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JUNE 2023

Royal Marines Seize Super Tanker Carrying Crude Oil To Syria

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Royal Marines Seize Super Tanker Carrying Crude Oil To Syria

Super Tanker Grace 1. IMAGE: Tony Hogwood/MarineTraffic.com

A detachment of Royal Marines and the authorities in Gibraltar have seized a supertanker suspected of carrying oil to Syria on the belief it was breaching EU sanctions. 30 Royal Marines from 42 Commando were involved.

Gibraltar’s chief minister Fabian Picardo said:

“We have reason to believe that the Grace 1 was carrying its shipment of crude oil to the Banyas Refinery in Syria.”

“That refinery is the property of an entity that is subject to European Union sanctions against Syria.”

According to reports, the tanker had sailed from Iran. If the oil on board is confirmed to be Iranian, the tanker would also be violating a US ban on Iranian oil exports.


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Hasbara Hunter



the time Russia bombed 100s of oil carring vehicles going from occupied Syria to Turkey was one of the highlights of Russians intervension!

Hasbara Hunter





glorious history written there.


I enjoyed that too, one of the best thing Russia ever did

You can call me Al

That was funny, especially with the Apache choppers protecting them !!?.


Many people call ISIS helicopter terrorists because America transfer them from one location to another for new assignment.


really?didnt know about that.


The British government always pursuing it’s act of piracy be it in their banks or on the high seas. Ships carrying oil to Britain should be seized by Iranians to prove that lawlessness can work in both directions.

I don’t recall a security council resolution legalizing piracy on the high seas.


This is global terrorism which can be stopped in one condition, when the terrorism war spread uniform and attack every nation without discrimination. Then the global population will wake up.


Excellent point.

klove and light

again as i wrote here a thousand times……

as Long as they dont fight back……..the fucking Zionist slaves will have a easy ballgame………but i guess syria is used to get fucked up the ass by the british,french,american and Israelis without ever firing 1 fucking bullit in their direction…..sad pathetic ridiculous….

ps. years ago…. when us airforce bombed SAA in deir e zoor for 1 complete hour(60minutes), saying as excuse it was a mistake ..lol…… the russians saying..”oh sorry SAA, there was nobody on the deescalation phone line”…at that Moment…. SAA should have begun firing at them…but as the 2000+ attacks of the dirty jews have shown……. syria is a punching ball.. and everybody can do as he wishes in that Country without having to fear the slightest attack by governmnet Forces…again pathetic..ridiculous mindboggling


How low can you go for a few shekels? Thanks for the laugh potckracker.

now these people are asking for it. the war can’t come soon enough so we can know which direction the pendulum will swing.

klove and light

Breaking News almasda………. as usual i might add

Syria ISIS ambush kills several Syrian soldiers in eastern Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 A.M.) – The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) continued their hit-and-run attacks this week, targeting Syrian Arab Army (SAA) checkpoint in the eastern countryside of the Deir Ezzor Governorate. According to a report from Deir Ezzor, the Islamic State terrorist group ambushed the Syrian Army checkpoint in the Badiyah Al-Quriyah area, killing and wounding several soldiers in this part of eastern Syria on Wednesday.

The Islamic State militants then fled the site to an unknown location in eastern Syria, the report added. The terrorist group continues to carry out these deadly attacks across central and eastern Syria, prompting the Syrian military to send reinforcements to these regions. Despite the increased presence of Syrian troops in central and eastern Syria, the Islamic State has still managed to inflict heavy casualties within in the ranks of the military.

ps. the sentence ” the islamic state militants then fled the site to an unknown Location”

says it all….. only 2 possibilities

1. syrian Military Leadership is totally worthless or

2. they are following a different Agenda other than killing Isis

please dont Forget Isis or any other terror Groups have no airpower/helicopter,planes,satellites), no Military Hardware in any substantial number(tanks ,artillery,etc..)

unknown Location????? what the fuck…..no i dont believe syrian Leadership anymore….thats bs…..absolutley IMPOSSIBLE……..if it were in the jungle of Vietnam or Venezuela, i´d say yes, that is possible…but in a desert area, even with Caves, give me a fucking break…….”Isis fled to an unknown Location” ….waht they got flying disks now and fled to the dark side of the moon…… not believable anymore…and that also goes for the bs Idlib Fiasko………total Fiasko for SAA……they lost hundreds of troops trying to attack the mountaintop starategic imporatant town ofkabani 8 times in the last 4 weeks….all failed…….they failed in n.hama and that with TOTAL air superiority adn well over 300 modern tanks at SAA disposal as well as tochkas and other modern Military russian Hardware + the russian attack choppers…………..no they r not believable anymore…..and i see that exactly to be the reason why hezbollah and PMU left syria……….i personnally believe assad made a deal with the jews already.


