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Russia And Turkey Reach Agreement On Tell Rifaat, Kurdish Force And Syrian Army To Withdraw – Report

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Russia And Turkey Reach Agreement On Tell Rifaat, Kurdish Force And Syrian Army To Withdraw – Report

FILE IMAGE: Russian Military Police service members are in Syria

Russia and Turkey have reached an agreement on the future of the city of Tell Rifaat in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, the London-based al-Araby al-Jadeed outlet reported on June 14. The agreement is allegedly aimed at allowing the civilians to return to their houses in the northern city.

Under the agreement, units of the Turkish military will be deployed in Tell Rifaat side by side with the Russian Military Police, which was deployed there few months ago. From their side, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG) will withdraw from the city.

While the agreement will facilitate the return of civilians to Tell Rifaat, Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups and fighters will not be allowed to enter the city at all, according to al-Araby al-Jadeed.

Syrian pro-government sources said that the SAA began its withdrawal from Tell Rifaat in May. Several units of the SAA were deployed in the Kurdish-held city following the Turkish attack on the nearby Afrin area earlier this year.

The agreement is a very similar to the Turkish-US agreement on the city of Manbij. Such agreements will lower the tension in northern Syria, but will also creat de facto safe zones, which may last for years to come.

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SAA withdrawing from its own Syrian territory?

Something is missing from the “story” about that action


Tactical move for the sake of peaceful co-existence.


WE disagree but thanks anyway


Putin is behind: the YPG-leader Barzani is a MOSSAD-asset


I suspect so


I would give up temporarily on “part of my farm land” if the friends whom I have called to help me to liberate my property would advise me to do it…
The answer is YES I would !

So you claim that “ASHKENAZI Jews have convinced” Iranians also on all their evil plan?

For the moment the only person who looks to me deceiving ( like Jew ) is YOU !


THAT was not my precise question but you evasive answer tells me the truth about you


The answer on your RIGGED question is YES !!!

Like I care what guy like you would “know” or think of me…


Remember that, which you just stated and don’t comment to me

I didn’t comment to you first

I simply responded to your Zionist-sponsored B.S., to me.


You are full of it just like all other armchair generals here.
You all think that you all individually know much better than Putin and army of his experts and generals together.
You have no secret services, army, and endless experts yet you know everything better than them and you are 100% sure that this is betrayal of Assad or maybe even that Putin is crypto Jew or whatever other stupid idea comes to your mind
You all posture with pretentious high moral ground and keep slandering and lecturing even though you have no clue (like the rest of us) what are the real reasons for their decisions.

All your commenting is just pile of crap that is in service of you huge ego.

Yes I will not comment your carp again, actually I will block you to be sure not to make mistake.


One up for you ,for recognizing my GENIUS and Military prowess.

It may have something to do with I and my Irish family being REBELS , who defeated the British,using GUERRILLA warfare tactics, technically, in 1959.

Yes, I am that old.

Be good now, because Israel is next, and those cowards will be a cinch :-)

Feudalism Victory

It would be illuminating to see the israeli army get dirty fighting in close taking on multiple strong points and dense urban areas getting attacked from all directions.

Of course they have all fancy weapons and easy resupply.


But they lack Courage and a Moral cause

MY Irish mates could take them out within 3 months, using Guerrilla tactics.

We did,with the British, when we finally got serious with them and “Queenie”

Chris P

There is no supply route to Assad from Russia without Turkey, you gotta play ball with them or have war. The decision was to cooperate with the Turks to be able to resupply and avoid another enemy. Israel, USA and the terrorist are enough to deal with for now. You gotta give a little to get a little.
The FSA will implode on themselves and the Turks will end up with a problem eventually.
It is the only option for the time being, or the Turks become better Friends with USA. What would happen then? One step at a time.
I respect you though and it is very abstract to see the SAA withdraw, but is better to see the Kurds withdraw too. Additionally, it places the Americans in a bad situation again. What other options are they other than play ball with the Turks. The hold the supply route to Syria and Iran is not a good ally in the sense that they legitimize Israel air attacks.


Depends on what the “little” is of – QUALITY or QUANTITY and most importantly – What is the motive of people,like, but not limited to, yourself in defending the action?

I am not accusing , just suggesting some HONEST INTROSPECTION

The younger you are the less likely that you will EXAMINE your motives

Your BELIEFS will be more important, to yourself, than REASON and Empirical evidence, unfortunately, which is why young people are more valuable in WARS.

