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JUNE 2023

Russia And Damascus Against “Terrorist Democracy” In Greater Idlib

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In Syria’s Greater Idlib, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham continues its attempts at rebranding, all the while keeping up its usual militant activity.

As per the Russian Reconciliation Center, militants in Greater Idlib shelled the surrounding areas 32 times on April 6th.

Another al-Qaeda affiliated militant group in Greater Idlib, Ansar al-Islam, posted photographs of its activities in Idlib province. The footage showed the work of terrorist snipers targeting the Syrian Arab Army. This is more than likely a tool to show that the Damascus government cannot impede their activities, and serves as a recruitment method.

The Russian Aerospace Forces continue responding to all violations by striking militant positions. On April 6th, an air raid was carried out near the settlement of Basankul in Idlib.

In spite of the Damascus Government and Russia’s attempt to deter the militants, the United Nations sent 88 trucks of humanitarian aid to Syria’s Idlib. The aid is supposed to be distributed among the needy people in Idlib and its surrounding areas. It is more likely that it is being used by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and other militant groups to consolidate their grip on the region.

In addition to countering the activities of the Greater Idlib factions, the Syrian Arab Army, with its Russian support is containing ISIS in the central region.

In the 72 hours leading into April 6th, the Russian Aerospace Forces killed at least 29 ISIS terrorists in their strikes. A large number were heavily wounded. These attacks were centered on the Hama province, and stretched all the way to the border of the Deir Ezzor province.

Still, limited ISIS operations continue. On April 6th, one civilian was killed, several were injured and a large number of citizens were abducted in the town of al-Sa’an in the eastern countryside of the Al-Salamiyah region in Hama.

The terrorists ambushed government forces who were protecting the civilians. In total 19 were abducted, out of them 11 were civilians.

ISIS minefields also remain, and need to be cleared sometime in the future. On April 5th, a civilian was killed and another injured in a blast, at the Bowera site on the Jabal Abu Rajmein road, north of Palmyra.

The United States profits from chaos, wasting no time in smuggling resources away from the local population.

On April 5th, according to Syrian media, US forces smuggled out a convoy of trucks loaded with wheat stolen from the silos of Tal Alou in Yarubiyah in the northeastern countryside of Hasaka.

Additionally, on the very next day, Washington’s troops smuggled out a further convoy of 34 tanks and trucks carrying stolen quantities of oil and wheat also from the Syrian al-Jazeera region into northern Iraq.

Every party involved in Syria is fighting tooth and nail for their own interests  and any small opportunity is being exploited, as is clear to see.

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US stole an entire continent so some oil and food is nothing.. chump change for Capone and gang..

Rodney Loder

US is at best a fractured group, so Biden want to change that with support for all US allies in Syria sponsored by the UN which gives Turkey legitimacy and Turkey is committed to Idlib, the way to break this frozen timeline is to eliminate Syrian Kurds, because the US and Turkey will disagree heavily on that strategy.

Tough times require tough measures, take the overall position of global dualism between China and Russia opposing the US and the quad, not that Japan can be relied on to oppose China, anyhow the EU couldn’t care less about Idlib, France is more British than EU and they don’t want to rock the boat, which is why the UN is able to proceed by committee to support HTS the only way to break this deadlock is to exit the Syrian Kurds living under SAA controlled areas, their all Traitors anyhow.

Cheryl Brandon


Jim Allen

The Khazarian Mafia.


Russia and Syrian govt is to be blamed for allowing the evil empire, USA, United Snakes of aipac, to smuggle out wheat and oil. WHY HAVEN’T THEY BOMBED THESE Trucks?

Cheryl Brandon


Rodney Loder

Being above reproach does that to Nations.

Icarus Tanović

Any links to that? Thanks.


Not the evil empire USA trucks referred to in story.

Concrete Mike

Why kill the minimum wage truck driver trying to make a living feed his family?

You bomb the grain silos at night when no one is there.

El Mashi

The US weaponizes hunger. Taking food out of the mouths of Syrians. Now that is a war strategy.


Russia is carefully squatting beside the ISIS-Egg = Idlib Status Quo in the desert and carefully painting it in Easter Colors, so as not to break it at all. The rest of the unwashed masses must take their face diapers =>be muffled and shut up and go away!


Why are those oil instalations and convoys not being hit from the air and with missiles?every convoy should be blasted to hell

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