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Russia And China to Hold Consultations On Countering US-led “Color Revolution” Efforts


Russia And China to Hold Consultations On Countering US-led "Color Revolution" Efforts

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Consultations between Russian representatives with the Chinese authorities regarding “color revolution efforts” by the Washington-led establishment will take place “either before the end of summer or at the beginning of autumn,” said Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told RBC on August 12th.

Consultations will be held through the press services of the ministries of foreign affairs, but “we are also open to other cooperation,” Zakharova added.

“During the consultations that we are currently planning with the Chinese side, we will discuss the use of the information environment to intervene in the internal affairs. Which the Western countries are currently doing,” Zakharova said.

At a briefing on August 9th, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said the Russian authorities would invite China to jointly identify foreign countries involved in organizing protests in Moscow and Hong Kong, as well as establish an exchange “through the relevant services.”

“We are talking not only about the media of a number of Western countries, but also about their alliance, the link between the media, journalists and government bodies of these countries,” she explained. – “We have a large selection of examples that we are ready to provide, throughout our work. They prove that these governments, using the information tools and media of their countries, directly intervene in Russian internal affairs and domestic politics.”

Russia And China to Hold Consultations On Countering US-led "Color Revolution" Efforts

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And in reality, the US appears to be directly meddling in the situation and any attempts to accuse them of this is met with counter accusations and rejection.

On August 12th, an anonymous White House official was cited as saying that the Trump Administration urged “all sides to refrain from violence.” And the US allegedly supported those “looking for democracy.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned China and Hong Kong authorities that a violent crackdown would be “unacceptable” and that “The world is watching.”

There are also absurd parts of the Hong Kong protests, such as demonstrators singing the US National Anthem.

Hong Kong Media published photographs of a US Diplomat – Julie Eadeh meeting with protest leaders. The Chinese Foreign Ministry called the US actions “gangster actions,” while the US State Department accused China of being a “thuggish regime,” for posting personal images of public officials.

And the protests achieved their initial purpose – the extradition bill that prompted them has been suspended. The demonstrators are calling for city officials to resign and broader political reforms, open-ended demands that will likely only grow with time.

The “pro-democracy” part mostly appears to be a sort of annex, provided by MSM, Western governments and a small minority of protesters, who always mostly appear to be to the side of the majority.

At the protests themselves, on August 12th protesters blocked the Hong Kong airport, triggering a shutdown.

In the morning of August 13th, flights resumed, but a few hundred demonstrators returned to block the departure hall.

The protest was allegedly prompted by a protester being shot in the eye by a rubber bullet, the incident was blown out of proportion by MSM and some “pro-democracy” protesters.

At the same time, police officers being injured by actual fire bombs are disregarded, mostly because the “police brutality” narrative is harder to defend when you admit protesters are throwing actual lethal weapons and bricks at authorities.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam gave a press conference, saying that the city shouldn’t be pushed into an “abyss.”

“Take a minute to look at our city, our home. Can we bear to push it into the abyss and see it smashed to pieces?”

Lam said police operations could not have been “determined by someone like myself”, saying they had to make “on the spot judgments”.

She added that her role was to “ensure that Hong Kong remains a safe and orderly” city.

“After the violence has been stopped and the chaotic situation subsides… I will be responsible [for] rebuilding Hong Kong’s economy, to listen as attentively as possible to my people’s grievances and try to help Hong Kong to move on,” she said.

At the same time, mistakes that “accidentally” forward the Western narrative of the Hong Kong situation appear to be on the rise.

Luxury brand Versace had to issue an apology and recalled the t-shirt design implemented in July.

On the T-shirt, Hong Kong and Macau are presented as part of “Hong Kong” and “Macao,” respectively, and not as part of China, which they, in fact, are.

In a post on Weibo, the Italian fashion label said it had stopped selling and had destroyed the T-shirts as of July 24th.

“We apologise for the dispute. We love China and respect the sovereignty of China’s territorial state,” a translation of Versace’s statement said.

Donatella Versace also issued an apology on her Instagram account.

The incident also led to Versace’s China brand ambassador Yang Mi, a popular actress in the country, cutting ties with the brand.

“China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty are sacred and inviolable at all times,” a statement from her studio, Jiaxing Media, said.

Givenchy and Coach also faced backlash over garments they’ve produced.

Jewelry company Swarovski, too, apologized to China because it described Hong Kong as a separate country on its website.

It issued an apology on its Facebook page.




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