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Rumors Of Coup In Qatar Circulate Social Media

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Rumors Of Coup In Qatar Circulate Social Media

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UPDATE: The footage of an alleged coup d’etat attempt in Qatar posted in some Telegram channels is fake news, the country’s Ambassador to Moscow Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah told TASS.

“This footage is fake news, it has nothing to do with the reality,” the envoy said.

On May 4th, rumours began spreading in social media of an armed coup taking place in the Qatari capital Doha.

Allegedly Saudi-backed military elements are attempting to overthrow the “Hamas-supporting government.”

According to the rumours, former Qatari PM and FM Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, tried to overthrow Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the current Emir of Qatar because he ordered an investigation into Hamad’s corporations for corruption.

In March, Al Thani reportedly ordered $150 million in aid to be delivered to the Gaza Strip. And it was allegedly entirely supposed to go into Hamas’ hands, according to Israeli media.

According to Doha, the funds were aimed at assisting Gaza combat the spreading of the COVID-19 and assist the civilians, but it didn’t specifically say how much of that money would be aimed on assisting in the pandemic, and how much would potentially be used by Hamas.

“After Prince Tamim had ordered investigations into Hamad bin Jassim’s company, Sheikh Hamad started at attempt for a coup in Al Wakrah”

Additionally, some users have been monitoring air flights in Qatar, reporting a heavy warplane activity.

“Lots of new and strange news from Qatar right now: 1- Videos of gunshots at Al Wakrah. 2-Warplanes. 3- Qatari skies are full of warplanes at the moment. 4. Qatari people are tweeting questions over what could be happening.”

Some even suggested that Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani could be heading to London, “hinting at the possibility of the coup’s success.”

“He escaped to London. Who do you think is on the plane?”

And all of this seems to be an entirely false reporting, with a wide disinformation campaign to claim that there was a coup, while there was nothing.


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Zionism = EVIL

The rumors are true, but the Saudi cunts failed as the Turkeys helped the Qatari Emir al-Thani, who himself had deposed his father. The Saudis shitheads already being battered in Yemen want another front with Qatar.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

More likely to win a war against Qatar though.

Zionism = EVIL

I think you maybe right as the former PM linked to CIA and Saudis is leading the coup and reports are that is on going.

Reports are coming in that the former Prime Minister of Qatar Sheikh
Hamad bin Jassim as the leader of the potential coup that is reportedly
still going on.


You mean if TR did not had a massive military base in Qatar with UAVS , Tanks and 5000 soldiers in it.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Better get 5,000 body bags ready then.


Sure. Lets summarize yr claims ,

The coup will succeed , otherwise KSA will ask Egypt to send speacial forces ( they are trained by Russians so they are creme de la creme by the way ) , these special forces will come all the way from Egypt , they will attack a base which includes tanks howitzers, F 16s , UAVS and 5000 soldiers , and they will kill everybody.

KSA will ask Egypt to turn a coup attempt into an international war , an invasion.
Why? Because Egyptian special forces are trained by Russians so they can do everything , they can even conquer Alpha Centauri if they have give then chance says Mr Dick.

I have rerad a lot of BS here , but yr imagination is second to none. Fairy tales from Mr. Hans Christiansen D’astard.

Zionism = EVIL

Egypt is too weak and beset by internal problems to intervene anywhere as events in Libya have shown. The Americunts and Zionists got rid of the elected Morsi government as he was close to MB and building bridges with Turkey, Iran and lifting the Rafah blockade of Gaza. Sisi is a Moroccan Jew and totally subservient to Zionist agenda, so they would not the incompetent Egyptian military intervene in any losing regional conflict. The Egyptians only intervened in Yemen in the 1960’s against the Zaidis and that ended in a disaster as their military was decimated and Zionists took advantage of that by attacking them on June 6, 1967 and wiping out 80% of their airforce, the morons had lined up on runways for display. The Russians poured billions into Egyptian military but their performance was hardly stellar in 1973 either as they had 6:1 advantage against the Zionists. From my observation and interaction with Arab militaries, they simply lack the professionalism, training, motivation and most importantly NATIONALISM to fight successfully. The Arab officers are picked on personal and tribal loyalties and not competence. Sadly, your Erdogan is following the same pattern with Turkish military, which in the 70’s and 80s was secular and quite professional. Any military that gets involved in politics and internal suppression is basically fucked.

Zionism = EVIL

Qatar has the largest Americunt base in the region with 15,000 lardasses occupying the tiny family run shitshow.

