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Ron Paul: What Will Weapons Inspectors Find in Syria…And Does it Matter?


Ron Paul: What Will Weapons Inspectors Find in Syria…And Does it Matter?

The Damascus subrub of Douma. IMAGE SOURCE: Reuters

Written by Ron Paul; Originally appeared on ronpaulinstitute.org

Inspectors from the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have finally arrived in Douma, Syria, to assess whether a gas attack took place earlier this month. It has taken a week for the inspectors to begin their work, as charges were thrown back and forth about who was causing the delay.

Proponents of the US and UK position that Assad used gas in Douma have argued that the Syrian and Russian governments are preventing the OPCW inspectors from doing their work. That, they claim, is all the evidence needed to demonstrate that Assad and Putin have something to hide. But it seems strange that if Syria and Russia wanted to prevent an OPCW inspection of the alleged sites they would have been the ones to request the inspection in the first place.

The dispute was solved just days ago, as the OPCW Director-General released a statement explaining that the delay was due to UN security office concerns for the safety of the inspectors.

We are told that even after the OPCW inspectors collect samples from the alleged attack sites, it will take weeks to determine whether there was any gas or other chemicals released. That means there is very little chance President Trump had “slam dunk” evidence that Assad used gas in Douma earlier this month when he decided to launch a military attack on Syria. To date, the US has presented no evidence of who was responsible or even whether an attack took place at all. Even right up to the US missile strike, Defense Secretary Mattis said he was still looking for evidence.

In a Tweet just days ago, Rep. Thomas Massie expressed frustration that in a briefing to Congress last week the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of State, and the Secretary of Defense “provided zero real evidence” that Assad carried out the attack. Either they have it and won’t share it with Congress, he wrote, or they have nothing. Either way, he added, it’s not good.

We should share Rep. Massie’s concerns.

US and French authorities have suggested that videos shared on the Internet by the US-funded White Helmets organization were sufficient proof of the attack. If social media postings are these days considered definitive intelligence, why are we still spending $100 billion a year on our massive intelligence community? Maybe it would be cheaper to just hire a few teenagers to scour YouTube?

Even if Assad had gassed his people earlier this month there still would have been no legal justification for the US to fire 100 or so missiles into the country. Of course such a deed would deserve condemnation from all civilized people, but Washington’s outrage is very selective and often politically motivated. Where is the outrage over Saudi Arabia’s horrific three-year war against Yemen? Those horrors are ignored because Saudi Arabia is considered an ally and thus above reproach.

We are not the policemen of the world. Bad leaders do bad things to their people all the time. That’s true even in the US, where our own government steadily chips away at our Constitution by setting up a surveillance state.

We have neither the money nor the authority to launch bombs when we suspect someone has done something wrong overseas. A hasty decision to use force is foolish and dangerous. As Western journalists reporting from Douma are raising big questions about the official US story of the so-called gas attack, Trump’s inclination to shoot first and ask questions later may prove to be his downfall.



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  • Val Shadowhawk

    Well stated Dr Paul! Shoot first and ask questions later, is the epitome of stupidity. And zio lacky, Donald Trump the Chump of ‘israel’ leads the pack.



    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Only trump is following orders, and from resent events should be by now obvious whom they give the orders to all puppets of NWO. The hardest part of waking to the reality is because the sheep pretend that are asleep and is impossible, one who does that, ever to face reality of their predicament.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Yes, it is hard to accept for any individual that ones government is cuckolding them BUT when the reality of being conned is finally accepted there is a feeling of great anger, followed by a determination to expose the charlatans in government and other positions of power.

        The tide is turning against such tyrannical and venal governments . Instant communication on forums such as this that encompass opinions from around the globe , enable all like minded people to realise that we are not alone and propel us to enlighten others in the fight for common decency.

    • northerntruthseeker .

      President Drumpf is doing exactly what his Jewish scumbag masters command… He is the perfect poodle for continuing Isra-Hell agression against innocent nations for the sick idea of a “Greater Israel”…

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        You mean City Of London/Vatican.


    INSPECTORS will find NOTHING ..YES it does MATTER

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      NOT TO THE BIGGER PICTURE IT DOES NOT. Did it matter they find nothing in Iraq? Why exactly they bombed Libya one of the most advanced societies in the world who took care her people, better than any other country?

      Has any one paid a price for the death of the millions and the destruction UK/US has caused the last few centuries? This is not only global war it is also IF humanity will survive now. So is either them or us. The moment the slaves understand this and begin to react then the world stand a chance. As long they follow like sheep and make parties because their master sold them to anther master, humanity has very little chance of survival. They will finally manage to self destruct.

