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Rouhani: France Can Play Productive Role In Middle East

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Rouhani: France Can Play Productive Role In Middle East

PHOTO: French troops alongside local forces near the Iraqi city of Mosul

According to Iranian state media, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told French President Emmanuel Macron over phone that France can play a productive role in the Middle East by taking a “realistic and impartial approach”.

The November 21 phone call followed Macron’s last week statement that Tehran should be less aggressive in the region and should clarify its ballistic missile program.

According to Reuters, Rouhani told Macron that Iran was ready to develop its relations with France on all bilateral, regional and international issues based on mutual respect and shared goals. Rouhani mentioned the “adventurism of some inexperienced princes in the region,” meaning the recent controversies surrounding Saudi Arabia, and said France could play a positive role in easing the situation.

“We are against adventurism and creating division in the region and believe that France, by keeping an independent vote and its position in the region, can, with a realistic and impartial approach, have a productive role,” he said.

Rouhani also stressed the importance of maintaining stability in Lebanon in the phone call with Macron: “Hezbollah are a part of the Lebanese people and are incredibly loved in this country. Their weapons are only defensive and are only for use in the face of a potential attack,” he said. “Now we have to try so the Lebanese groups can, with security, have a government that can help advance their country.”

France tried to mediate in a regional crisis that erupted after Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri announced his resignation in a broadcast from Saudi Arabia on November 4, accusing Iran and Hezbollah of underhanded tactics. Iran denied the accusations, while reports came up that Hariri was forced by Saudi Arabia to quit because he was unwilling to confront Hezbollah. Saudi Arabia has denied holding Hariri against his will or that he had been forced to resign. Hariri left Saudi Arabia to visit France last weekend and is expected to return to Lebanon in time for Independence Day celebrations on November 22.

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Teheran aggressive? ( according to Macron)

How many countries did Teheran attack?

Which country attacked Yemen?

Which regime regularly attacks Lebanon and Syria?

Which countries attacked Syria directly or indirectly?


Yeah, the Franks, an people whom should, when they come to your house, have both feets and hands nailed to the table, before leaving them, to make Coffey or something like that.

Ask this MacaCrony thing, to test this creatures ability to talk, about Mali.
Yeah, remember the Book burning, one of the ancient text, there is an reason for all this Autodafees, to wipe out history, there is a lot of this going on, incl what happened in Russia last year, was an equal shocker for me, this is deliberate, like the crushing of Palmyra, the seat of Baal, the, and here you have it, the reason for wiping Palmyra of the map, regarding ancient history.
This, region, is the origin of the so called Jewish People, an semi-Turkish-Mongolian off shoot, their look confirms that, like the Saudi-barbarians, not genuine Arabs at all.
The home of the Babylonian Torah, the Talmud.
This must not be confused with the Yeruslam Godex or Bible/Torah.
They did animal sacrifices.
And read about it, and a large part of the symbolism you see, like the Vatican you will read about it all.
Its about the size of dicks, primitive creatures, and why on earth is the religions name wipe out completely,, even in the Brittish dictionary that name is gone, yeah, I await in awe, and the Khazar narrative still stands, only difference is the time involved, it goes further back than just some century’s.To day, they hate us because they know they are bastards, an bastard race, and will never be anything else than an bastard race, an freak of the nature.

This is the truth about the name and religion they use, the so called Jews, and have nothing in common with the Hebrews, Hebrews are genuine Arabs.
This is the home of the Vatican church, the Talmud is the home of the various sects, like Wahhabism, tribal racism packed into an religious setting, works every time, all over the globe, so in that sense, nothing unusual, only the scale of it that is new, the reason for been chased out of over an 100 nations the last Millenniums, there is an reason for it.

And back in time, the region was Europeans, and I talk about the Mediterranean sea, etc, etc.

Yeah, remember the border lines, packed with uh……. “ISIS”, attacking civilians, popping up all over the Saharan region, after Tunis and Libya, they went down south.

After years of trouble the Malian people incl the Tuareg’s and so on, managed to have an election, and an fare one as far I can remember, no objections, but, and here it comes, Mali have one thing above all, Gould and a lot of it, to other resources, and the new elected president made one mistake, apart from trusting the West, He wanted to nationalize the nations own resources and we all know by now what happens when someone that is so bold that they want control over their own resources, huh, what an “crock” France, yeah, and what happened next, France, do enlighten me, and why do we have Wankees and even some moronic “vikings” down there, yeah, I dont expect anything truthful to come from any what so ever France official, anytime about anything, and remember the factory’s, in the ISIS territory in Syria, just fell from the sky and managed to materialize it self as an fully fledged working factory, yeah, Franks,right, etc, etc, etc.
The Foreign legion, huh, their terror tools, waking civilians, we know that to.

I hope the Africans awake, but again, I dont count on that either.

France, have just one alternative, to f…. off.
Like the Wankees, the uber rats, aka the Brits, witch is largely ignored when their role is fundamental.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.


Paranam Kid

Macron is in Washigton’s pocket & will play anything but a “realistic & impartial” role.

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