Zionism = EVIL

This coup attempt has failed and all you guys are arguing over nothing, the Saudi fuckwits are so stupid that they could not even organize a cluster fuck in a whorehouse. But the FACT remains that Turkey, Pakistan and Americunts have a strong presence in Qatar, which is the largest US base, so the Americunts were tacitly supporting a coup by Hamad bin Jassam who was CIA man and his whole family lives in the US. Al-Thani is now more in Turkish and Iranian camp so getting rid of him was not a bad idea from CIA point of view as he is closer to Hamas, Taliban and even Hezbollah. The whole region is now unstable and open to foreign powers meddling as oil prices crash and internal restlessness grows. I foresee a major conflict brewing withing this decade.

comment image


Complete nonsense, the Saudis are not exactly popular in Qatar and it would be the same as when Iraq invaded Kuwait. There are also loads of Turkish soldiers in Qatar, attacking them would trigger NATO. And the Saudis and Egyptians are incompetent.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Yes. having seen Turkey in Syria, they must be the most competent of forces this side of Belgium Army. NATO isn’t a military by the way, it is a pantomime.


You really are retarded? Turkey’s Syria involvement was mild and they still achieved what they wanted. Even when they had to purge their military of incompetent leaders and traitors.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

They have spent several years losing in Syria, (after being let down by Nato) and are losing presently in Libya and are about to be hoofed out of Qatar.


You really have no idea what you are talking about. Turkey has secured almost the entire border with Syria which was their main objective. They have driven a wedge between the YPG and the US, they pummeled the YPG, they have forced Russia and the US into direct contact which has basically frozen them. They are currently setting up a Syrian army and are maneuvering in order to capture the rest of the border, from where they will be able to push further into Syria.


The coup has ben already been supressed in Qatar. I am sure that all military staff in KSA , Egypt , UAE are fools , so that they did not attack Qatar. What they need is a genious leader like you who understands from international relations , military tactics and high level strategy, Hopefully next time , Dick..


NATO won’t come to Turkeys aid, it would just be forced to stop supplying Saudi Arabia and guess what would happen then with Saudi Arabia’s incompetent military. A large part of Saudi soldiers are Pakistani btw, they would not go to war with Turkey and Pakistan would pull them out if that happened.


Pax Americana means ‘ American peace ‘ it does not mean ‘American Pact ”, ignoramus.

You dont know a shite , Dick . Leaving your ignorance aside , you are living in another world , an imaginery one ..

Dick Von Dast'Ard

‘ American peace ‘ … That’s the most funniest thing I’ve heard yet.

Peace means war in the American dictionary.

Concrete Mike

Oh yes and you a treasonous MEK operative , you paint yourself as the arbiter of truth.

Ill tell you to go fuck yourself, again. You bring nothing here but bias, judgment and lies.

We know what Pax Americana is, worship the dollar or we kill you.


I understand you quite well , concerete head . You were happy in yr small shallow world till I showed up here. Those days are gone , dinosaur. I will be here for a while , get used to it. .

If you know what ‘ pax’ means’ , then tell your friends to use it properly . Because they are looking funny as they try to look informed.

Xoli Xoli

If NATO has to choose between Turkey and Saudi Arabia then their will go Saudi Arabia and drop Erdogan.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right.

Zionism = EVIL

Turkey is terms of its economy, geography and strategic importance is crucial for NATO lapdogs and Americunt masters, Saudis has no real value left as their oil, their only once trump card is now a liability. The Americunts with their upcoming conflict with China and attempts at destabilzing Russia and Iran, can not live without Turkey. Why do you Putin is kissing Turkish ass, albeit mistakenly. The Americunts will ditch the Saudis in a heartbeat in favor of Turkey which is far more important.

Xoli Xoli

Now it become more clear.Thanks for clear picture.

Wayne Nicholson

“There are also loads of Turkish soldiers in Qatar, attacking them would trigger NATO.”

Wouldn’t that be interesting …. Saudi attack on Turkish soldiers triggers NATO article five at the same time as the Turks attacking the Saudi’s triggers the USA’s agreement to defend Saudi Arabis.

So do the Americans pick teams and go to war with themselves? …. kill both Turks and Saudi’s? ….. shoot themselves? How’s it gonna work?


An attack on Turkish troops in Qattar will not instigate article 5…as Qattar is not Turkey proper. Otherwise Turkey could have insisted that NATO come to their aid in Syria. Not gonna happen. Then there is the Israelis and Saudis reporting on this…another reason to doubt what is reported. It would more likely depend on whether Turkey supported the ‘new’ leader as to it being successful…that and any pressure the US might (or might not) use. This is a wait and see event. It all depends on who buys who. Sounds like Venezuela and that load of manure. Guano is the Presidente everywhere but Venezuela.

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