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Rudy Giuliani Turns Over Alleged Photos Of Underage Girls From Hunter’s Hard Drive To Delaware Police

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Things just took a very dark turn in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

While the alleged crack, cronyism, corruption was enough to spark the biggest media suppression in history, and no denials whatsoever from the Biden camp, the bombshell that Rudy Giuliani just dropped, if true, is egregious to say the least (not just with regard Hunter Biden but the law enforcement authorities who have allegedly had this information since before Trump’s impeachment but done nothing about it).

In an interview this evening with Newsmax TV, former NYC Mayor and current attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani announces he has turned over Hunter Biden’s laptop hard-drive to Delaware State Police due to pictures of underage girls and inappropriate text messages.

Rudy Giuliani Turns Over Alleged Photos Of Underage Girls From Hunter's Hard Drive To Delaware Police

In one of the texts, Hunter Biden allegedly says to his sister-in-law (also his lover) that he face-timed a 14-year-old girl while naked and doing crack – “she told my therapist that I was sexually inappropriate.”

Giuliani adds, “this would be with regard an unnamed 14 year old girl,” adding that “this is supported by numerous pictures of underage girls.”

Rudy Giuliani Turns Over Alleged Photos Of Underage Girls From Hunter's Hard Drive To Delaware Police

Watch the full interview below (the above exchange begins around 5:20):

Furthermore, JustTheNews’ John Solomon reports  that former New York Police Department commissioner Bernard Kerik joined him when he delivered photographs and text messages to the New Castle County Police Department.

“I told them other details about what appears to be an inappropriate sexual relationship,” he said in an interview. “They told me it would be investigated.”

Law enforcement officials in Delaware told Just the News that Giuliani’s concerns have been forwarded to the state Department of Justice.

“The FBI has had this for a long time,” Giuliani said.

“No indication they did anything about this, so I went to the local police and said, ‘What are you going to do about this?'”

Perhaps the most damning statement from Giuliani, with regard the election, was the former mayor alleging that:

 “I will tell you the evidence I gave them states it was reported to Joe Biden. What did he do about it?”

Before this is wholly dismissed as yet more Russian disinformation or ‘Giuliani’ lies, we remind readers that we previously reported that Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop contents included a curious piece of evidencea photograph of an FBI subpoena which bears the signature of the agency’s top child porn investigator, special agent Joshua Wilson.

FBI agent Wilson’s identity was confirmed by both Western Journal and Business Insider, the latter of which compared his signature to a 2012 criminal complaint and concluded that it “clearly matches the unreversed signature on the subpoena published by the New York Post.”

Rudy Giuliani Turns Over Alleged Photos Of Underage Girls From Hunter's Hard Drive To Delaware Police

As BI notes:

It’s unclear whether the FBI employs more than one agent named Joshua Wilson. But the available evidence seems to show **the Joshua Wilson who signed the subpoena for Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the Joshua Wilson who investigates child pornography for the FBI, are the same person**. This raises the possibility, not explored by the Post, that the FBI issued the subpoena for reasons unrelated to Hunter Biden’s role in Ukraine and Burisma.

So why is the FBI’s top child porn lawyer involved in the Hunter Biden laptop case? OANN‘s Chanel Rion says she’s seen the contents of the hard drive, which includes “Drugs, underage obsessions, power deals,which make “Anthony Weiner’s down under selfie addiction look normal.

All of which now makes some sense, given Giuliani’s alleged findings, and raises a stunning question: if there is/was incriminating child porn on Hunter’s computer, what has the FBI been doing about it?

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Soros ‘fact checkers’ and Kremlin ‘independent media’ will have a lot of stories to spin off.

S Melanson

Think about how the Khashoggi murder unfolded:

Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in Istanbul on October 2. Since then, Saudi Arabia’s original story of the murder has been repeatedly altered and retrofitted to match the version of events presented by Turkish officials. https://www.trtworld.com/turkey/six-lies-saudi-arabia-told-about-jamal-khashoggi-s-murder-21296

This is Bannon’s roll-out strategy to release in steps to let them hang themselves.

