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Russia and the US about to renew talks on Syrian air space

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Due to the risk of mid-air incidents, both nations will try to reach an agreement on air safety.

Russia and the US about to renew talks on Syrian air space

Sukhoi-24 fighter

Counter-terror campaigns led by some nations in Syria have originated an overcrowding in the air space of the Islamic nation. This, after aircrafts from France, Israel, US led coalition, Russia and Syria itself have been air striking targets of the Islamic extremist group, ISIS.

Perhaps the main incident happened last weekend when both, American and Russian aircrafts were operating in the same battle zone. It’s been reported that both aircrafts could even make visual contact, so the risk of a mid-air collision was imminent.

For that reason, Ashton Carter, Secretary of Defense of the US, claimed his interest of reaching an agreement with his Russian counterpart in order to grant the safety of airmen, despite differences between both nations, as he reported. Russian Defense Ministry has already sent a draft project on air safety to the Pentagon.

Al this happens while the US keeps criticizing Russia’s approach in the Syrian conflict, disregarding the fact that their effectiveness is quite questionable compared to the advances reached by Russian offensive until now.


Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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