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Ruble Is Weaking Amid Deteriorating International Situation


The Russian ruble went down again and hit its lowest point in over a year after the fresh US sanctions toward Russia.

At the start of the week, there was a four per cent drop. Today it has reached its peak with one dollar buying 63.9 rubles released the UK newspaper City A.M.

Later, the international newspaper Financial Times also reported about the ruble “sinking”:

“Just after midday in London, the currency hit 65.05 rubles to the US dollar. Shortly before president Trump’s latest tweet, it traded at 64.68”.

According to the Russian Central Bank at 17:30: 1 USD is 64,58 RUB, 1 EUR is 79,94 RUB.

The currency relapse was triggered by the new round of the US sanctions against a number of Russian officials, businessmen and companies. However, some experts note that it is not a fact that this ruble “sinking” may instigate problems in the Russian economy. The weak ruble may even contribute to some Russia’s economic sectors.

On April 6, the US imposed new sanctions against 38 Russian individuals and entities, according to a list published by the US Treasury Department.

These sanctions and economic severities are just the links in the chain of the deterioration relations between the US-led block and Russia.

The alleged chemical weapon attack in Syria and the Skripal case fueled this quickly developing crisis. The USA is clear in its direct aggression entailed by own economic and military interests. The deteriorating situation on all fronts could underline the “becoming” war.



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