Reuters

Following the yesterday semi-official announcement of a ceasefire agreement in the Syrian south at the end of talks between Russian President Putin and US President Trump, some additional details of the agreement appeared on Saturday. A US official said the agreement was the result of months of negotiations.

According to US officials, Russia, the United States and Jordan have set the ceasefire terms. Al-Qaeda, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), may not abide by the agreement or might even even act against it. From its side, Moscow confirmed that the government of President Bashar al-Assad will fully respect the agreement.

“Russian, American and Jordanian experts … agreed on a memorandum of understanding to create a de-escalation zone” in the regions of Deraa, Quneitra and Suweida, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.

From his side, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the agreement includes Suweida, Quneitra and Daraa. On the mechanism of implementation of the ceasefire Lavrov said: “At first, security around this de-escalation zone will be guaranteed by the forces and means of the Russian military police , In coordination with the Americans and Jordanians”.

However, US officials have said no ceasefire monitoring mechanism has been agreed upon so far.

The Arab and Israeli media reported that the agreement includes a buffer zone on the Golan front with a width of 30 km supervised by the Russian Military Police, with the withdrawal of some Syrian Arab Army (SAA) allies from the area such as Hezbollah and Iran. However, these claims have not been confirmed by any official sources so far.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said yesterday that the United States doesn’t see a future for President Assad and his family in Syria. It’s believed that the United States is again trying to exploit another agreement with Russia to achieve its agenda in Syria. Some experts believe that this could be seen as a bad sign, as this US behavior had foiled a previous deal in northern Syria by the end of 2016.

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Brad Isherwood

comment image&key=pgC8LN6uv3qsrkz7L1uDbA&w=800&h=592


Putin is a politician and he knows his job is to tell people what they want to hear in order for him to do what he wants to do. Besides, his love for Israel is so great that he made sure all of his Jewish oligarchs were either in jail or in London. Tough love I’d say…

Solomon Krupacek

not all, only 2 oligarchs of dozens ;)


Yeah, but the others got the message. You got to show them who is boss and make a gruesome example out of a troublesome oligarch or two and the rest starts to behave.

Brad Isherwood

When all the illegal occupiers are still in Syria with tensions vs Iran growing,
Readership will realize the game is slow turns with criminal activity the reason
Why the Wizard of OZ needs a curtain to hide the levers being pulled.
Profits….numerous options …
Gangsters however do fall out over things we sheeple rarely recognize.

When this chaos slides towards Iran and the Persian Gulf, …..then it gets scarry.
Gulf energy transit and shipping goes to shit with world market chaos.
Declining USD oil $$ meets up with robber speculator and Corporate big Fish eat little
Nothing good comes from blood in the water.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Arkadi Rottemberg and Jews oblast in Russian far east…but Putin need Iran and Shia militia otherwise Assad would not stay in power and Saudi /Qatari pipelines will hit Russian economy!…now Syria is going to take control of Irak border, beside lebanon border, mediterranean sea… for other side the most part of Turkey/Syria border is under Kurds control..it means a shield vs Islamist!…only parts of Jordan border are out of SAA control but sooner or later will be a reconciliation as people dont want to live in poor Ghettos!

Brad Isherwood

Sorry…..Putin is deep into the Jew .
Russians think the Bolsheviek Jews who murdered Mother Russia are gone,
Problem is…..the F’ng Trotskite Jews are not gone from power.
They survived Stalin and made their way to the USA where Neocon conservatives
Like Cristol and the Neocon Thinktanks, ….are Jewish chaos managers with the
CIA and US military at their disposal.
I have no idea how They weaseled past the CIA/Jesuit/Knights of Malta (SMOM)
Which was the first reality of the OSS/CIA and US military industrial complex post WW 2
They however have a seat now near the head of the Masonic All seeing Eye table.

Syrian war is a criminal enterprise. …
CIA run mercs, weapons, Drugs. ..
ISUS move drugs, stolen oil..
The pattern of play is everything Gen Smedley Butler exposed in War is a Racket,
To Ollie North lying before hearings about Iran/Contra ….CIA gun running,Narcotics, Central
American death squads.
Same game went down in Iraq war,…….and now in Syria.
Think of 1920s Chicago and Mob bosses,….and you have Syria where several nations are
Mobster….a piece of the action.

Putin is Silk to the Jews/Israel

Bill Wilson

Here’s another asshole SF troll.

Sean Glennie

Bolshevik supporters (Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc) never left England and the United States, in fact they even supported the Bolsheviks through the Federal Reserve & the Bank of England. They also supported Hitler with financing for the NSDAP, as well as their run during the 1933 election in a coalition government with DNVP. The latter shifted from pro-monarchism to far-right politics due to Hitler’s popularity, which was highest among the lower class.

