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APRIL 2021

Russia And China Move Ever Closer As EU Sanctions Hit Both

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Russia And China Move Ever Closer As EU Sanctions Hit Both

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Brussels has all but destroyed relations with Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after talks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on March 22nd.

In Europe, there are only a few countries that are guided by national interests and maintain a partnership dialogue with Russia, the rest destroyed all existing mechanisms, the minister noted.

“As long as we have no changes on the western front, in the East we have a very intensive agenda, which is getting richer every year,” he added.

At the same time, Lavrov said that Moscow is ready to restore ties if the European Union decides to eliminate the anomaly that has arisen.

In relation with Alexey Navalny, Brussels has introduced new anti-Russian sanctions.

The Foreign Ministry called them “a dead-end and illegal direction” and promised to answer.

According to the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin is confident that the policy of sanctions against Moscow is not achieving its goal.

At the same meeting, Wang Yi also commented on that matter.

The unilateral sanctions of the European Union against China are absolutely illegitimate, said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

EU foreign ministers on Monday agreed on the inclusion of four Chinese citizens and one organization on the sanctions list on charges of violating human rights in connection with the persecution of the “Uyghur Muslim minority in Xinjiang.” The Chinese Foreign Ministry responded by imposing sanctions against ten Europeans, including MEPs, as well as four organizations.

“Any unilateral sanctions are not based on international law, including the EU sanctions imposed recently. The EU should not take such steps that violate international law,” Wang Yi said.

He added that, according to the Chinese side, not everyone in the EU absolutely agrees with the sanctions policy.

“They will not receive the support of the international community, especially the so-called sanctions imposed on the basis of lies. I believe that all countries should oppose this,” the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

This, of course, pushes Russia and China closer together, and helps improve their relations, together with the United States’ antagonistic policy towards both.

Russia and China are ready for new steps towards building a new world because they understand that the wind of history is blowing in their sails. As Lavrov said, “life forces us to build our line in economic and social development in such a way as not to depend on those” quirks “that are demonstrated by our Western partners.”

“They are promoting their ideologized agenda, aimed at maintaining their dominance by holding back the development of other countries. This policy runs counter to the objective trend and, as was customary to say, is” on the wrong side of history. “The historical process will still take its toll.”

In the coming months, personal contacts between the Russian and Chinese leaders will also resume: according to unofficial data, Putin and Xi may meet first in China and then in Russia. After a long hiatus due to the coronavirus – and the last time they met almost a year and a half ago, at a summit in Brazil – the two presidents not only have something to discuss, but also what to do. And no longer in the field of Russian-Chinese relations – against the background of American inadequacy, Putin and Xi now have even more responsibility and opportunities.

This likely bides poorly for the “rules-based order” which is essentially a dead horse that the United States keeps beating.


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