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Rostec Finally Found What To Do With 60 Sukhoi Superjets 100 Sitting Idly Without A Buyer

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Rostec Finally Found What To Do With 60 Sukhoi Superjets 100 Sitting Idly Without A Buyer

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The Rostec state corporation plans to deliver up to 60 Sukhoi Superjet 100 planes to Red Wings over the next few years, which the state corporation controls through the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Vedomosti reported.

The information is based on three sources, all of whom are anonymous.

The UAC has 60 SSJ100s in total and there’s no buyers for them, the sources claimed.

An unclaimed park of this size has long been a problem, but now its solution has been found.

The supply program has already been developed, and on May 13rd at a meeting to support the aviation industry, in which UAC Director General Yuri Slyusar and Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov participated, it was introduced to President Vladimir Putin, two sources in the corporation and a federal official told the outlet.

This measure, as well as subsidies to reduce the cost of the flight hours of Russian aircraft will allow the release of 59 airliners in two years, Putin said, according to the sources.

The leasing subsidy mechanism itself, according to him, needs to be made simpler and more efficient for airlines and aircraft manufacturers, in particular, “link the receipt of subsidies to the purchase of a specific board.”

These airliners are already several years old: they were built for airlines, which eventually refused to pick them up. In particular, the Mexican Interjet took only 22 aircraft out of 30 ordered, and the Irish Cityjet ordered 15 with an option for another 16, and took only seven, the sources noted, adding that there were other customers who refused the airliners.

Red Wings Airlines has been operating five Sukhoi Superjet 100 planes leased directly from Sukhoi Civil Aircraft JSC (GSS) in 2015-2016, however, due to financial problems, it was returned to its manufacturer-lessor. At the same time, Red Wings then showed one of the highest numbers of flights with this kind of aircraft.

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 is a regional jet designed by Russian aircraft company Sukhoi, a division of the United Aircraft Corporation. With development starting in 2000, it made its maiden flight on 19 May 2008 and its first commercial flight on April 21st 2011 with Armavia.

The five-abreast cross-section is more optimised beyond 70 seats than the four-abreast Bombardier CRJs and Embraer E-Jets but smaller than the six-abreast Airbus A320 and Boeing 737.

The SSJ100 typically seats 87 to 98 passengers. In Russia, it replaces the aging Tupolev Tu-134 and Yakovlev Yak-42 aircraft.

It competes with the Antonov An-148, Embraer E190 and the Bombardier CRJ1000. It aims for lower operating costs than its competitors for the price of $23–25 million.

Sukhoi claims 6–8% lower cost per passenger and cost per flight than the Embraer 190 and fuel burn is on a par with the Antonov An-148 but with 22 more passengers.

Sukhoi claims cash operational costs are lower than competitors by 8-10%, with reduced fuel burn per seat and longer maintenance intervals.


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Jens Holm

NIce to try some rescue plan. Facts are, that many companies producing and using jets will be reduced or collapse the next may years.

Recesions itself do that. We can expect something like that for many sectors before they slowly regain.

Some wont regain. By the Corona we have seen much traffic on all levels can be reduced by Internet meetings as well as much more will not be bought in local shops but delivered from door to door.

I feel fine about that change but a pity good airplanes might be wasted like that.

Maybee those highly emplyed should go and make at least one good Russian car based on electricity, Thats another thing of importance. We seemes to be able to use batteries and by that save even more fossiles even we use fossiles to produce electricity.


Russia should not use electric cars just yet. Try natural gas first.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Could make an ideal Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) platforms for Russia’s strike forces and attack drones.

Assad must stay

Yes, whatever ones they can’t sell should be militarized

chris chuba

Iran’s not interested?


If I was in russias place, i would use it to destroy the muzzlims by dropping huge explosives on islamic shitholes :D


pp still on you drugs like the moron you are.

Jim Allen

I know of no drugs that are able to cause that level of stupidity.. Or, combinations of drugs.
I suggest a downgrading his classification from moron to idiot.


Intersting topic.

Rhodium 10

thas the problem to build an aircraft with US&Western components!…UAC cannot sell these aircraft to Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela..etc…it would be better to upgrade the Tu 134 with new engines, fly by wire, and glass screen in cockpit!…

chris chuba

I forgot about the loathsome regulatory compliance, ‘if it has one bolt from the U.S. then the U.S. treasury dept can sue your ass off for violating sanctions’. Russia could do all of their own components but would then have to get everything recertified. We are doing everything possible to kill Iranian civilians.

Cronos Sin Apellidos

But why the airliners rejected the plane? Mexican Interjet and the irish one?

Alberto Garza

interjet had support problems some of their planes had to be cannibalized in order to be operational i think they opteed for airbus .

Jim Allen

US Government sanctions against Russia
I’m thinking.
These are NATO countries, so stand with US Government foreign policy, regardless of their losses.
These planes use US components, this further complicates sales. Iran, and other countries don’t want the problems associated with replacement parts availability. Also, the unwillingness to have US made products in their countries. Potential litigation is another.
US Government has chosen to take reprisal against it’s allies, for non-compliance with demands, or the purchase of unapproved products, joint infrastructure projects, etc.. These countries are also leveraged by their debt to The City of London.


The article notes several presumed strong points of these planes, which I seem to remember were launched several years ago to some fanfare. And yet nobody wants to buy them, not even Russia’s own airlines; not even airlines that already operate a bunch of them. If SF is going to write about this topic, might as well give a more balanced, detailed picture, and inform us what the problems of this model are?

Swift Laggard II

sf is a propaganda outlet. that is my conclusion after a year of reading. there is little objectivity to be found here

Alberto Garza

interjet is about to go broke and they will hand back the superjets they took .


Too much of them fell in short time. Today nobody has interest for flying coffin.

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