Aid also went to Germany and the USSR, the latter received a lot more financial and industrial support between the early 1920s and late 1940s. Following the end of WWII, the USSR relied on borrowing money from countries around the world. If the US and Great Britain chose to sever all support (including monetary loans) to the USSR, it would have crumbled much sooner than 1991.

Brad Isherwood

comment image
Excellent point form.
The Game unwinds in 1944 as OSS/Vatican set up Ratline of 1000s of Nazis, Scientists
Etc from the Reich .
Jews in South America worked front office as cover for the Nazis.
The Jews knew who they were working for. …money talks.
Jewish Nazi hunters overlooked lots of obvious Reich agents,…only taking down a few.
Swiss Bankers sat on Bank accounts. ….kooked the books.
It’s just business as they say.
Japan had decades looted Gold /Wealth. …..Numerous Caches from WW 2.
Excerpt : the Black Eagle Trust, the Marcos gold, Yamashita’s Gold, the Golden Lily Treasure, or the Durham Trust. Japan, under Emperor Hirohito, appointed a brother, Prince Chichibu, to head Golden Lily, established in November 1937 before Japan’s infamous Rape of Nanking, to accompany and follow the military. The Golden Lily operation carried out massive plunder throughout Asia and included an army of jewelers, financial experts and smelters.6 While the Nazis also engaged in plundering the countries they invaded, they were not as organized and methodical as the Japanese. After the Allied blockade, Golden Lily headquarters were moved from Singapore to Manila where 175 storage sites were built by slave laborers and POWs. Billions of dollars worth of gold and other plundered treasures were stockpiled in these underground caverns, some of which were discovered by the notorious Cold Warrior, Edward G. Lansdale who directed the recovery of some of the vaults. Truman and subsequent presidents, without congressional knowledge, have used those resources to finance the CIA’s chaotic clandestine activities throughout the world. Much of the Middle East chaos is financed by those pillaged funds. A tiny portion of that treasure was the source of Ferdinand Marcos’ vast wealth. Marcos worked with the CIA for decades using Golden Lily funds to bribe nations to support the Vietnam War. In return, Marcos was allowed to sell over $1 trillion in gold through Australian brokers.7

In July 1944, the leaders of forty-four nations met at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire to plan the post-war economy and to discuss organizing a global political action fund which would use the Black Eagle Trust ostensibly to fight communism, bribe political leaders, enhance the treasuries of U.S. allies, and manipulate elections in foreign countries and other unconstitutional covert operations. Certainly, those politicos who managed the funds also received financial benefits. This trust was headed by Secretary of War Henry Stimson, assisted by John J. McCloy (later head of the World Bank) and Robert Lovett (later Secretary of Defense) and consultant Robert B. Anderson (later Secretary of the Treasury).8 Anderson later operated the Commercial Exchange Bank of Anguilla in the British West Indies and was convicted of running illegal offshore banking operations and tax evasion. Investors lost about $4.4 million. Consequently, he was sent to prison for a token amount of time, one month. He was also under house arrest for five years. He could have received a ten-year sentence but Judge Palmieri considered Anderson’s “distinguished service” to the country in the “top levels of Government.”9
-The Bush family project Hammer *

Sean Glennie

Yet Vladimir Putin hosted Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and commemorated his literary works.

G Dean VanGaya

wow,, this Jewish conspiracy really gets put onto everything. Trotsky was not a practicing jew. He was a total atheist. The Russian revolution and the Bolsheviks worked hard to break away from nationalism and ethnic/racism, it’s just a lie to say the Russia revolution was a jewish plot. I say this being against Israel and having read and studied the revolution very extensively. You anti-zionist have got to stop seeing that one conspiracy network everywhere.

Brad Isherwood

Leon Trotsky was born with the name of Leiba Bronstein on the 25th October (the 7th of November in the Gregorian calendar) 1879 at 10:09 p.m. in the village of Yanovka near Bobrinets in the province of Kherson in the Ukraine. 
 Leiba Bronstein became a freemason in 1897 and later a high-ranking Illuminatus through his friend Alexander Parvus. He also maintained contacts with B’nai B’rith, a Jewish Masonic order, which had previously aided Jewish “revolutionaries” in Russia. A man named Jacob Schiff, chairman of the banking house Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and a minion of the Rothschilds, took care of the contacts between the “revolutionary movement in Russia” and B’nai B’rith. (Gerald B. Winrod, “Adam Weishaupt – A Human Devil”, p. 47.)


