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Russia and Syria Accuse U.S. Of Stopping Refugees From Evacuating From Rukhban Camp

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Russia and Syria Accuse U.S. Of Stopping Refugees From Evacuating From Rukhban Camp

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On February 27th, the interagency coordination headquarters of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic released a statement claiming that the US is hindering the exit of civilians from the Rukhban camp.

“Since 19th of February 2019, the government of Syria, together with the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides and Refugee Migration Monitoring, ensures the function of humanitarian corridor and the Jleb checkpoint for the exit of Syrian citizens from the Rukban camp.

This initiative is supported by the UN and the countries bordering Syria, first of all by Jordan. The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has begun to develop a comprehensive Plan for evacuation of Syrian citizens from the Rukban camp.”

Meanwhile, armed groups controlled by the US, led by Mahavir as-Saura are detaining refugees trying to leave the camp and demand a large sum of money to allow exit, according to the statement.

“Women, children, the disabled people have no support. The level of violence, including sexual violence, continues to be at high level. Among the inhabitants of the camp there are eradicated in the world practice diseases, such as pediculosis and scabies. People continue to die of hypothermia, insanitary conditions, skin diseases, influenza, measles, tuberculosis, asthma, lack of basic medical care, food and fuel.

There have been cases of refugees falling into “food” slavery because of lack of money. The assistance provided by international organizations falls into the hands of militants and is unable to radically improve the situation.”

However, the US is attempting to shift responsibility to the Syrian and Russian sides and accuses them of blocking humanitarian aid for the refugees.

The US control of the al-Tanf zone interferes with the exit and also misleads refugees in thinking they cannot leave. According to the statement they also spread rumors that they would be in danger if they return on Syrian soil.

During the humanitarian convoy in early February 2019, representatives of the UN and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent carried out a survey in the Rukhban camp.

The results were the following:

“95% of residents want to leave the camp, and 83% of respondents would like to return to their places of permanent residence, while 80% of them – to the territory under the control of the government- and only 3% – to areas beyond the control of the Syrian authorities, 17% – undecided.

The areas to which the Rukban camp residents have expressed a desire to return, named the Khalidiyeh (20 km southwest of Aleppo), al-Amara (7 km south of Aleppo), Tadmor (Palmyra), Mkhin (57 km southeast of Homs), al-Karyatein (70 km southeast of Homs), the suburbs of Damascus, Homs, Raqqa and Aleppo are ready for their receiving and accommodation. Places of medical examination, sanitary epidemiological treatment, food, rest, registration of documents and material support are deployed at these points.”

The statement also claimed that the Syrian and Russian sides are ready to transport these residents to their places of permanent residence. The Syrian government guarantees the security of temporarily displaced persons and a simplified procedure of documents recovery.

Finally, the statement concluded that on March 1st, the Syrian government, in coordination with Russia, will form additional humanitarian convoys for the voluntary and unhindered return of the Rukhban camp residents to their places of permanent residence.

“The entry of the columns into the illegally occupied by USA zone around al-Tanf for the evacuation of refugees from the Rukban camp will be carried out in coordination with the UN.

We strongly encourage the United States to influence controlled bandit formations and to create all conditions for the passage of these humanitarian convoys to the Rukban camp and the return of the Syrians to their homes.”

This is in continuation of a joint statement of February 16th that the humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of Syrians Rukban camp two checkpoints at Jleb and Jabal al-Ghurab were opened.

Finally, on February 26th, the UN Security Council held a meeting on the need of humanitarian aid in Syria.

Russian Ambassador the UN Vassily Nebenzia said that several areas were of concerns, especially ones occupied by US, which “are worsening the general situation in Rukban.  International law requires the occupying Power, the United States, to ensure that humanitarian aid is delivered, if the occupied territory has inadequate supplies, and it must work with national authorities to ensure that proper health and medical services are provided, he said, pointing out that on 19 February, two evacuation corridors were established, with help from the Russian Federation.”

On February 27th, Russia inquired the UN to provide information about the fate of humanitarian cargo, delivered to the Rukban camp for Syrian refugees, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin told TASS.

“Recently, the second humanitarian cargo delivery to Rukban has taken place. We requested full information on how the mission proceeded, in what conditions the delivery has taken place, whether the aid has reached the intended recipients, whether there were cases of humanitarian cargo falling into wrong hands,” he said.

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Pave Way IV

Damn you, Putin! That’s OUR death camp. Except the mass graves part. We don’t know nothing about that. That must have been Assad’s doing before we got there. That murdering bastard!

Xoli Xoli

Russia is a state who were call to help.Syrian Government must go in forcefully with air support and evacuate refugees from this inhuman centre without proper toilets,shops recreation,school centers. Human beings are not animals to stay in camps.USA NATO regimes changes,looting,freezing sovereign states assets gold,oil,gas and money stealing democracy must be stop know.Not tomorrow or yesterday today.

Jens Holm

What ever You say, Russians only promised, that Assads were safe.

As seen, they have even making interest spheres with USA and probatly Turkey as well. The rest is declared a an internal affair – or at least was.

So Russia help in negosiations, making pressure and only are keepers.

Thats how I recall it.

For that they have got much better harbour facilities(some said 10 vessels can be there in stead of 3. I do not know the seize).

And next the many weapons and a lot of food mainly to bake bread, has to be paid back for oil. I dont know the details for oil. Russia also will help drilling oil. Much is destroyed and all things are are old and evene very pritive old, old.

I am not sure, You get the whole point by USA. Assads now are reduced to hardly nothing and if a peace came tomorrow, none will help the Assad parts at all. Only Russia will, but have very limited ressources for it.


You are not seeing the evidences. Assad has support of his people in 95% of Syria.

Xoli Xoli

If USA NATO can evacuate ISIS from various parts of Syria to Iraq, Tajikistan border,Afghanistan why is Russia also not evacuating legitimate Syrian population from this inhuman USA war centre Al Tanf Rukban.concentration camp to reintegration part .Putin should know Russia is not in Syria for own purposes but were requested to come and help Syrian government and protect it.Not that hijack close door convincing arguments of USA by Kerry and Satanyahu leave us alone and test your weapons. Russia has a obligation to fullfill as a superpower making agreements with Syrian government enemies won’t bring peace but let to Syrian decided by USA,Turkey, Britain, France and Israel and split up in quasy state.Putin please step aside with you blood sucker evil tall Erdogan and Russian army will put USA NATO at its rightful place of losers.

Jens Holm

Russia has its own agenda.

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