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Russia and Israel Resurrected their Relations

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Russia and Israel Resurrected their Relations

© Ruptly / RT

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

On June 7, in Moscow a meeting took place between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at which economic cooperation between the two countries was disused, including in the energy sector. Putin noted that the reason for the visit of Netanyahu is the 25th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel and stressed that the Soviet Union was the first to recognize the Israeli state. At a joint press conference, Netanyahu said: “Our doors are open to all companies, that have extensive experience in developing gas fields, including Russian ones.” Israeli Prime Minister added that there are no legal obstacles to the participation of Russian companies in the Israeli energy projects.

Another aspect of the bilateral meeting was cooperation in the fight against terrorism. In front of journalists, Putin stated: “We discussed the need for joint efforts to combat international terrorism. Israel knows what it means to fight terrorism. In this sense, we are unconditional allies”.

According to Putin, negotiations will begin this year on a free trade zone between Israel and the Eurasian Economic Union. He added that trade and economic ties between the two countries have been subject to the influence of adverse factors, but that he believes that the creation of a free trade area will create incentives for their development.

Russia and Israel will join forces against attempts to rewrite the history of World War II. “World War II is a very sensitive topic. Our peoples fought together against Nazism and paid a huge price to achieve victory. That’s why we need to honor the memory of the heroes and victims of the war and to oppose attempts for the Holocaust to be forgotten and for history to be rewritten” said the Russian head of state.

Asked whether the contract with the Polish gas company PGNiG, which expires in 2022, will be extended, Vladimir Putin said that in case of refusal by Poland, the Russian “Gazprom” will offer such volumes of gas to other European companies.

“Our partners in Poland have not yet given up on anything. However, the statement was made by a senior official in the government and the company that buys Russian gas is state property. Therefore we do not exclude such an outcome.”

The Russian president said that Moscow has not given up on either “Turkish Stream” or “South Stream”, but unequivocally stated: ” We need a clear position from the European Commission. A clear, comprehensible and unambiguous position, which is currently absent from either of the two projects “.

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Real Anti-Racist Action

Herein lies the truth…

Veritas Vincit

Although some Russian analysts may believe that developing cooperative projects can serve as a mechanism to improve relations between involved states (mutually beneficial), I would suggest that cooperative projects involving members of opposing blocs presents far greater risks than benefits.

The sabotage of Russian energy projects is an ongoing objective of broader bloc members (of which both Israel and Turkey belong). Indeed, Russian energy supplies have been and will continue to be subject to ongoing sabotage operations regardless of any state to state agreements. Considerable investment would in time translate to considerable losses.

It is also worth observing that in addition to (indirect but active) involvement in economic warfare operations [3][4] against Russia and allied proxy warfare operations [1][2], Israel (in collaboration with U.S./NATO operations) is also involved in ongoing regime change operations within Russia (efforts to install aligned political assets to engineer Russia as a client state/vassal). It is actively involved in allied operations to sabotage Russian energy supplies (and is involved in allied pipeline projects that seek to replace Russian pipeline distribution routes). The U.S./NATO/Israel bloc is also engaged in destabilisation operations (efforts to engineer civil protests/unrest involving the application of colour revolution technology) and partition operations (through involvement in allied operations supporting separatist/militant groups, some of which are conducting terrorist operations). A priority of this bloc is to develop technology to overcome/penetrate Russian defensive missile systems. Israel is firmly aligned with the U.S./NATO bloc and despite any (disingenuous) claims to the contrary, diplomatic manoeuvres or official rhetoric, its actions are that of an adversary of the Russian Federation. Any desire to reorient Israel away from the U.S./NATO bloc towards the Russian Federation is in the realm of wishful thinking

As such it is more beneficial to develop cooperative projects with strategic allies, not strategic adversaries (or members of an adversarial bloc). Indeed, in the context of unfolding developments (preparations for the potential situation of direct military conflict between opposing blocs), both Israel and Turkey will augment allied military operations of the bloc of which they are aligned. Conciliatory rhetoric by Israeli officials will likely remain manipulation (generally employed when there is a desire to coerce Russian positions/concessions or in situations where there may be fear of adverse responses/retaliation for actions undertaken).

