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Rumors Go Wild As “Local Partisans” Wave Syrian Flag In US-Occupied City Of Raqqa (Videos)

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Rumors Go Wild As "Local Partisans" Wave Syrian Flag In US-Occupied City Of Raqqa (Videos)

A screenshot from the video

Following a series of reports on alleged fresh US casualties in Syria on April 2 and April 3, rumors and speculations over the situation in the US-occupied part of Syria have developed further.

On April 4, Telegram channel WarGonzo (one of the key sources of the rumors) claimed that 6 more US service members had been killed and 2 others injured in an IED blast on the road between Al-Shaddadah and Hasakah. The blast allegedly destroyed one armoured vehicle belonging to the US-led coalition. The IED had been allegedly planted by mysterious “local partisans” allegedly belonging to the group named “Popular Resistance In Eastern Region” [or “National Resistance Forces”].

Once again, no photos or videos confirming these claims were provided. The US-led coalition has not revealed any casualties.

Meanwhile, videos showing alleged members of “Popular Resistance In Eastern Region” have appeared online.

In the first video, Popular Resistance In Eastern Region waves a Syrian flag in the city of Raqqa, controlled by the US-led coalition and the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces.

Another video is a statement by alleged members of “Popular Resistance In Eastern Region” in which they vowed to fight US forces and US-backed armed groups in Syria.

Despite the claims that “Popular Resistance In Eastern Region” is sympathetic to the Syrian Arab Army, there is little known about the group and no facts can confirm its supposed links to the Syrian government.

While the situation remains unclear, some Syrian experts even suggested that the entire story with “Popular Resistance In Eastern Region” may be a PR campaign aimed at further fueling tensions between Damascus/the Syrian Army and the US-led coalition/US-backed forces.

In any case, the current situation is a perfect example how rumors and speculations have become widely spread by some media outlets without any critical evaluation.

As it was noted earlier, some rumors about the alleged US casualties from attacks by “partisans” have been repeated by the Russian mainstream media.

More about rumors circulating over the alleged US casualties in Syria:

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Zainab Ali

illegal zio occupiers should have been eliminated a long time ago – coming next change


AngloZioNazis will get a very, Very, VERY Unpleasant Stay up there…..Partisans? They are in the Middle of a Hornet’s Nest….Completely Surrounded..they will get what they like most: War by Deception..infiltration so bloody easy…time…time…time is on our side…yes it is…it’ll break’m Spiritually, Emotionally & Financially…. they already have a lot of problems that’s why they want War in the First Place…

Angelo Cinarelli

Usa go home, or it will be another Vietnam. Go home with you family. This is a friendly advice.


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US seems doomed to repeat it’s mistakes. Yet again the US state leadership is lying about their scale of military involvement to the US public, in Syria, and yet again, the US is incrementally increasing their military presence based on dogmatic ideology, currently Neo-Con driven political objectives. Is the same US zero sum patterns again, rather than accepting pragmatic policies and considering the concerns and outcomes of actual Syrian Arab majority population.


When the damned neocons start squawking about it then I’ll start believing the rumors. Until then they’re just rumors like the supposed 500 Russian mercs the US media was saying got wiped out by US air and missile strikes. It was bs propaganda and this is probably more of the same albeit from the other side or from a third party that wants a US/Syria/Russia clash.


You are right. And Who stands to gain from US/Russia clash? Turkey. Local FSA groups supported by Turkey got in disguised as SAA supporters.

You can call me Al

Maybe, but I would think more like Nato and / or Israel.

John Whitehot

“You are right. And Who stands to gain from US/Russia clash? Turkey. ”



chris chuba

Will the U.S. now sponsor death squads to eradicate Syrian nationalism? Anything is possible with a complicit MSM.


Seems like good-old-fashioned GUERRILLA warfare against an ENEMY OCCUPIER (U.S.), to me

It is about time. I’m hoping as I have been pushing that tactic long enough……… for Palestinians, also.

Cheryl Brandon

USA +israhell will continue using terrorism as a means of waging war. There is a cost benefit; It is cheaper to send in unemployed young men; no sick leave/ no mat leave/ no holiday pay. No legal bills.USA+Israhell decided back in 1979 to use TERRORISM, they have no plans to stop now. It looks like as if, the those Syrians prefer the local government then to the USA International Looters and criminals.

Brad Isherwood


United States a Corporation. War is a Racket – General Smedley Butler People in Afghanistan to Syria fight back like Vietnamese did. If Syria’s Insurgents get decent support and supply…. Empires going to be sneaking the dead into Andrew’s Airforce base at night lots.

Bubba Junior

Imagine the vast pool of officers the Syrians now have with extensive Combat experience. After all these years with super brutal urban warfare I can imagine the SAA would be to set up some effective insurgency groups to punish the US. We all remember when the Iraqi insurgency started,and what a few determend republican guard officers managed to do…they lead in insurgency wreaking havoc and eventualy leading to the deaths of thousands of US troops after they so foolishly claimed victory. I think the Syrians can put in some fairly leathal guys to lead, and I think they have more local support than most are willing to admit.

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