They OBEY more easily without question


Eh.. tactical friendship-gesture from PUTIN for Erdogan, not to lose the a##hole and on long-terms to try to crack NATO, helping TURKEY to drift-away from the NATO-structures.
And the wh0re Erdogan “stays in the middle” and lets “THE SUITORS” from both sides (Russia & NATO) treat him kind and bring him presents, like once the Sultans expected from visitors..
….And next year Erdogan jumps back to NATO (WITH TROOPS IN SYRIA !!) if the Rockefellers & their NWO-Connection by Pentagon, CIA & World-Bank (the TURK NEEDS MONEY.. HE ALWAYS EXPECTS MONEY) will ask BILDERBERG to blackmail GERMANY to agree that TURKEY may join the E.U. and Turkish hordes ( so m..only 6-7 Millions, if not more!) will “complete” the Arab-ISIS hordes that flooded Europe


And I suspect the SAA troops are needed elsewhere


Tell Rifaat was officially under Kurdish control so there is no official “withdrawing” or renouncing of territory by SAA ….Surly not the way you try to present it.

All this was agreed long time ago in Astana (Iranians were there also remember?!)
Iranians also have “control posts” and Syria is not exactly their country either.
All this control posts were MUTUALLY agreed by all 3 sides.
The problem is that nobody (including you) knows the details of agreement.
But bitching is for free and all this conspiracy theories and slandering

Sorry that all doesn’t fit well with you armchair generals, because they forgot to consult you before deciding to do all that

Feudalism Victory

I hate when im not consulted


If we come here only for cheerleadering for Assad (it is nice but it is idiotic and it is propaganda without content) than I am at the wrong place.
I come here also to learn something and in uniform thinking there is nothing to learn.
Assad obviously do not agree with Russia and Iran on Astana agreement because he has already said that : US, France,Turkey must leave the country.
Iran have had accepted Astana agreement for their own reasons which just shows us that even Assad and Iran are not 100% same in their objectives and methods how to achieve free Syria.
It is even normal because Syria is Assad’s country and it hurts him lot that his country is making compromise agreements with his enemy through her allays .
If all this is just Putin’s treason and arrangements (as some simplistically suggest) with Turkey than we would have very strong reaction from Iran and Assad already.
If not that means that they are informed about all this from the start.

Instead using their heads many here right nonsense.
And that’s what my rant is about


UK, US, IsraHell, France, Italy…..just Fuck Off….or pay the price…


Sure, the first that agreed to pay a price, was no other than BIBI NETANYAHU ! :))comment image

Syria was only the appetizer, now comes the entrée /main-course :IRAN.


comment image

Kire Stojanovski

If true, it would be a really wrong move by Russia, I think. If the US-Turkish agreement on Manbij pushed the Kurds to accept negotiations with the SAA without any preconditions (there was report about it here on Southfront I think), then this Russian-Turkish agreement would push them back. And of course, the SAA should have control over every inch of the Syrian territory! As Freespirit also said, it is nosens the SAA to be withdrawing from its own Syrian territory.


its the right move for the agenda,period.

Feudalism Victory

Yea turkey will never withdraw. The russian mps will leave as soon as a political process is implemented


sorry folks but gotta laugh about this one.
How often did I explain here the agenda?? how often did i tell u people here, there is no good usa or bad usa or good russia or bad russia…its the agenda.
And now……Russia makes agreements with invading forces on how to occupy syrian territory……and by doing this, ORDERING the SAA the syrian army to withdraw in its own country.
If this aint no eye opener nothing will brothers.
The agenda:
A one world government with jerusalem as its capital under jewish satanic leadership.
and they are all in to it.usa,russia,eu,china etc…
its those countries that do not RECOGNIZE the illegal entity named israel that are not in on the agenda.now take a wild quess which countries I´m talking about…………

Romulus Nicola

I think you might be right.


Well I will say this it is sure a nice change from the past few years?


A picture thousand words, right?……





It is only the Elite Bro….that is just bloody 1% + 3% Hardcore Henchmen and a Shitload of weapons…Lock & Load.. let’m start sum shit…or try to put me in their Gulags II…..


and take a quess whos meeting putin in moskau today????????????????????????????????????