Does that include FSA, ISIS, SDF, Al Nusra and affiliated groups?………..just kidding!


the article, if true, goes a long way towards explaining the behavior of Israel, Jordan, and the US in said areas. The article actually exposes their intervention as directly assist and aid terrorist groups, so as to keep their intentions to create a buffer zone along the borders to be, i guess, monitored by the UN, such as in Lebanon. But we know such as the buffer zone in Lebanon, monitored by the UN, that it is a site for continuous false flag provocations conducted by Israel and/or UN peacekeepers western block nation members and/or teams in dereliction of duties. For example, rockets aimed at Israel on timers fired from UN areas in coordination with visits of foreign diplomats to areas being targeted, so as to add credibility to the bs Israel is telling them in order for support for Israels bs

More extreme example, Georgian peacekeepers in 2008 turned open fire and killed several of their peacekeeper colleagues, Russian peacekeepers, when their country decided to invade South Ossetia by NATO decree.


Even now the areas are used as pretext for Israel to attack its neighbor

Tudor Miron

It turned bad for Georgia :)

Aung Naing

Russia is now much more stronger than 2008.They are well prepared for all out war.I wonder who will dare.


Bottom line. This is USA deep state Religio/ zio strategy

Them fuqs think their Constantine 2.0

Bill Wilson

Bottom line is that you have shit for brains!

Rakean Jaya

Sorry for you, I know with the latest developments, your dream of taking the Golan forever diminishes, even making the possibility that Syria will be able to reclaim the Golan with force in the future. So I suggest you, to hide your head back on tiny hole of your mamma back parts, rather than spouting your disappointment here.


So what you’re trying to say is, the actual Israeli action in that area is about further distancing the Syrian government away from it’s legitimate claims to the Golan heights in one regard and an additional goal of assisting and facilitating the total break up of the Syrian state so as to impact the legitimate claim of the Syrian government to the Golan by eliminating the claim-ment which is the Syrian government, replacing it with a entity unable to lay claim to the Golan…


So, if so
The Israeli moves are primarily to change the official non-recognition of Israel’s occupied territories, in this case the Golan, into a recognized legitimate Israeli border.
So in essence, the anti-Syrian-government Palestinians in Daraa are in fact negatively impacting their own Palestinian claims inside the other occupied territories in Israel.

Rakean Jaya

I’m agree with your first statement, for second, irrelevant i think, the terrorist/mercenaries not just palestinian, there were from 60 more countries of this terrorist origin

Rakean Jaya

Yes, and i should wrote ‘taking back’ instead of ‘reclaim’, since Golan was invaded and occupied by Israel illegally.


So, Israel’s maintenance of the occupied territories is predicated on the Israeli claim that the occupied territories by Israel is an existential necessity and purely a defensive matter.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I wonder if the Lebanese can likewise can ‘Liberate’ Tel Aviv and claim it is necessary as a buffer against any future Israeli aggression, and it purely for defense purposes. ha ha

Aung Naing

mf jew,who can see future?Jews have given saini back to Egypt before.

Bill Wilson

The Syrian government wasn’t mentioned because it doesn’t exist.


It’s good to see them working to reduce the violence in Syria.
Why does this upset you so much?!


You are right. All this is so reminiscent of history where the ‘big powers’
carve up Syria as though it was empty space.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The ‘Big Powers’ did the same thing to Germany after the First World War.
Since then Germany has been a helpless little size.


Then have a look at the Syrian chair at the UN. Try again…


Oh it exists just fine and gaining more territory.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The problem it does exist and guys like you are mad at the fact , now this is a crucial test for the US if they fail it the repercussions i don’t want think the US will be happy with . Russian people voted for boots on the ground there, so this could possibly mean a confrontation with the US and put them in an uncomfortable position. The truth is everyone knows the US wants a confrontation so they can swing their dicks with a huge amount of support shows they lack the balls to go it alone.

The US actions have been so juvenile and obvious an 3 yr old baby could see this , Tillerson could be putting on a bluff about everything and then 180 like he did before . This strategy would be wise if the Russians don’t back down so the US could look like the bigger man and back down.

The usual pundits will come out either for war or against it and this would be a good way to expose them all . This would be the wiser thing to do and start going after them and tearing down this Deep state war machine .

The US seems on a collision course with the changing world attitudes in regards to their regime change strategy and this may just backfire causing major fallout that we will have far more reaching repercussions than the US expected. The trouble with this is that the US let’s their little head overrule the big head and right now they have a lot of tiny heads running around overruling the big head . Which why the US needs to reassess their policies and strategies .