As for the belief that there can be “cooperation in the fight against terrorism”, Israel is involved in allied bloc proxy warfare operations (for example: against Syria; covert support of the U.S./NATO regime changed/coup installed Ukrainian regime operations; military support of Azerbaijan against Armenia/Nagorno-Karabakh; etc.). Therefore such cooperation is and would continue to be inconsistent with realities. Israel will continue to support allied bloc operations. In the event of direct military conflict between military blocs, Israel will be integrated into the military operations of the U.S./NATO bloc (as it currently is). Most Russian analysts would no doubt recognise this reality. In short, conciliatory rhetoric is incompatible with broader strategic realities. Israel will remain an adversary of the Russian Federation, a reality that should be evident through its ongoing operations.

References. 1. “For past seven years, Israeli companies have been helping [the] Georgian army to prepare for war against Russia through arms deals, training of infantry units and security advice.” (War in Georgia: The Israeli connection, Ynet News [Israel], 10/08/2008)

2. “Israel’s air strikes…. wiped out newly-arrived Russian hardware including missiles that were dispatched post haste to help Syria and Hezbollah frustrate a US plan for a no-fly zone over northern Syria…. ” (Israel air strikes wiped out Russian hardware for thwarting US no-fly zone plan over Syria, Debka, 08/12/2014) [Although this report is not verified by Russian sources, it still communicates the adversarial position of Israel]

3. “what David Petraeus has done for counter-insurgency warfare, Stuart Levey [succeeded by David Cohen and later Adam Szubin] has done for economic warfare” [Senator Joe Lieberman]. (US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Daniel Glaser and Philip Goldberg were other key individuals involved in economic warfare operations against Russia and other states)

4. “An Economic War Between Superpowers is Reaching a Global Scale….. In the U.S., an Institute of Economic Warfare (IEW) exists….. It is created by the neocons, and one of leading ideologist’s of which is a former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle [closely affiliated with Benjamin Netanyahu]….. a large-scale economic war has unfolded against Russia.” (The End of the Market, South Front, 30/11/2015)


This is not good news, Russia does not need the jews or their racist state to be their ally. If they do that they will lose Syria, Lebanon and Iran, their only true friends in the Middle East. The Zionist regime will always look down at the Russian people (all goyim) and at Christians.

Veritas Vincit

“the bilateral decision for the joint war game was tied to an agreement to allow Russian gas companies to compete for contracts to develop Israel’s Leviathan and Tamar offshore gas fields….. Putin had tried repeatedly to win a foothold for Russian companies, especially energy giant Gazprom, in the development of Israel’s offshore gas fields and export industry. The Russian leader tried to convince Netanyahu by saying that the presence of the Russian navy and air force in the area would guarantee that no Arab or Muslim military force, such as those of Iran, Syria and Hizballah, would attack the gas fields…. Both the Russian military and the IDF appreciate that this shared maneuver may result in mutual exposure of some of their military secrets.” (First ever Israeli-Russian war game is coming, Debka, June 10, 2016)

Besides the resources involved being subject to ownership dispute (translating to likely illegal extraction of resources), moral issues aside, the strategic objectives should be questioned. Seeking to enhance cooperation with an adversarial state (that is part of an opposing military bloc) is counter-productive. Joint military exercises can not only compromise military technology (albeit on both sides) but more importantly it sends a message to other parties. There is little recognition of the broader harm that would result from such initiatives. By sending mixed signals, the Russian Federation will damage ties/create distrust (and therefore compromise cooperation) with strategic allies (Syria, Iran, etc.). In the context of unfolding events/developments, the harm to existing strategic alliances can be more profound than any hoped for benefits by cooperative initiatives with strategic adversaries (that are unlikely to translate to long term situations, particularly recognising broader bloc economic sabotage operations will continue).

Israel is fully integrated with the U.S./NATO bloc and augments its operations. Those who believe cooperative initiatives can reorient Israel towards the Russian Federation away from the U.S./NATO bloc (or will somehow cease its ongoing operations against and within the Russian Federation) are merely engaging in wishful thinking. It is respectfully advisable for Russian analysts/officials to reconsider such policies, particularly recognising the detrimental outcomes will likely outweigh any hoped for objectives.

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