      • viktor ziv

        Adding to that 911. How come the best funded intelligence agency in a world with hundreds of satellites in “Big Brother” formations along with saturated terrestrial signals manages to fail preventing 911? Unless domestic situation in the Empire is soooo bad that staging 911 prolongs inevitable, downfall of the “land of free and brave”.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          because they did it themselves? Isn’t it obvious, same as the alleged london bombings as well all the shootings going on in US.

          • Concrete Mike

            I agree it was a local US faction that did 911

          • Boris Kazlov

            It was the Mossad, remember the jumping Israelis filming and celebrating.

          • zman

            Mossad, NSA, CIA, DIA, MI6, FBI, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC…they are all one in actuality. Co-conspirators all, working for the benefit of ?…take a wild guess. From WWI, WWII, Korea, Iran, Viet Nam, to Operation Gladio, to Grenada, to OK City, to Gladio ‘B’, to MENA wars, to ISIS, to Ukraine, to Syrian chem attacks…all the same players, the same continued goals. Continued chaos for continued control.

          • Boris Kazlov

            I don’t need to take a wild guess to find out whom they are working for, you take a guess, first few letters: Isr___

          • gustavo

            I do not think you are far from reality.

        • Barba_Papa

          Because the US has too many alphabet agencies, who like any other bureaucracy refuses to talk to another, who are engaged in bitter rivalries with another, and who just cannot keep track of everything. Yes, even they. Nobody expected an attack like that so nobody was on the lookout for an attack like that. I totally understand how a 9-11 could happen.

          Just look at the US armed forces. Every branch of the armed forces hates the other ones. And not as in a friendly rivalry. The air force wants to take away all fixed wing aircraft from the Navy and Marines, and bitterly opposes that the Army will get theirs. Over our dead bodies says the Navy and Marines, which is also the private land army of the Navy, something the Army would like to take away as well. And they’re still pissed of to losing their fixed wing aircraft to the air force when it was created. And that’s just basically 4 armed services. There’s like 16 alphabet intelligence agencies. Some of them from the department of defense, most not. Considering they’re all bitter rivals to another I totally see a 9-11 happening. Even today.

        • gustavo

          The attack and demolition of twin towers in NY were planned (of course) several month before. Experts needed at least two month to stud and to place correctly where the explosion must be done to have the exact demolitions shown on TV.

    • Boris Kazlov

      It does not. Israel will find another lie to portray Al-Assad as the butcher of his own people, they will continue to lie to the sheeple to justify their attacks. Israel will not resign its plans to topple Al-Assad and replace him with a pliable puppet, like Saudi, Jordan, etc. Israel is the cancer of the Middle East, a malignant Kazarian graft in that region.

  • World_Eye

    Really does it matter, all you pretexts to attack Syria is Chemical weapons, and you fuck saying does it matter. I matters a lot you dumbass, because the world will know that everytime in future you people say Assad used Chemical Attacks will be just pure bullshit you fuckers.

    • Boris Kazlov

      Russia has shown to the world the staging that took place in this so-called chemical attack and yet western media called it an “obscene parade”, facts do NOT matter, geopolitical projection of Israel does, so the war against Syria will continue under another lame pretext.

  • paul ( original )

    If the Vietnam War could be fought on the basis of a pack of lies that was the Gulf
    of Tonkin incident, I don’t know why anyone would expect anything
    better over the dispatch of some100 missiles.

    • Toni Liu

      Thank god our independece got happened by kick US and british as* too, and vietnam learned from our country then kick US a** too, so every country that defeated against them always be their slaved forever

  • Rob

    There should be refrendom in US, UK and France that these idiots are eligible for holding these posts of leadership because I see these basterds Trump, May and Macron are 100% stupids and they will push whole world into war with Russia. Their educational degrees are look like fake or they have bought on money. These basterds are 100% butchers and terrorists.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      and servants of NWO. As for education they have the same education with the rest of the slaves educated by the system only on notch higher than the rest. By the way have you seen any of them to be successful in business? They just put them in a position pay them good salaries and own them. Everything they have belong to the system and they can take it away form them no matter of position as easy they give them, on the first misstep.

      A good example to you is the IMF guy they set up in NY. Have you ever hear of him?

  • Rob

    British, France, Italy, Japan etc by force signed the Treaty of Lausanne on Turkey which was a heinous crime of the history. This treaty will end in 2023. Therefore, due to fear now these Anglo Zionists powers have created political instability in the Middle East region before end of Treaty.

    US and NATO 20,000 containers disappear in Pakistan with latest weapons. Now the container is not 5 feet or 10 feet thing that cannot be locate but now this is the test of US and NATO satellite technology. Now ask from US/UK/France that where are your advanced technology and your hi zooming satellites that can read the cars number plates and can see any movement from one corner to the other corner of the world. Can they now find their containers in Pakistan?
    In 1998 US and NATO tried their best to stop Pakistan from nuclear tests by their missiles, fighter jets and verbal threats that you cannot do these nuclear tests, we will attack your country but they failed even they couldn’t find that where are Pakistani nukes. Pakistan tested their 6 nukes.

