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JUNE 2023

Russia And Ukraine Agreed To Establish Joint Coordination Center On Grain Exports

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Russia And Ukraine Agreed To Establish Joint Coordination Center On Grain Exports

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The four-way talks on the grain export from Ukrainian ports between Moscow and Kiev that also involved Turkey and the UN ended in Istanbul. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar claimed that the Russian and Ukrainian military delegations had agreed to establish a joint coordination center on grain exports in Istanbul that will include representatives from all parties.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry said In a brief statement that its representatives prepared a package of proposals regarding the export of the Ukrainian grain that would be discussed at today’s meeting in Istanbul.

According to the Turkish official, the sides reached an agreement on on technical issues such as joint controls at the destination points and the safety of navigation on the transfer routes. At the same time the delegations of Russia and Ukraine are set to review all the details once again in another meeting next week.

The parties were expected to make any breakthrough in the negotiation process after the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba claimed that Kiev and Moscow were “two steps away” from reaching an agreement on grain exports as well as after several military developments on the front lines.

Kiev and Western nations have accused Moscow of preventing Ukrainian grain shipments from leaving the Black Sea ports. Russia has denied such accusations. In turn, the Ukrainian side mined the waters threatening the navigation in the area.

Amid ongoing accusations against Moscow for allegedly using the food crisis as a weapon, Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as Russian military officials have constantly declared that Russia was not impeding exports, blaming the West for its “cynical attitude” towards the food supply to developing nations, which have been the most affected by the soaring prices.

In late June, Russian forces left Zmeiy Island after another attack of Ukrainian forces on their military positions. The Russian military claimed that the withdrawal from the island was a step towards Kiev aimed at declaring the Russian readiness to support the international efforts to secure the grain export from the Ukrainian ports. In turn, Kiev made no efforts to demine the area.


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Naval blockade is something that the UK used in their every war since 18th century. So did the US, Lincoln even blockaded Southern states during the Civil war (the Anaconda plan to literally strangulate South). So why Russia keeps with these goodwill concessions instead to increase war effort?

Yes, it’s humane to allow food transit. But not very smart to support Ukr. economy or to allow ships to bring heavy weapons.

Last edited 10 months ago by Leonard

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Last edited 10 months ago by Anglia

…But they are at war Killing each other!?… Looks like the commodity market(s) wins over human life AGAIN by the Central Banker(s) BOTH East and West!…

Because profit is the most priceless treasure above even human “collateral damage”. And the 99% appear to be so “willing” to give themselves to the benefit of the 1%!

Last edited 10 months ago by Matt
Pamfil Military Academy

Perfectly CORRECT. Bad for the vast human life wasted in Ukraine both sides.


stupid to do this right after ukraine uses new deadly weapons on civilians and manages to destroy several russian ammunition depots

Pamfil Military Academy

I don’t wanted to accept that ALL is a fake jew orchestrated theater on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of victims in this induced war, but now it’s VERY CLEAR. Putin is part of that game. Period. Like China is also.


USA-NATO pressure on shithole russia is working…heheheh

AM Hants

Projecting? How much territory has Ukraine lost so far?

Hungarian ministry of Culture

We have attempted to create coordination w ukropystan govt on export of Ukrainian prostitutes—their pimp zelensky refuses to share profits

Pamfil Military Academy

Now it’s crystal clear ALL is a well orchestrated WAR theater, with Putin having a major role, on behalf of the misery of millions in Ukraine plus the hundreds of thousands of victims both sides. The fake jews again fooled Russia and most of the world as the Covid hoax was. Too many broken words for the russians till now. Russia have no more my support ever. Period. Only my pure military commentaries as any decent military academy do.

Last edited 10 months ago by Pamfil Military Academy

Don’t like it. Why make deals with your enemy while there is a war on? First you defeat the enemy, then you talk. If they, (the Kiev vermin) are concerned about they way things are going, they can lay down their weapons and surrender. Till that has happened — No talking to them!


Very very dangerous and stupid for Russia. It’s too easy for the USA (Kiev) to sabotage this any way they see fit.

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