Haven’t you figured it out yet?! ‘Deash’ have magical powers, superhuman agility and unlimited ammo. They can hide out in the desert with limited supplies yet are still able to be able to attack the SAA on numerous occasions, suffer no losses because of their bulletproof/bomb proof impenetrable amour, then once the attack is done, they can just magically disappear without a trace!!!


The Saker has a message for you and your buddies. LOL!


“..seized a supertanker suspected of carrying oil to Syria on the belief it was breaching EU sanctions..” Is Syria or Iran member of the EU?


Gibraltar is EU territorial water

Lazy Gamer

the tanker should have then avoided that area. Each side already gives so many reasons for war lately. lol


this is ruled by international law as the Uk and Spain have to accept safe passage from the Atlantic to the Mediterranen just as the Bosphorus or the trait of Hormuz.


Royal Marines – UK is member of EU, there was a referendum, where the british people voted to leave the EU, but in a “democracy” who cares about a referendum?! :-) UK is still in EU. What matters sanctions against Russia and Syria, of course it’s all theater, USA is dictating sanctions, EU is doing sanctions.


The straight is controlled by EU since it is UK from north and Spain from south with small distance between which eliminates international waters.


So as this is an international waterway the UK cannot use European or British law to seize the ship. This is if true piracy.


In theory yes, in reality Israel, UK, US, France, some times size Russian ships en route to/from South America, in Atlantic.




There are no links, sorry.


Thank you, but then it’s only rumors I suppose.


Yep, my mistake, please forgive me, the rumors I was told were about smuggling ships from Russia but under another countries flags. From what I understand this ship was in the region of Gibraltar, which is British, not really international waters.


I got the story. What I don’t get it what would an Iranian tanker do in Gibraltar when there is a shorter route to Syria. Something’s fishy.


Good sense, I smelled it too, Could be a false flag


theoretically but not in practice – a ship can’t be apprehended on the high seas unless a ‘hot pursuit’ started in the national waters of the apprehending country (maritime law or the law of the sea) and I find it doubtful that the ‘hot pursuit started on leaving the persian gulf and thus the disintegrating states of A, whose state department is behind this latest atrocity, and uk, meak faggots that they are, are in conflict with accepted international law. please Iran hang every one of the cia-spies you have in custody and you might just as well let that english women incarcerated in Iran on spy-charges make the cia-goons company.


About pursuit you are right. That women jailed in Iran ms Rathcliff worked for Reuters Foundation was in Iran so-called on holiday but in fact she was there there to train would-be journalists in order to create a revolt. With Reuters afterwards quoting this ‘journalist’ on riots in the country. It show Reuters is part of the Anglo-saxon spy network and maybe the Integrity Initiative. If you read Reuters carefully you’ll see it.


USA is occupying syrian oil fields eastern the Euphratis river, so Syria not only can’t export oil, but even has to import oil, but USA wants Syria to be destroyed as can be, so USA declares a ban on the imports. See: Freedom is a great thing, democracy is a necessary thing, human rights are necessary for everyone – every human has to fight for human rights. Just if these words – freedom, democracy and human rights – come out of a USA-mouth, then everybody on earth knows, Usanians mean murdering, stealing, blackmailing, torturing, dictatorship …

By the way in strategic terms this means, every state that wants do his own business and not USA-business has to protect his shipping routes from USA pirates and USA-allied pirates. And this leads to a further militarization, everybody has to build up fleets to protect his shipping routes. Maybe China could build the protecting ships, then it’s not so expensive. :D

opet ja

It is a question for Russia, but it seems any Russian harder response would lead us to the WW3. Can Russian Navy provide close protection for ships bringing Syria all kind of goods and equipment?

You can call me Al

There will be a WWIII now or in 10 years (or before if the US collapses), I would opt for now, whilst Russia + China + India have the boost with hypo-sonic weapons.


Shoulder fired manpads should be provided to oil tanker crews to defend against piracy on the high seas.


It is incredible what is happening with the western moral these days, even they show up their cynicism and laugh of other people.


By this act one may proclaim that the UN and UNCLOS are officially dead. No need for Iran to abide by International law.

