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Russian Warplanes Made ‘Warning Pass’ Over Daraa City As Former Syrian Rebels Refuse To Hand Over Arms

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Russian Warplanes Made 'Warning Pass' Over Daraa City As Former Syrian Rebels Refuse To Hand Over Arms

Su-30 fighter jets. Photo: Marina Lystseva/TASS

On June 25, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces made a “warning pass” over the southern Syrian city of Daraa where former rebels refuse to hand over their personal arms.

According to the Horan Free League and other pro-opposition sources, a senior Russian officer responsible for the reconciliation process in Daraa asked former rebels in the southern part of Daraa city, known as Daraa al-Balad, to hand over 200 pieces of personal arms on June 23.

The step is meant to secure and stabilize Daraa city. Personal arms will be also withdrawn from government supporters in the city.

Despite this, former rebels, represented by the Daraa al-Balad Committee, rejected the Russian request. Some said that their arms are meant for self-defense, while other claimed that carrying arms is just a part of their traditions.

In response to the former rebels’ decision, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) laid a siege on Daraa al-Balad. All entrance and roads leading to this part of the city were closed.

The SAA move provoked former rebels in the northern Daraa countryside, who attacked a number of positions and checkpoints of the Syrian military and intelligence inside and around the town of Nawa. No losses were reported as a result of the attacks.

Local sources claim that the SAA may soon storm Daraa al-Balad to collect personal arms. However, this is highly unlikely. The army and its Russian allies are just pressuring former rebels to hand over their arms.

Earlier this year, Syrian warplanes made a similar “warning pass” over the western countryside of Daraa where former rebels were rejecting similar demands. This tactic eventually forced the former rebels to comply with the reconciliation process.


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The end result is already known. All of Syrian territory will be returned to the people and government.

Only the armchair generals and paid shills bitch and whine how Russia, Syria etc. are not doing enough to finish the war.

jens holm

You don represent the People and certainly not even half of them.

The Goverment is no Governess but anything else. Its more some Baathist private ownership based on corruption, theft and oil and gas is not for free to them for now.

Those are OUT.

According to laws and doing at so many inhabintans themself, there should be consensus.
They have decided those rules themself.


You may be right, but why would you say that in a pro russia media


Is amadán iomlán tú.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, hes an amadan, Sir Irishman.


jen represents junkies begging for cheese

Lone Ranger

Mossadisis will cry and rage 🤗
Hope they brought enough bodybags for themselves…

jens holm

As usual hopes is not related to facts.


jens hopes to live in civilized nation—facts are it is impossible


Those rabid dogs are not yet fully muzzled and domesticated,but they ill be.

jens holm

Unless the reasons for them are there, they will.


this is the reason night porter parents had jens live in kennel

Raptar Driver

Someone explain to me please, Why give warning to terrorists.
Do you give warnings to rats when you’re exterminating them?

Often Targeted

They give warning to put up a facade of government control. If they start shooting out with rebels, it’ll be a new war in the heart of regime-controlled territory and the world will know that even the areas the regime claims are still contested. I hope Russia’s attempt to avoid a confrontation fails in the end.


often paranoid hope for confrontation with transgender, but target too ugly obese


when extermination rat driver give warning—all rat friends will scurry and follow rat driver into trap

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