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Rumors And Propaganda: Dozens Of Russian Soldiers Were Killed, Airstrikes Hit Tiger Forces In Northern Hama

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Rumors And Propaganda: Dozens Of Russian Soldiers Were Killed, Airstrikes Hit Tiger Forces In Northern Hama


Rumors have been circulating that the Russian Air Force had stricken fighters of the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces near the government-held town of Qamhana in northern Hama. The Russian airstrikes allegedly resulted in killing of 33 Tiger Forces members and wounding about 40 others.

However, no photos or videos were provided from the site of the alleged aristrikes and independent local sources were not able to confirm that this incident had taken place.

Furthermore, government forces were able to defend Qamhana from attacks led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). This would hardly be possible if the government defenses were really pounded by the Russian Air Force in the area.

Pro-militant sources have been also spreading reports that some 32 coffins containing bodies of Russian soldiers killed in clashes in northern Hama had arrived to the Russian naval facility in Tartus.

No photos, videos or even quotes of eyewitnesses have been provided.

The same kind of reports were widely spread during the conflict in eastern Ukraine when pro-Kiev media outlets and media activists repeatedly spread false info about  hundreds of killed Russian military servicemen and even destroyed T-14 Armata battle tanks.

Unfortunately for the “moderate opposition”, its propagandists has not found time to implement at least some creativity to their media efforts.

It’s interesting to note that the propagada approach used by the so-called Syrian opposition complies with the old hat Western propaganda methodology. In comparison, the notorious ISIS-linked media outlet ‘Amaq’ works much better because it avoids to produce such unrealistic fake news. This is why Amaq has earned a reputation of useful source among experts following the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

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You do not need to wait for photos or videos. Their claim that the bodies were delivered to naval facility in Tartus is absolutely retarded. As all casualties are airlifted to Russia from Hmeymim. Not to mention the absolutely ludicrous number. The only thing it says is how much the militants are pummeled in Hama, and how much they are craving for any win, even imaginary. But it also says about their idiocy, if they actually think that the bodies of the fallen soldiers will be transported back to Russia by ships.


A good point.

John Mason

Very logical and correct.

John Whitehot

nice try.

Christopher Corvino

uh he’s actually right mr alt right troll bot.

Robert Duran

Let me guess.A Ukrainian NEO…

Christopher Corvino

Nope neither European or American. So try again.

Solomon Krupacek

Ukraine is in Europe. ;)

John Whitehot

not in the EU though.

John Whitehot

uh, if you say so.


They use the same soft psy-op script and who does it benefit? As no doubt they hope the people of Russia will run with the story, and not want to see their Forces in body bags. However, without any facts, images, or confirmation, then it just comes as nothing more than propaganda spin, from the Qatar to Europe Pipeline Inverstors. Now why did the UK Foreign Office, had over $83 million, to the Bell Pottinger (remember how they spun the Iraq War) kiddies, known as the White Helmet Propaganda Team? Not just the UK tax payer, which other tax payers, from other nations, handed over $millions, to the $123 million that was raised and that is not including the undisclosed amounts, from other nations.

White Helmet Fundingcomment image comment image

Christopher Corvino

how funny is it that a clearly pro russian propaganda site would be in any position to talk about others propaganda<_<

Boris Kazlov

And why not? You are clearly a Yankistani-Zionist troll talking in an adversely-oriented site

Christopher Corvino

nope i’m Brazilian. I’m just blessed at seeing the propaganda bs on both sides.

John Whitehot

yet you did not appear when there was some masonic zionist propaganda to be commented.


If you can provide examples of “propaganda” here, feel free. But, please, don’t forget to check the difinition of the term: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/propaganda


AMAQ is a zionist propaganda tool run out of tel aviv and yank land

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