Raptar Driver

That already happened on March 24th 1999. It is just a corpse now.


an iranian vessel bound to syria in gibraltar indicate that it couldn’t safely transit the suez and thus around africa – doesn’t sound plausible, and even so, the pictured ship isn’t loaded more than a fraction of what it can load.

You can call me Al

Yes thanks to you, I made a PS on my comment about that and posted the following.

I knew there was something dodgy especially since Gibraltar is also manned.

Another false flag ?. But does this mean, we are turning on Iran now, under US pressure or now !!? – shameful.



can only hope the cargo was exchanged for another crude in south africa and thus the cargo now is a heavy saudi crude having been sitting in storage in durban or some such place. more egg on the british faces. would be the best larf for the iranians.

You can call me Al

I am British and I am ashamed at our behaviour.

You can call me Al

So no Spanish but the British heroes go in mob handed to take a tanker !!.

Not impressed and yet again recently, we are on the wrong side of history.

Shameful and embarrassing – I can only apologise for my piss week government.

PS I know the lost convoy in trucks through Iraq got f’cd up….. but !!!?????????/


Joe Dickson

Spain needs to take that rock back immediately.



UK Now Enforcing a Naval Blockade of Syria to Starve It of Oil

Panama-flagged vessel boarded and seized by Royal Marines for the “crime” of carrying Iranian crude to Syria Editor’s note: That Iranian crude was being shipped around Africa through Gibraltar indicates the US has somehow succeeded in denying the Suez canal to it, albeit the latter was supposed to be an international waterway that Egypt has only limited jurisdiction over. It also means that just like US the EU now apparently claims jurisdiction over the entire world. It will impose EU sanctions, not just on EU entities, but also against Panamanian ships.

Both developments are very troubling.


Yes, it is troubling, and yes, it is piracy.

I just get this oppressive mental image of whole crowds of officials in Washington gathered in various locations, trying think-up and plan new ways of assaulting America’s target states.

It resembles a form of highly organized state terror, with the terrorists forming almost a whole new branch of government.

Such efforts to enforce viciousness against states guilty of breaking no law.

No law, that is, but an American law which should have no application outside of America.

Just contempt for the rule of law.

And the UK serving as America’s willing helper, something which has become one of its chief activities anymore, from bombing in Syria to selling to the Saudis and to supporting the horror in Yemen and to the mad tale of the Skripal Affair and the years of calculated abuse against Julian Assange.


Can you tell me who the fuck is EU and USA to ban oil exports from Iran to other countries ? or to Syria ? What is the legality on this ? Isn´t UK part of the JCPOA ? Doing this will be contra-productive on that matter ?


The UK has about worn out their welcome in the world as has the US and Israel. The Trio of Terror.

paul ( original )

Iran has been trying to salvage what it can from the JCPOA though bilateral arrangements with the EU. I always thought that this was a forlorn hope destined to failure. May be now Iran will see the hopelessness of expecting anything from the EU. Only the iron fist will produce results.


Where is the Almighty Vladimir Putin protector of Syria???!!! Why hasn’t Russia built a pipeline that could easily deliver oil and natural gas to Syria via the Caspian Sea passing through Iranian and Iraqi territories, or via the Black Sea and running through Turkish lands??? Iran is merely whining and won’t do nothing about this incident. Iran and Russia are just a joke regarding confronting major powers, and the Brits by seizing such oil tanker are proving that fact.


2 countries cant go at it against 10-15 [NATO, US, other EUroscum]. Math is not your strength right ?


Then, what’s the purpose of Russian forces in Syria if these good-for-nothing are incapable of safeguarding such needed resources that could certainly bring peace, tranquility and prosperity to ordinary Syrians…apparently you were never trained to think critically.

paul ( original )

I think you answer your own question. The pipeline through Iraq is not possible as the USA has too much influence and as for Turkey well they are no friends to the Syrians. So any pipeline is just a pipedream.


Iran has to have its oil tankers protected by war ships, preferably Russian. I don’t think the British will do this again.


Very importantly; The UK by acting as a pirate and stealing Iranian crude broke the nuclear accord with Iran. This agreement is now officially dead.


British Commandos upholding EU sanctions?!? Never heard of Brexit , boys?

Romeo Pesiao

No need of verifying whose the owner of the crude. Iran already summoned the UK ambassador regarding the incident. It’s obvious.


Does the UK leadership realise this act of piracy is an act of war?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The English are famous for state authorised piracy.

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