    60,000 Talibans have defeated US and NATO armies. 70% Afghanistan is in Taliban control. Now tell me who are superpower Taliban or US and NATO.

    Within 2023 to 2030 this world will completely change. Now its depend upon Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt etc that they want to completely emerge or completely destroy. United they can face Anglo Zionist threats but divided they will fall. Never lesson to media because 97% media is under Anglo Zionist control and they will never tell you the truth. Even media in Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt is controlled by Anglo Zionists. You should use your brain and search for the truth.

    • Sakaramanga

      I agree with most of it except that Treaty of Lausanne is not time-barred. It is correct that some people say it was made to last for 100 years but this is just a conspiracy. In any case, by 2023, there will have been some changes in this political geography.

      • Rob

        Yes you are right Turkey should have to withdraw from that treaty within few years when the environment became fevourable but they couldn’t. Any why now Turkey is again emerging and still it is a great powerful. World have seen in Albab and in Afrin operation.

    • S Melanson

      Rob, you comment on the Treaty of Lausanne (1923) as a heinous crime against Turkey. I think you are speaking of the Sèvres Treaty (1920) which carved up Anatolia itself leaving a small rump Turkish State. Note the treaty also made provision for a Kurdish State as one of many ill conceived colonial power kingmaker moves creating new states out of ethnic aspirations creating problems down the road. The Turks revolted against the treaty under the brilliant political and military leadership of Kemal Atatürk (hero of Gallipoli). The Turks humiliated their occupiers militarily and so successfully that the Sèvres Treaty existed only on paper not in reality. The Lausanne Treaty of 1923 replaced the Sèvres Treaty and reflected the reality of a resurgent Turkey under Atatürk, restoring Anatolia as a unified Turkish nation. True the Lausanne Treaty meant retreat to Anatolia and end of the Ottoman Empire but Sèvres represented total capitulation with Anatolia carved up. Therefore, After failure to force Sèvres on Turkey, Turkey imposed Lausanne on the occupiers, whom being militarily ejected from Anatolia, had to accept what was de facto the reality. Atatürk was also a secularist and led Turkey accordingly, adopting Western ways, separating church and state. I doubt Muslims would celebrate such a development. Erdogan seems to fancy himself as restorer of the Caliphate with Afrin as one of his opening moves. We will have to see how this turns out. Also, secret protocols ending treaty in 2023 is intriguing but I know little of this and if there are links I could go to, would be appreciated.

  • Toni Liu

    And who kind sick person in this world think attacking a chemical weapon factory is good idea, if thats real what happened does american want to responsible for that, they really know about saa never use kind chemical and that place is empty place so they just used that attack just for PR that make NATO a good side when they are actually the terrorist one

  • RichardD

    It’s clear that Trump is increasingly compromised and unable/unwilling to implement the America First, anti Israel First platform that he ran on. I listened to his press conference yesterday, and it sounds to me like he’s caved in on almost everything that he ran on in the area of foreign policy. The Jew 4 of Israel, the US, France and the UK are a threat to humanity that needs to be contained and corrected. China outlawed Judaism and dejudified China in the 60s. The US and the rest of the planet should do the same thing to create a better future for humanity free of this evil cult that does so much harm.

    • RichardD
      • Sakaramanga

        unfortunately this is the case. and we are fed up with their so-called holocaust movies of hollywood where no proper films made of Hiroshima-Nagasaki and many other films showing us soldiers as heroes where they fight with people who have never been a threat to them/us citizens or its land; these movies are obviously made to justify jewish bankers’ wars. I also pity american people who can not stand up to those who kill their soldiers in their unnecessary wars and their innocent citizens in false flag attacks like 9/11.

    • Boris Kazlov

      Trump never ran on an anti-Israel platform, Israel will not allow any candidate who is not pro-Israel to run in American elections, they are the real meddlers. Trump is being loyal to his Zionist masters, walking in lock step with them

      • RichardD

        How is America First, which Trump ran on and has now thrown under the bus, not anti Israel first? When all that Trump talked about leading up to the election was avoiding overseas nation building, spending money at home rather than overseas, a fair deal for the Palestinians, draining the swamp, stopping the endless Jew world order wars, not being an establishment politician, he doesn’t need the Jew’s money, Israel needs to pay for it’s own defense, better relations with Russia, etc., etc.. Which Americans support and voted for.

        The only other candidate who ran on these issues was Rand Paul, who dropped out after the first primary for a lack of money. Leaving Trump as the only candidate in either party to run on an America First platform. That won 85% of the land and counties in the general election.