John Mason

Makes one wonder what stupid games Russia is playing, a ceasefire is no good but the removal of US proxies from Syria would end the war.


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You are right indeed! it is very likely that the U$ “Deep State” will strike the Syrian army or allied militia in the next few days to destroy the ceasefire agreement.


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This motherfucking piece of shit tiller son keeps flip flopping on Assad, one day he says he should stay now hes saying no, WTF is his problem??? Is he retarded??

Pave Way IV

While it would be nice in a way to see SAA ‘liberate’ all of southwest Syria, I think this is the best move for now for the people there. Nobody here has mentioned the tremendous benefits to Syria in this latest deal. The few I see right off the bat:

Russian Monitoring and Potential of Russian troops along the Golan border. Doesn’t anyone realize this cucks Israel? They can’t use the excuse of ‘stray shells’ to bomb SAA positions any more if that happens, and they can’t run the head-chopper express back and forth across the border. Russian troops would actually be better than SAA troops there now: they won’t let Israel get away with any bullshit and Israel – with all their bluster – isn’t stupid enough to kill Russian soldiers. Plus, Israel is probably stuck with thousands of head-chopper refugees in the Golan now who can’t or will refuse to return to Syria and won’t be allowed to enter Jordan. Good luck with that, Israel.

Syrian Territorial Integrity If the ceasefire holds, it means the US/GCC/Israel have given up on stealing additional Syrian land in the southwest and the borders remain intact. The land the FSA holds now is still (internationally anyways) still recognized as Syrian sovereign territory. The SAA can’t march in, but neither can the FSA leave. In fact, it doesn’t sound like the FSA will even control movement in ‘their’ territory since they won’t be allowed to maintain any checkpoints. The territory is not ceded to the FSA and they won’t control it in any practical sense. It’s just that SAA tanks won’t be lining the streets and no SAA or Hezbollah troops will be marching around.

Humanitarian Relief for Syrians in the Southwest There are hundreds of thousands of Syrians in the FSA-colored territory that have no sympathy left for the FSA. They might not be fans of Assad, but they’re starving, they’re tired of the war and want it to end. The FSA is never going to provide any kind of ‘state’ or government for them – the FSA lost the war. The average person there don’t care if they’re part of Syria again, they just don’t want SAA tanks rolling over their homes to kick out the FSA or ‘impose’ heavy-handed military control. The ceasefire lets the fight there end gracefully and people can get back to whatever is left of their ‘normal’ lives. Hard-core head-choppers will probably be offered the green bus or they’ll just flee rather than (eventually) living back under Syrian government control.

U.S./Israeli Fake ISIS Pocket Protection Scheme Ends In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the little pocket of ISIS left in southwest Syria is essentially ‘protected’ by the FSA, and by implication: the U.S., Israel and Jordan. The SAA still has to fight their way across a lot of heavily-FSA-defended land just to get to that pocket – that could take months. Not sure how the cease-fire will affect SAA access, but ISIS isn’t included. Either Russian will go after them or the U.S. has agreed to take care of them via the FSA or otherwise. If the FSA is not fighting the SAA in the southwest, then then have no excuse any more not to attack the ISIS pocket instead. If they don’t, then the entire Fake ISIS ruse is exposed. In either case, the ISIS pocket there was always a convenient excuse for Israel to grab more Syrian land on the pretext of invading to attack ISIS. They can’t use that excuse if the entire southwest FSA now has nothing to do except attack that pocket. This will be extremely interesting – there are several reasons the U.S./Israel/GCC wanted that fake ISIS pocket to exist and be protected.

Freeing-Up Tens of Thousands of SAA/IRCG/Hezbollah Troops with Their Equipment and Air Support for More Important Battles (Damascus/Deir EzZor) Everyone seems to miss this point. There are A LOT of resources devoted to Daara today. If the SAA can leave without worrying about the FSA re-taking Daraa territory back, then that just freed up a lot of forces to finally clear out the East Ghouta pocket around Damascus, and allows more forces to make their way to the east through Palmyra to relieve Deir EzZor.



Real Anti-Racist Action

CNN is social engineering the world to attack Russia now as the controlled media socially engineered the world to attack and carve up Germany and Syria and Libya.
Ann Coulter exposes who owns and runs all of CNN!
https://www.dailystormer.com/ann-coulter-hanassholesolo-was-right-about-jew-control-of-cnn/comment image

Aung Naing

Who trust CNN?

John Brown

The cease fire is good for the SAA to concentrate on one enemy at at a time. It is very temporary as the US can’t keep any promises even if they want to without the approval of their racist supremacist Jewish slave masters. If it lasts a couple of weeks it will have been worth it.

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