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Russia And Turkey Conclude First Ever Anti-Militant Exercise In Idlib

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Russia And Turkey Conclude First Ever Anti-Militant Exercise In Idlib

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On September 1st, the first joint Turkish-Russian exercise in Ternaba, Idlib concluded.

This is the second exercise that took place in two days, with the first one taking place on August 31st.

The two militaries exercised having their patrols attacked by terrorists and combating them.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the exercise was successful.

The head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria confirmed the exercise took place.

The commander stated that “Russian military police and Turkish armed forces conducted the first joint exercise.”

“The exercise included a joint shooting of subversive groups affiliated with armed gangs that refuse reconciliation, withdrawing the affected military equipment, and providing first-aid to wounded,” he added.

He further clarified, “This exercise aims to guarantee the safety of Russian-Turkish joint patrols on the M4 Highway in Idlib to ease escalation.”

Russia And Turkey Conclude First Ever Anti-Militant Exercise In Idlib

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Russia And Turkey Conclude First Ever Anti-Militant Exercise In Idlib

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Russia And Turkey Conclude First Ever Anti-Militant Exercise In Idlib

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Armed groups repeatedly attacked Russian-Turkish joint patrols on the M4 Highway that connects Aleppo to Latakia, the last of which was on August 25th, when two Russian soldiers were injured and a Russian armored vehicle was damaged.

In a statement, the Russian Reconciliation Center confirmed that armed groups fired a grenade launcher at the patrol.

Earlier, on August 18th, an improvised explosive device detonated on the route of the Russian military convoy in Syria. As a result, three Russian soldiers were wounded. During the evacuation of the wounded, a Russian senior military adviser was killed.

Many of the militants in Idlib are conditionally allied to Turkey, but evidently there is no issue with biting the hand that feeds.

To reinforce that, a new group which identified itself as “Saraya Abu Bakr al-Siddiq” said it is a jihadist faction and claimed responsibility for an attempted attack on a Turkish military base in Southern Idlib.

And to provide some context on Turkey’s activities in Idlib, and likely why even the jihadists are turning on it: the photograph below shows a fertilizer which says “Produced in Idlib, Turkey.”

Russia And Turkey Conclude First Ever Anti-Militant Exercise In Idlib

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It should be reminded that city of Idlib and surrounding area is under Syrian sovereignty and it has been so, for a while, but it is showing what Turkey’s aspirations are for the area it occupies.


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Porc Halal



US was doing “exercises” and training terrorists many other NATO countries also, so why are you disgusted only now?

Porc Halal

because the relationship between the two sides seems to me one against nature, that’s why … it’s like a marriage of complacency at which you expect to fall apart from moment to moment …. or, as the late W. Shakespeare said, “something is rotten in the state of Denmark!”…


NATO membership


Exercise.. Exercise! Not live fire, no ISIS died.

The Objective

A good development


This is Bullshit,all this is doing is preventing the SAA from liberating Idlib.


Good. Let’s do these exercises against French troops next time:)

Servet Köseoğlu

we dont need russkies..we are always alone..hint:Our lovely soldier is using Pkm.%80 of mg3’s sent to our brothers.


Can’t figure out if Putain is a Jew or a Muslim now, but he isn’t a Christian for sure. :] It’s all about control, Putain supported Erdogan in turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque because he wants Russia to be the only “center” for Orthodox Christians and wants people to forget everything else, as if Russia is the first Christian country even though Christianity is in fact a middle-eastern religion. Putain is a puppet to the sultan and it’s obvious. Respect to Turkey for being able to make Russia their bitch though.


According to you he is Jew+Turk+Orthodox Christian extremist. So much about your analysis… pathetic.


Waste of time.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Isn’t it ridiculous, the Turkish backed factions are continually attacking the Turks and Russians in an effort to stop them reopening the M4 highway, and yet strangely the Kurdish YPG/SDF are doing very little to stop the Turks and Russian’s reopening the M4 [the US do by blocking Russian patrols], so I think we can expect the M4 to be reopened in US held territory long before it’s reopened in Turkish held territory, and who the hell would’ve of though that could possibly happen, I didn’t. Resolution 2254 and the Astana agreements left out all the terrorist groups like HTS and only included the so called moderate groups in the negotiation process, and now some of the [so called] moderate Turkish backed groups are upset with Turkey for not including their pro Turkish terrorist allies [but not HTS] in the Astana agreements. So now they’re attacking Turkey to try and force them into making a better deal with Russia which would include their terrorist friends in the political process [that’s the way these d-heads negotiate], but instead the Turks are making a deal with the Russians to deal with them militarily, so it’s not working is it, LOL. Erdogan also lets the US do his dirty work too, their ninja missile chop up the pro Turkish terrorist commanders when they step out of line and complain too much, so that puts Russia, Turkey and the US all on the same page when it comes to the Astana agreements and resolution 2254, nothing’s going to stop this resolution being implemented, not even the very people Erdogan claims to represent. I can just imagine what Assad thinks of all this. :]

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