        • Boris Kazlov

          Campaign promises cleverly tailored for the electorate’s mood. America first now means control over the planet, fulls spectrum dominance, AmeriKa uber alles, fascist mantra.While Amerika is controlled by Jews, in the administration, congress, Fed, army, air force, etc., just look at their names. Mnuchin doesn’t sound Jewish to you?

          • RichardD

            I voiced concern about Trump’s strong Jew nexus early on. America First means the same thing now that it did when Trump won the election using it as his campaign platform. What you’re describing is the Jew world order plan for global domination using Israel and the NATO Jew 3 of Jewmerica, France and the UK as the stalking horses for Talmud rabbinical global hegemony at the expense of the host populations and victim nations targeted for conquest.

            Trump may have been sincere in what he campaigned on. But with a lifetime in the pigsty, he’s compromised and vulnerable to coercion.

          • Boris Kazlov

            Do not agree, Trump has always been a Zionist and does not even care to disguise it.

          • RichardD

            You’re mistaken.

            Trump was an anomaly, and the last person that the Jews wanted elected, with the possible exception of Rand Paul. The only reason that he was the nominee was because he won the primaries with record landslides that they couldn’t cheat him out of.

            They fought him and the America First platform that he got elected on every step of the way. And once he got in office they went after him with a vengeance, and threw everything at him that they could to get him out of office and force him to capitulate if they couldn’t get him out of office.

            Once he got in office Trump hit a brick wall trying to implement America First, and he did try to implement it. The legislature passed the Russian sanctions bill with almost unanimous approval. And stonewalled Trump’s efforts to repeal Obamacare. The lying Jew media has vilified Trump from day one in an unprecedented manner. And the Jewdiciary has persecuted him with spurious impeachment proceedings and investigations from the onset of his administration.

            When he tried to get out Syria they raided his lawyer’s office to get compromising material. These are all the actions of a desperate cabal trying to control someone doing something that they don’t want done, not the actions of a vociferous slave, namely draining the swamp and implementing America First.

            Yes he has had a Jew nexus all of his life. But America First and his commitment to it are genuine. If it wasn’t he wouldn’t have put all of the time, effort and money into creating it and trying to implement it. And the Jews wouldn’t have fought him tooth and nail every step of the way trying to derail it.

          • Boris Kazlov

            You are blinded by your repuglican bias, typical murikan trying to deify their president, you don’t see that Trump is an admitted ZIonist following in lockstep what Israel wants him to do, attack Iran, Russia, China and Syria, thus plunging the world in lawlessness and chaos, keep praising him for all I care, there is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see.

          • RichardD

            I’m not registered as a Republican or with any other political party. And I’m certainly not trying to deify Trump. I’ve voted once in the last 35 years, and that was for Trump and America First. And I may not vote again anytime soon, if ever. I agree with Republicans on the right to life and gun rights. I disagree with them on Jew world order hegemony war and support for Israel. I don’t know what “Republican bias” that you claim that I have that you’re referring to, because you didn’t define it or elaborate on what I’ve written that demonstrates it.

            It’s common for Jews to falsely accuse others of what they themselves are doing in an attempt to divert attention from their own commission of what they’re criticizing others for allegedly doing. This looks like what you’re doing by accusing me of ignoring Trump’s carrying out what the Jews want. When obviously I’m not ignoring it, and you are ignoring a mountain of evidence that I’ve provided that Trump created America First, was the only candidate to run on it, with the exception of Rand Paul, and hit a brick wall when he tried to implement it. And that the Jews and their collaborators have fought it and him every step of the way. That is simply the reality of the situation that any truthful, rational person recognizes. And you’re ignoring it.

            Your Jew world order version of what America First is, isn’t what won Trump the election. The anti Israel first, America First platform that I’ve described is what won the election for Trump. And a lot of people, myself included, are unhappy with his betrayal of it. We all recognized that he was a liar talking out of both sides of his mouth, sucking up to the Jews, at the same time that he was criticizing them and campaigning on America First. And that there was a risk that he’d throw America First under the Jew world order bus once he got in office. Which is what he’s doing.

            Would he be doing this if he hadn’t run into the buzz saw of opposition that he has and is? I doubt it. The media vilification, lawsuits, investigations, impeachment proceedings, judicial and legislative opposition and non cooperation all point to a cabal desperate to stop the populist America First program that placed Trump in office over not just the democrats, but all of the establishment Republicans in the primaries.

            Public support can put a politician in office. It can’t implement the polices that the politician campaigned on. Once in office the politician has to work with the swamp to implement what the politician campaigned on. The opposition and lack of cooperation that Trump has faced from the swamp, short of being assassinated, is unprecedented. Your ignoring that makes you the one who has the blinders on, not me. I recognize that Trump has failed to deliver on what he campaigned on. And unlike you, I don’t ignore the opposition and coercion that he’s up against.