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Russia And China To Deepen Cooperation In Hopes Of “Multipolar System Of International Relations”

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Russia And China To Deepen Cooperation In Hopes Of "Multipolar System Of International Relations"

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On June 28th, a video conference took place place between President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping.

It coincided with the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Russian-Chinese Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation.

The Kremlin clarified that the presidents exchanged congratulations and assessed the current state and prospects for the development of strategic partnership between Russia and China.

The parties also discussed topical issues on the bilateral and international agenda.

The 20th anniversary of the signing of the Russian-Chinese Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation will be celebrated on July 15th, officially, with an extension of , but on June 29th in China the largest celebrations on the occasion of the centenary of the Communist Party are beginning.

The role of the CCP in Russian-Chinese relations is enormous, and over a century-long history it has affected both positively and negatively.

The signing of the 1950 Allied Friendship Treaty itself became possible after the CCP won the civil war and unified China.

And the ideological quarrel between the CPSU and the CPC (which, of course, had geopolitical reasons) in the 60s brought down relations between the two countries, making them enemies.

The communist parties of the two countries managed to mend their relations – but Moscow and Beijing began to talk to each other too late for the CPSU and the USSR.

The Soviet Union collapsed, and China has since made a huge leap forward, becoming the world’s first economy.

The CPC learned from the sad experience of the CPSU and the collapse of the Soviet Union: it managed not only to modernize the country, but also to change itself, while retaining the levers of power. And to build – naturally, together with Russia – a new model of Russian-Chinese relations. Putin and Xi talked about their future on June 28th.

The pandemic has not allowed the leaders of the two countries to shake hands for more than a year and a half, but communication has not been interrupted.

This time they talked via videoconference, and although only the beginning was published, the main words were said – and heard by everyone.

The most important formulations are also contained in the joint statement of Russia and the PRC adopted by the two leaders on the twentieth anniversary of the treaty, and they concern both bilateral relations and joint assessments of the international situation.

However, the second is inseparable from the first – after all, Moscow and Beijing are constantly emphasizing that they regard foreign policy interaction “as one of the key components of our strategic partnership.” As Vladimir Putin said:

“In the context of increasing geopolitical turbulence, the breakdown of agreements in the field of arms control, and the increase in conflict potential in different parts of the world, Russian-Chinese coordination plays a stabilizing role in world affairs.”

Xi Jinping also spoke about the same, noting that “the Chinese-Russian close interaction brings positive energy to the international community, creating an example to follow in the formation of a new type of international relations.”

This of course does not simply relate to a “more just international order”, but about a world that does not accept the dictates of the “outgoing hegemon.“

The joint statement explicitly states the status quo that does not suit both countries:

“The world is going through a period of turbulence, instability and uncertainty have noticeably increased. Humanity is facing a growing deficit of governance and trust in international affairs, growing uneven development and increasing conflict. Ensuring global security and promoting sustainable development are still the most important tasks. Individual states provoke rivalry and confrontation of major powers in the spirit of a “zero-sum game.” The role of the factor of power is increasing in international relations.

Among the negative factors are also attempts by some countries to divide the world along ideological lines, unceremonious interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states, arbitrary application of unilateral sanctions, and the undermining of the legal framework of the system of international relations, including the sphere of arms control. These actions complicate the process of resolving international conflicts and problems. Threats of terrorism, extremism and separatism are growing, especially in the territories of neighboring states and regions.”

The USA is not mentioned, but there’s hardly a need, either way.

China and Russia constantly emphasize that their relationship is “self-sufficient and not directed against third countries.”

The United States openly call Russia and China enemies, speak of the need to contain and counteract both countries, constantly declare that only the collective West have the right to establish the rules of the world community.

As such, China and Russia have long been not ashamed to speak directly about their dissatisfaction with American policy, but they do not proclaim “crushing the United States” as joint goals.

Because they are placing their main stake on the construction of a truly new, multipolar system of international relations, in which the United States will take its rightful place as one of the centers of power.

“Russia is interested in a stable and prosperous China, and China is interested in a strong and successful Russia. <…> As global turbulence increases, the urgency of Russian-Chinese strategic interaction is growing.”


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Lone Ranger

Most excellent Comrades 🤗
CIA trolls, hasbarats and ukropnazis be are crying and raging 🤗


Different races, religions, civilizations. NO chemistry, no love, no meeting o minds, no compatibility, no common aspirations or ideology or history. No mutual goals except to survive the day. Of historical necessity Chinese will soar to the position of the preeminent world power. For Russia the future is bleak.
The aspirations and perceived interests of the Russian elites and the Russian people are very often in stark opposition. The Russian rulers are absolutely inadequate for the job they are supposed to do on behalf of the nation. Dismantling of the USSR was just one step of the general trend. Further economical, social, political i territorial fragmentation is in the cards. Soon, China won’t need Russia any more. While the Russians are losing time sucking it up to the West, China is taking giant leaps of its own. Just look at the space exploration as one example. Besides, because of the recent history China will not ever be able to fully trust Russia. It cannot be lost on Chinese that after the fall of USSR Russia fought all its little battles on the side of its western “partners” and in the process sold and betrayed all its traditional allies, the Serbs being the most obvious example. Then just look how recently, after the coup, it treated Evo Morales who is one of very few people that recognized Crimea as Russian which clearly shows the Russian propensities.

Lone Ranger

I think that’s not your problem.
By that time the crumbling americant empire will be toast.

peter mcloughlin

The US wants to “contain and counteract” China and Russia. It cannot hope to maintain its global dominance without such a confrontation. History shows this is an unwise policy, that every empire eventually faces the war it seeks to avoid – its own defeat.


The future belongs to Russia, China, Iran etc. The pathetic western “creditor” nations are in fact broke. Their national debt to gdp is over 100℅. In japans case, over 225℅.

gringo swine need war wherever they can find it, as do the british imbeciles and zionist squatters.

L du Plessis

Putin must not allow Chinese Communism into this New Multipolar Order, or the Christians will ask their God to convert the CCP.

Last edited 29 days ago by L du Plessis
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