Mohammed bin salman

they will be smiling , shaking hands, selling those pricks weapon technology…oh oppps by the way… thiis crazy fuck bin salman started the invasion and genocide in jemen…..this bastard was and is finanzing the takfiri terrorists , not only in syria but bosnia,afghanistan and the far east lol and is the BIGGEST ENEMY of the so called russian allied nation of Iran.
well thats the time for the special sentence……..with friends like these, who needs enemies…lol

You can call me Al

They shook hands, when Russia scored their first goal. 2-0 Russia now @ HT.


Full-time 5-0. Should have been more

You can call me Al

Brilliant first round so far.Russia won.
Iran won.
Mexico won.

Brilliant 1st round so far.


Life is not about passion.
There is something called brain and it was used also to recognize nuances in everything.
You are not big supporter of nuances.
All you have is bombastic exaggerations (which can impress locals obviously) but sometime is far from the truth.
Because it mixes up the facts with the exaggerations.
And I always thought that finding the truth is the main objective of the forums like this.

Because “RI” or any other outlet is not about writing the truth so we must find it for ourselves..
I do not say I know the truth but at least I can recognize when one is exaggerating.

Saudi’s are not exactly the “BIGGEST ENEMY” but US and Israel.
Maybe they are just trying to have posture of the “biggest enemy”
I’ll give you example:
Saudi’s are at least on the paper Muslims and if they chose today to have similar policy towards Israel and US like Iran they would get long quite well with Iran
Maybe even become big friends.

Promitheas Apollonious

This sounds very wrong.


On short-terms maybe the agreement guarantees the people there safety, but on long-terms it stinks very Turkish..
Let’s see and try to figure out how it really looks like: you have Assad-troops AND Russian Military Police and some YPG-Kurds that would f*ck-off anyway, pounded by the Turkish Army. And if they not want to go, later by the SAA or/and the Russians.

And NOW? : the LEGAL MILITARY PRESENCE in a SYRIAN CITY is replaced by two foreign Armies: Russian and Turkish.
Well… I don’t have details about the agreement, so I don’t take final conclusions, BUT it rather stinks than it looks good.

Concerned citizen

Tell Turkey to Fuck Off into their country.

If they don’t go then kill them too.

Dušan Mirić

Whatever the explanation is I feel it is wrong. Their hand s are bloody up to shoulders and Turks should retrieve from Syria


Oh yeah. About Manbij, it was declared that the Kurds were leaving and then everything went silent. This is much more complicated than news reports let on and these things are declared before they become a certain fact.


The alternative is very grim. As described by Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, “The
truth is that Israel is well prepared to massacre hundreds and
thousands, and to expel tens of thousands. Nothing will stop it. This is
the end of conscience, the show of morality is over. The last few days’
events have proved it decisively. The tracks have been laid, the
infrastructure for the horror has been cast. Dozens of years of
brainwashing, demonization and dehumanization have borne fruit. The
alliance between the politicians and the media to suppress reality and
deny it has succeeded. Israel is set to commit horrors. Nobody will
stand in its way any longer. Not from within or from without.”period….

Empire's Frontiers

The Russians are satisfied to leave turkey over leveraged and exposed.

Occupying the northern region, consolidating the jihadis, and eventually producing a viable and controllable negotiating body for eventual reconciliation seems to be the goal.

Turkey’s turkeys have to stick their necks out pretty far to keep the party going so far south of their borders.

Erdogan has 99 problems on top of Syria.

The Russians seem patient and pragmatic, geared toward whichever path takes the most men away from the front lines.


“Such agreements will lower tension and…..help create ‘safe zones’,….which, may last for many years to come”. What a load of BOLLIX. The SAA leaving part of it’s own country as if they are terrorists in their own land. There is truly something sick and wrong with this so-called ‘agreement’. Admittedly, none here have an inside track on the real deal that has been struck. However, this in my opinion is sending the ‘wrong message’ to the greatest possible number of people, vested interests, tribes and nations in the Levant; to undermine whatever the ‘real deal’ is supposed to accomplish….It’s like a smack in the face to all the families and tribes of the nation whose fathers, sons, brothers, cousins who gave their lives in the re-conquest of their homeland.

That Guy

That’s some bullshit-type agreement

Willing Conscience (The Truths

All this means is the Turks will let the bastards back in under the noses of the Russians.
Putin’s an absolute genius when it comes to anything to do with political or economic interests, but militarily, he shows us a different side of himself, an absolute moron.


Link to source…

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