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Russia: 16 Neighborhoods of Aleppo City Liberated, 18,000 Civilians Freed from Militant-Held Areas


Russia: 16 Neighborhoods of Aleppo City Liberated, 18,000 Civilians Freed from Militant-Held Areas

Syrian government forces have liberated from militants 16 neighborhoods of Aleppo city (populated with 90,000 people), the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday.

“Over the past three days, Syrian army units supported by militia have managed to clear 16 quarters in the northern part of eastern Aleppo of militants,” Chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate, Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoy said.

Rudskoy added that as result of the Syrian army’s advance over 18,000 civilians were able to left militant-controlled areas of the city.

The Russian general emphasized that Russian warplanes have not delivered airstrikes in Aleppo since October 18.

Russia: 16 Neighborhoods of Aleppo City Liberated, 18,000 Civilians Freed from Militant-Held Areas

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  • Trustin Judeau

    I read some report that Russia is considering new ceasefire.C’mon Russia – dont be stupid.You will never win the propaganda war against the West.The terrorists in Aleppo are almost finished – dont give them break.

    • Pampi Ta

      Last ceasefire worked pretty well, didn’t it ? Many ‘rebels’ want to surrender and a ceasefire would allow it.

      • George King

        With 90,000 civilians released or liberated by the current campaign you want what? The terrorist can surrender or leave through combatant corridor out of Aleppo this still stands despite their murdering civilians who try to exit through civilian corridors. What a deal and those who refuse should die where they stand.

        • PZIVJ1943

          A short ceasefire may be required after the Jihadist have suffered more pain and are wiling to relocate to Idleb (less bloodshed for SAA and civilians). The green buses can’t move in during conflict. Their ammo and morale must be in the toilet by now! If they do not want to give up the battle, they can be over-run. But at what cost of casualties and bad publicity from the western press? If they can be defeated quickly, that would be excellent!

    • Ilies Bekhtaoui

      rebels are surrending by hunderds every day it would be stupid to send more saa fighters die when it can be prevented , war is all about patience and using the right moment right now rebels are destroyed and already lost they have no chance to win at all and saa already made new fresh gains in allepo waiting 1 or 2 days would be a good move

      • Trustin Judeau

        If the rebels surrender is part of the ceasefire,it would be great.But I am not sure whether it will happen.

    • S600

      I believe its to do with a Turk-Russian Conf call where Turks offer their assitance in scoring “moderate” fighters to leave the city. Lets wait and see..

    • grumpy_carpenter

      It’s always going to be cheaper and less bloody to accept a surrender than to root them out of their bunkers. Even for Russia and Syria aircraft, ordinance and trained infantry are expensive resources.

      On one hand time is on Syria’s side, it’s not like the enemy is going anywhere.

      On the other hand time is of the essence because every time there’s a cease fire the USA and allies start playing games. Right now, in the wake of the Trump victory and just the fact that Assad is winning when everyone in the US government was saying his days were numbered even 6 months ago the USA is seriously butt hurt and want retribution.

  • Pampi Ta

    Everyday brings good news. Go on boys, you do a great job !

  • Boerre

    Wipe them out, all of them.

  • grandel

    Kill them all. Then you will have a permanent ceasefire.