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JULY 2022

Rouhani To Trump: Stay In Nuclear Deal Or Face “Grave Consequences”

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Rouhani To Trump: Stay In Nuclear Deal Or Face "Grave Consequences"

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani (top center) reviews army troops marching during the 37th anniversary of Iraq’s 1980 invasion of Iran, just outside Tehran, Iran. (source: AP photo)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned the USA against violating the 2015 nuclear deal, stressing any failure to respect the multinational agreement would trigger “grave consequences”, Iranian Press TV reported on April 24.

“If someone wants to betray our nation and the deal, grave consequences will affect them,” Rouhani stated. “Those sitting in the White House should know that whether or not they stand by their commitment, civilization and humanity, the great Iranian nation and the government on its behalf will stand decisively against all their conspiracies and plots.”

Roudani asserted that Iranian people and government had been fully prepared to confront potential enemy senarios.

“No one can frustrate this great nation and steal from it the hope for future,” Rouhani emphasized.

On April 23, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif pointed that this US action would just set Iran free of any obligation to stay in the accord:

“If the United States officially withdraws from the JCPOA, the immediate implication would be that it would free Iran of any obligation to remain in the JCPOA.”

Zarif stressed that Iranian government “has always been responsive to public opinion”, while the current US administration “does not serve the interests of international peace and security, and if I may say, neither the interests of the United States.”

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said that Tehran might leave the Non-Proliferation Treaty if the US decides to pull out of the nuclear agreement.

“This is one of the three options that we are considering,” Shamkhani told reporters.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) imposed curbs on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief for Tehran. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the deal and threatened to pull out of the JCPOA. He has even called the agreement the “worst deal ever”. Trump gave the European signatories a May 12 deadline to “fix the terrible flaws” of the accord or have him abandon it.

European allies stepped up pressure on Trump to keep alive an international nuclear deal with Iran, with French President Emmanuel Macron due to urge him in person on April 23 meeting not to tear up the agreement, according to Reuters.

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paul ( original )

Unfortunately the USA is very familiar with being threatened with dire unspecified consequences. Such threats are no more than background noise to the Americans and have little if any effect. To be honest I don’t think even the prospect of war with Iran gives the USA any sleepless nights, in fact I think they relish it.


Unfortunately I think you are correct. However if the US lets free the Genie of War there are always unintended consequences for the aggressor and allies.

paul ( original )

The main inhibition, as far as it goes, is the presence of US bases in range of Iranian missiles. I think if they could stand off and rain fire down on Iran they would be doing it none stop.


If they fired from safety the US would be risking the sacred cow of Israel. A few thousand missiles fired into Israel and Saudi Arabia would cause huge damage and disruption . Especially if Dimona was hit as well.

John Mason

You hit the nail on the head, Florian. Any trouble to Iran from the US can potentially open pandoras’ box, the Syrians will take back the Golan Heights, thousands of missiles will land in Israel and Hezbollah with the Palestinians have an axe to grind with the zionists.

paul ( original )

I can not say for certain but from what I can tell Israel wants America to attack Iran. My understanding is that the current leadership has been pressing for it for some time now. But I can not claim any insider knowledge. I think the Saudis might also want it but again it is only my understanding.


Only “the rocket man” and Rouhani have been brave enough to openly threaten usa. The sheepish states smile and nod, so… I don’t think americans are familiar with threats but as we all witness, they back off and turn the page of “diplomacy manual” when they realize the threats are real.

paul ( original )

You are probably correct. However, I do not see this as weakness. Rather I see it as an endless probing, constantly pressurizing looking for ways to destroy. Sometimes as you say it is diplomatic, sometimes economic and other times military. The thing is there is no end and no respite and the intention to destroy is constant.


Unfortunately you are right.I wonder why do we still have to fight these little terrorists when, given a strong government, we can have the wealth of the 1% of the population nationalized. The war mongering will stop immediately.


Close the Persian Gulf, and you stop the flow of US dollars to America. 3 months of no cash flow, and the USA would be cactus fuctus.


ruhani cam maximum kiss gargas asshole.

this name is better

trump is fucking stupid


Does anyone have any idea why the US decided to deal with Iran?

It was because Iran was successfully selling oil for GOLD.

Gold is Kryptonite to the US dollar, the more people buy gold, the weaker the US dollar gets. Support the fight against oppression and tyranny, buy gold, or silver, do your bit to defeat evil.

paul ( original )

That is a very good question indeed. Certainly as far as I could tell the current nuclear deal came completely out of the blue. Nothing that I had heard previously led my to expect it. Now Gareth Porter who writes on these issues and who is well steeped in the background, and is also cautious in his assessments, is the source of my current understanding. As far as I can recall he says that the deal was promoted because of Obama’s desire to end his administration with a major foreign policy success. Now this is exactly the sort of thing I have no insight into at all. I do however, recall that he also did certain things in relation to Cuba which could be in the same mould.


AND the Iranians have just ditched the dollar for the Euro

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