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Royal Mail Uses US Troops Photo To Showcase ‘British Involvement’ In D-Day Landings

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On December 27th, the British Royal Mail revealed its 2019 Special Stamp calendar. It showcases the “Best of British” programme, among other things commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

The D-Day commemoration stamp in question is the following one:

Royal Mail Uses US Troops Photo To Showcase 'British Involvement' In D-Day Landings

The issue with the photograph is that it actually shows the “USS LCI(L)-30 landing troops carrying stretchers onto a beach during a second assault wave. US Coast Guard photo for ‘All Hands’ magazine, July 1944 issue (page 29). Similar to 2000.325.043. ‘2191-B-17.’ ‘U.S. Coast Guard Official Picture, 3rd Naval District.’ Sarmi, Dutch New Guinea, 17 May 1944.”

Essentially, the Royal Mail’s designers didn’t do their due diligence and presented US landing troops on the shores of Indonesia instead of British troops on D-Day.

On the following day, the Royal Mail apologized and said that the stamp would not be part of the final collection: “We work very hard to ensure that our Special Stamp programme appropriately commemorates anniversaries and events that are relevant to UK heritage and life. We would like to offer our sincere apologies that our preview release for our 2019 Special Stamp programme included a stamp design which had been incorrectly associated with the D-day landings.”

As it usually happens with such blunders posted on social media, users mocked the “commemorative stamp.”

Tory councilor Robert Barnard, on Twitter called for disciplinary action against the person signed the stamp off.

There were also alternative designs suggested by Twitter users:

Some of the other stamps included the UK’s birds of prey, as well as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Other Twitter users also took part in some banter claiming that it is not Queen Victoria on the stamp (it actually is):

While some former employees appeared to not even be surprised by the blunder:

More recently, an Iraqi-Iran war commemorative poster in Iran’s Shiraz showed soldiers from Israel’s Defense Forces. It wouldn’t be such a massive issue if Israel wasn’t basically Iran’s mortal nemesis.

The Mossad’s post actually makes a fair point, since they showed Israeli soldiers, but removed the woman from the photograph.

Earlier than that, the US Postal Service in 2011 issue a stamp showing the Statue of Liberty. It was not the one on Liberty Island, New York, however, but a replica from a Las Vegas casino.

The photo used on the stamp shows a rectangular patch on the crown that is present on the 14-year-old statue at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, but not on the (93m) copper statue in New York. In addition, the facial features on the Las Vegas replica are more sharply defined than on the original.

Mistakes like these are actually somewhat common since “modern” designers have limited or no knowledge of history and appear to be allergic to doing their due diligence.

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Hasbara Hunter




Part of the problem I think is due to the ‘information Tsunami’ generated by the internet.

An analogy in my opinion is akin to people using calculators when they have little knowledge of Math and accept the calculator computation without having any idea of the logical result.

Such people ignore the fact that the calculators are only correct when the ‘input’ is correct and Fat Fingers et al can have a negative effect :)

Hasbara Hunter

Well…one look at their Helmets should have been enough….pretty embarrassing…were there any British at all on Deception-Day?

You can call me Al

That’s more like it.

You can call me Al

Another part of the problem is that we have too many effing Pakis and other freaks that are not British. They are all in positions to do this, with no intelligence, motivation nor pride in the Country.

You can tell they are Yanks by their helmets immediately. As for the picture of the so called Queen, even if it is Queen Victoria, what the fuck did she have to do with the D-day landings ?, she died: January 22nd 1901.

Anyway, have a jolly good night and a Happy New Year.

You can call me Al

You’ve pissed me of again; what fucking big bloody lie ?. Dont give me any of this US won WWII crap or are you talking about the incredible and unstoppable Dutch again ?.

We were great until the 1990s.

Now fuck off and of course have a Happy New Year. Almost dark now- firework (+drinking) time.

Hasbara Hunter

Hehehe sorry Al I did not mean to offend you…..No you Folks took Great Care of our Royal Family & Our Government who Fled Holland before Ze Germans entered….

You can call me Al

hahaha, lol you fucker. Now, go and get some bevvies down you and have a good one.

PS You do know I wasn’t really angry dont you ?.

John Whitehot

hahhahhahhahhahha ..


>>Mistakes like these are actually somewhat common since “modern” designers have limited or no knowledge of history and appear to be allergic to doing their due diligence.<<

I reckon they're also under pressure to produce rapidly, to keep up with the relentless news cycle. When everything has to be finished yesterday and all you have time for is a quick google check then standards are almost certain to slip.

That being said, slipping standards like these also produce deliciously hilarious results and even memes. So lets hope there will be many many more.

The Saint

The British landed at Gold beach on D Day, and also Sword beach (that’s right, there were five beach landings on D Day not just Omaha and Utah), so it’s not like there weren’t many real photos to choose from.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Americans who didn’t even know there was a second US beach at Utah. Omaha gets all the attention in the movies and games, cause that’s where the drama was. And movies and games is where we get our historical education from.

Brother Ma

Exactly. Too many Globalist fools in positions of power with very little General knowledge and almost none of history.
Hmm. That reminds me have the Norwegians admitted a US women on the bridge of their newest naval ship caused it to sink yet?

Tommy Jensen

Britain fought WWII to the last French soldier.

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