By the way, the consulate in Istanbul was sold for 1/3 its value: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/9/18/saudi-arabia-sold-building-where-khashoggi-was-killed-report

– because the Saudi’s were unsure they could find all the bugs hidden in the consulate, they had to move ? .

Pave Way IV

I’ve watched this play out many times here. If certain powers do not want the U.S. public to jawbone about something, they just make it disappear. I honestly thought this would penetrate the Great Khazar Wall of Censorship in the U.S. because it’s too salacious to ignore. People I’ve talked to that have heard ‘something’ about this figure it’s just dirty politics before elections. As for the serious malfeasance by the FBI and the Department of Justice? The consensus of the Dorito-grazers seems to be, “Yeah… they probably shouldn’t have done that. But check out this funny cat video…”

Definitive Khazar victory.


This should swing the election in Trump’s favor. Even if it does we’re not out of the woods in terms of a return to normalcy. He won the last election and ran into a buzz saw of opposition from both parties.

Not a lot has changed. The enemies of America have shown the depth of their hatred for America First. And are unlikely to back off this time anymore than they backed off last time. And right now they’ve turned America and the world into a dystopian insane asylum.

So I’m sure that they have a plan b to cause problems regardless of who wins or loses the election. Which is why I’m planning to be in DC to see how the transition to the next administration plays out.


And who are the enemies of America?


Jew world order Jews, Isreal, Zionists and their collaborators are the main ones.


Yes but that’s who controls trump


Are you aware that Trump has studied the Kabbalah teachings?


Almost the entire US Government are Zionist, Israel firsters judeophiles. Trump is no different. Where he is different is the limited extent that he’s implemented America First. Despite establishment opposition. Which would have been a lot more with establishment cooperation rather than opposition. Which has been offset by the extent that he’s betrayed America for Israel.

Concrete Mike

Nothing good will.come of hanging in the swamp brother.

Go out and enjoy your wonderful country, help the poor. Let the rats eat themselves!


All that it takes for evil to conquer is for good people to do nothing.


twatter, gaybook & instafag all block the real news. hunter biden is a pedophile just like most turkish men


I would not trust anything Rudy Giuliani has touched.


the fbi have the laptop you cia puppet


And you trust the FBI? and what makes you think I am a CIA puppet?


I have been accused of being a Zionist and now a CIA puppet on this forum and I dislike both those types. And don’t you think it’s a little convenient that this comes out now. And Rudy Giuliani works for israeI by the way same as trump.


I also don’t like or trust Rudy Giuliani due to his involvement in the 9/11 cover up. That aside Hunter Biden is a total kunt just like his dad.


Rudy Giuliani while he was mayor of New York took out the Italian mob and let Russian mob take over and the russian mob are Jewish really they are made up of Russian Jews who are intertwined with israel and Russia is controlled by Jews thats who controls Putin ninety percent of those russian oligarchs are Jewish.


What did that rant have to do with my comment? Putin is a jew? Save your narrative for yourself.


I didn’t say Putin was jew so fuck off


True but you did say jews control Putin


Khazar jews control just shit,converselt putin is controlled by russia orthodox church,not incest,browder,soros nor ant assflogged (period)

Either way no future in fascism nor the lgbtq regardless,as for guliani,may investigations persist,either way nwo/neo-liberals going down,dow down,to hell!


I don’t have access to Plejaren time forward viewing technology at this time. But I do have access to those who purportedly do. The current slide towards civil war in the US is outlined in depth in the Meier material. Some of which I’ve referenced and quoted here over the years.

As my finances strengthen as I attempt to transition from a 6 figure to a 7 figure net worth with little or no debt. I’m putting another visit to the Semjase Silver Star Center on my to do list. To go over the current situation in the US and other issues with the people there.

Concrete Mike

a nice october surprise.

Hunter Biden is a diddler, surprise surprise.

Wasent the whole russiagate scam a diversion to hide the pizzagate pedophile scandal of the DNC?

Assad must stay

why do they keep going after hunter as if he is the one running for president? god these trumpites are really desperate and its sickening

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